Police officer was on scene of teenagers’ shooting deaths in Desrameaux

Police officer was on scene of teenagers’ shooting deaths in Desrameaux
Rohan Louison (left) and Kallis Benjamin
Rohan Louison (left) and Callis Benjamin

(SNO) – A police officer was on the scene of the shooting that took the lives of two teenagers Saturday afternoon (Sept. 1) at Desrameaux, Gros Islet.

This was confirmed this morning (Sept. 3) by Assistant Commissioner of Police Wayne Charlery who is responsible for crime and intelligence management in the Royal Saint Lucia Police force.

However Charlery declined to comment on any aspect relating to the police officer and his actions while on the scene, claiming that this may lead directly into the investigations presently underway.

“It is too early to update you on the specifics of the investigation, but I can promise you that as soon as we are able to do so I will,” Charlery told reporters.

“We are guided by the office of the Director of Public Prosecutions. They are involved very early in these two homicides and we are being guided and advised by them. I cannot speak to the specifics of the case right now but I will update you,” Charlery reiterated.

Commissioner Charlery is calling on the public to assist in the investigation of the two homicides, and provided 456-3756 as the number a member of the public with helpful information could call.

He said that presently no one is in police custody contrary to media reports that two suspects were in custody over the weekend.

Charlery admitted though that police initially had someone in custody described as “a person of interest” who assisted police with their investigations after which that person was free to go.

Dead are teenagers Rohan Greg Louison, 13, of Desrameaux and 19-year-old Callis Benjamin. SNO has learned that the two were cousins.

Post mortems are to be conducted at a subsequent date, according to Charlery who promised to provide updates on the fatal shootings.

The fatalities over the weekend raise the number of homicides for the year to 27, inclusive of one police shooting, according to Charlery.


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  1. most police officers are not armed when they are off duty, they have to return the state fire arms. if they come under fire they will most likely have to run like the public.


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