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Police officer charged with rape

By SNO Staff

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A senior police officer who was recently arrested has been officially charged with rape.

The officer was charged over the weekend, Crime Chief Milton Desir told St. Lucia News Online (SNO) on Tuesday.

Desir said in addition to being charged with rape, the police officer was also charged with attempting to pervert the course of justice.

Perverting the course of justice is a crime involving one of a number of actions which are designed to interfere with the administration of justice.

Due to the sensitive nature of the case, the name of the police officer cannot be disclosed.

Reports are that the officer allegedly raped a woman in the south of the island on June 7, 2016.

The officer is claiming that he had consensual sex with the said woman.

It has been reported that the two had a relationship prior to the allegation.

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  1. there is no name

    Why is it that the one charged is named just a police officer. When it's us citizens our names all over the news and as its a stupid cop it just and officer in the south we want his name. In conclusion it proves that we can't trust our so called police in Saint lucia

  2. Please use lubricant

    So when the dude rape and kill the woman Reduit beach , his name was publish as soon as he was charge , this is why the public has no faith in the force , grown ass men's nd women hiding behind a cloak of secrecy . Just remember , karma is a Bitch with red dress men and women , gone are the days when there is no prosecution of police . Keep you'll act straight , because there is guard , guarding the guard .

  3. Ignorance of the law is no excuse. Go read the law on rape before you all start talking bull. The name cannot be released until the person is found guilty!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  4. O wow, so he could be my next door neighbor and while waiting on his trial that's sure to take forever he could get bored and have a go at the young girls that will be home for summer. Am just saying... because I don't know who he is

  5. Wondered if this senior police officer was set up

  6. Is all officers like you'll that giving the force a bad name they really make an example out of him cause some of them to dirty...

  7. Believe it or not people, the main reason for not naming the alleged perpetrator is to protect the identity of the victim.

    How so? Consider for example the story above says "It has been reported that the two had a relationship prior to the allegation". If the accused is identified, it becomes much more likely people will know who the victim is. A similar situation applies if a parent is accused of child molestation or something like that.

  8. so he and the woman had a previous relationship? ok! and we still can't catch the numerous rapists in rodney bay and castries and elsewhere

  9. I am interested to know who decided not to publish his name, the Police or St Lucia News Online, can we find out before we start throwing blame all over the place? just saying.....

  10. Ignorance educator

    What's meant is that since you're "innocent until proven guilty" and the stigma of being accused of one of the most heinous crimes one can commit; you're name is withheld to safeguard firstly the victim then the accused just in case he's proven innocent. Can you imagine if he didn't do it? How livable would his life be afterwards? We all know how unforgiving a society we live in. Your children lives with the shame of these things even tho the courts have proven you not guilty.

  11. After so many women got raped in the recent months now the government and police force of Saint Lucia is hiding a changed man for rape and his identity. If he is found not guilty then fine . But he should face the public and be a man in he claim he is innocent . Too much non sense . By now all women in government should go on strike due to the sensitivity of their own lives at risk .

  12. When will y'all treat ppl equal in Saint Lucia ? When men take it personal and start real ....
    Well due to the sensitivity of my point I can't say too. His name will be public eventually . Smh

  13. This is absolute. NONESE thats why the US and the EU Government have no trust in your pilice force. You Third Wotld Government full of ....
    Cant disclose my ..... Human Rights Violators give me a brake

  14. But we know who anyway

  15. Due to the sensitive nature my foot...if was an ordinary person on the street urll would be quick to find and expose the person face...biasness at its finest.

  16. Papisho... if it was me you wudda seen my picture with my name n adress under it... st.lucia needs a cleanout in the entire government system n the police force

  17. There we go again. Absolute rubbish and hog wash. Due to the sensitive nature officer cannot be named.
    Is the victim a minor? Doesn't seem so. Even then it is only if giving the officers name will clearly led to identifying the victim.
    Or if by disclosing the officers name that will now compromise further investigations which I doubt.
    The police are evidently trying to see how best the officer can be given an ease up by holding back disclosing his name.


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