Police officer arrested for drugs

Police officer arrested for drugs

St. Lucia News Online (SNO) has been informed that a special reserve police officer has been arrested along with another male on suspicion of attempting to export drugs.

Reports are that the officer and the other male attempted to transport cocaine via mail from Saint Lucia to the United Kingdom on December 17, 2015.

They were both arrested on Friday, January 22, 2016 and are expected to be charged soon.

They are both residents of Babonneau.

The officer is facing another charge for a separate incident he allegedly committed.


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  1. cocaine , like I said cocaine has set of demons following it , worse yet if you steal it, don't worry they have more to come , you'll killing for it in the name of the law and you'll stealing it now , those involve just start falling ......


    • @Greta, you're right, he attempted to serve cocaine to UK's public...what a disgrace to the Royal Saint Lucia Police Force, smh!


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