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Police officer arrested for rape

By SNO Staff

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A police officer has been accused of rape and could be charged shortly.

Reports are that the officer allegedly raped a woman in the South on June 7, 2016.

The officer who is serving in a senior capacity is currently in custody.

It has been reported that the officer and the woman allegedly shared a relationship prior to the allegation.

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  1. a while back i was dating an SSU officer and about a month into it i told him is not going to work out . that officer did not want to accept that . he would call me to come over and i would refuse he would say "don't forget i have a gun" i reported him to his supervisor nothing was done he would constantly ring me up but i would not take his call leave threatening messages until one day he called so much my supervisor put me aside and inquired why was i not answering my call when i explained to her she took the phone and gave him a warning eventually i had to change my cell phone. i am not saying all officers are the same but there are good and bad just like society has good and bad . these are things we should not take lightly

  2. They were in a relationship...Things got ugly...Pay back time

  3. Well let me say this, as a young girl i was molested by a police man right here in st.lucia and i was scared as hell when it happened. I went into the central police station to make a report and instead of listening to the story he tried to brung me into another room and positioned to touch my leg ,i ran out as fast as i could and never trusted a cop again for a long time.

  4. If he raped her her needs to face his consequences. But if he did not and accused him of such crime, well I feel sorry for this woman cause these kinds of accusations are not forgiven.

    That is a very serious issue.

  5. there is no name

    I honestly believe that when police officers are accused of such they should allow the public to see their faces in that way those who have intentions of doing the same they will think twice. Shame on the police they think a gun and some stripes it's all is high time the start dominating them like the do to the inmates.

  6. I hope justice will prevail! These officers get away with too many things especially domestic abuse. Im not even suprised at this officer because it was habitual of him to be touching women inappropriately without their permission! He had it coming for him.As for he and the alleged victim being a couple that's a blatant lie. Hope Justice Will Prevail! !!!?

  7. Shame on the saint lucia police force if the police office raped the woman.

  8. What has the Police ever done to you? These "Retardeds" and "Dirty Cops". The article said that they allegedly shared a relationship and we do not even know the whole story yet but so much hate already...

  9. Yall don't know the roots of the story. The woman allegedly demanded that the man leave his woman for her. He refuses to leave his woman . Now she willfully/allegedly had rough sex with him to claim it was rape... police u should have been faithful to your woman .

  10. Babylon build their cities and break their own laws their should really make an example out of him cause if it was one of his relatives they all would be kicking him like dogs in the cell...them dirty cops boy I telling you

  11. smells of crying wolf so far........................and trust me i believe men who rape women should be castrated and jailed,that is why we need solid proof if we are to exact such harsh punishment.

  12. need some hard lawa

    Them man. God only no my punishment for them

  13. Lucian police are a bunch of retardeds



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