Senior police officer charged with stealing over $11,000

Senior police officer charged with stealing over $11,000
PRESS RELEASE – On Tuesday, May 3, 2016 police formally charged 40 year old, Sergeant Petrus Emmanuel of Cedar Heights, Vieux Fort for allegedly stealing the cash sum of EC$11,660.00 by reason of his employment.
He made an appearance before the First District Court on Tuesday, May 3, 2016 where he was granted bail.
Emmanuel was charged in connection with an investigation which commenced in 2015.

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  1. So quick to shame a fellow officer for money but those officers who killed D in micoud can't and won't be placed in the same hall of shame. Their crime is bigger but won't be mentioned


  2. Justice for all. Should be the same for politicians, people of stature and influence in our society, employers, business owners, lawyers, doctors etc.


  3. It Just represents a microcosm of our society. It just proves that most St. Lucians are crooks anyway so said the Ramsahoy Report. If not stealing time they stealing money, politicians and citizens alike. No wonder politicians call each othyer crooks in parliament meanwhile the people remain passive and only vote in and out the same crooks.


  4. and mate was the chief of the crime scene police unit where they holding all exhibits. No proper and continuing screening for government workers in sensitive positions.


  5. They actually said his name? What about the others who misrepresented and their names weren't called?


  6. The law breaking the law, what's new these days. Not the first nor the last many got away maybe he was weak. Some one got to pay some how......


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