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Saint Lucia police officer shoots and injures cutlass-wielding man

By SNO Staff

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A video screenshot from the incident

(SNO) – The police are investigating an incident during which an officer shot and injured a man who was wielding a cutlass.

The incident took place in Riviere Mitan, Monchy.

“Every time there is a police shooting there is an internal investigation being carried out and that investigation has been launched into that matter,” Superintendent of Police, George Nicholas told the media during a press conference.

He explained that during the incident the police officer felt it was necessary for him to fire his weapon and he did so.

Reports are that there was a heated altercation between two men in the community last Sunday afternoon.

However, it turned deadly when one of the men took a cutlass and reportedly attacked the other man.

The officer, who was off duty at the time, was nearby and he attempted to halt the situation.

The man with the cutlass was shot in the leg.

The two men are now at hospital.

Nicholas said the investigation will reveal whether the officer was justified in using his firearm.

A video of the incident was uploaded to social media where it quickly spread like a wildfire.

It is unsure who shot the video and Nicholas was asked whether the officer was involved.

“I cannot comment on the recording too much as to who did the recording,” he responded. “But that is something that we would condemn especially if it was done by an officer. We would definitely condemn that kind of behavior. We will not tolerate that behavior.”

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  1. Good for the Cops - enough of this Cutlass slashing.

  2. šŸŒThe shitstem is rigged šŸŒ‹

    So allyuh hypocrites not gonna admit that all those incidents are alcohol related and not ganja.....and it seems to hype up more during yall festive season becuz this is exactly what you authorize.


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