Police officer accused of rape in Antigua will be extradited

Police officer accused of rape in Antigua will be extradited
Lee Martin-Cramp
The Scotland Yard officer (pictured) tried to block the move claiming being detained in the paradise island’s notorious 18th century prison would be inhumane

(DAILY MAIL UK) – A police officer accused of rape who claimed being sent to the Caribbean would breach his human rights faces extradition.

PC Lee Martin-Cramp, 25, will be flown to Antigua where he is suspected of raping a foreign student while attending a family wedding three years ago.

The Scotland Yard officer tried to block the move claiming being detained in the paradise island’s notorious 18th century prison would be inhumane.

But in a legal first, the West Indian authorities convinced a London judge to sign off his extradition with an extraordinary accommodation deal.

They have agreed to house Martin-Cramp on a former US airbase with air-conditioning, a fridge and an en-suite bathroom.

The set-up will be a far cry from the squalid interior of 1735, Antigua and Barbuda’s national prison, named after the year it was built.

Its harsh conditions, appalling overcrowding and corruption among guards has drawn criticism from the United Nations and US State Department.

Martin-Cramp joined the Metropolitan Police in 2014 and was posted to the Wanted Offenders Unit in Wimbledon, south east London.

Police on the island said a foreign student based on the island came forward to claim she had been raped during his stay.

Before they could arrest Martin-Cramp he left the island and the authorities began the lengthy legal proceedings to secure his return.

According to documents released by Westminster Magistrates’ Court, Martin-Cramp’s lawyers said he could not be extradited because of the prison conditions.

In February 2017 the country’s chief magistrate Emma Arbuthnot agreed, saying they were ‘not appropriate’ for a suspect who may be held for a ‘lengthy period of time’.

But during a hearing this summer she reversed her decision after receiving assurances from Antigua’s attorney general.

‘They put forward a room on a former US airbase which included air conditioning, a fridge, and an en suite bathroom,’ she wrote in a ruling. ‘The conditions were satisfactory, to say the least.’

Judge Arbuthnot said she would also like Martin-Cramp to be allowed to exercise outside of his room for at least two hours a day.

She added: ‘I would like to express my gratitude to the Antiguan authorities for their approach in this case, which is beneficial to the extradition process and to the requested person himself.’

The extradition, approved by Home Secretary Sajid Javid last month, marks the first time a UK citizen has been extradited to Antigua to face criminal charges.

Martin-Cramp’s family declined to comment at their home in Lewes, a stone’s throw from the headquarters of Sussex Police.

The young PC enjoys a sideline as a successful football referee in the county, officiating in several youth FA cup fixtures and the regional league.

The Metropolitan Police said a date for the officer’s extradition is yet to be set. He has been arrested and remains on conditional bail.

A spokesman said: ‘He is facing an allegation of rape that took place on May 23, 2015. This led to an extradition request from Antiguan authorities and an arrest warrant was issued.

‘At this stage the officer remains on restricted duties. He will be subject to internal police discipline procedures once the criminal case has concluded.’

A Home Office spokesman said: ‘On August 23, 2018, the Secretary of State, having carefully considered all relevant matters, signed the order for Lee Martin-Cramp’s extradition to Antigua and Barbuda. Mr Martin-Cramp is accused of rape.’


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  1. According to the report, he raped a foreign student. What if it was a local girl he had raped? Would the Antiguan authorities have put in a warrant for his extradition? I am assuming that the foreign student that he raped is white and this is the only reason why he is being considered for extradition.
    What is wrong with the Criminal Justice System in the Caribbean? The Antiguans are still of the colonial mindset. Why are they bending over backward to accommodate this man just because he is British?

    They have put everything in place so this vile man can have a cushy time in prison if he is convicted. Why? Prison is prison. Why the preferential treatment? What message are they sending to other white Europeans who break the laws of the land? I am sick and tired of hearing about the human rights of the suspects. How about the human rights of the victim? Don't they have a right? Too often it is about the rights of the perpetrators. If this man is found guilty he should be serving his time with the other prisoners in Antigua.

    The Antiguan authorities should not be offering him any incentives to do time on the island. If you do the crime then you should do the time. He flew back to London to escape justice and now that the scales of justice have cornered him and he has nowhere to run to he is seeking all types of inducements in the event that he is convicted. He should NOT get any and should do his time like everybody else. If the rape victim was white I doubt this man would have ever faced justice for this heinous crime.

    The Antiguan authorities need to wake up and smell the coffee before it's too late. Stop allowing British criminals to come to your country to commit crimes and to dictate to you how they should be serving their time. This man should be treated like any other prisoner in Antigua and Barbuda. Stop allowing the stingy British to call the shots. You are an independent country and should act like one. Britain should not be dictating to you how to run your Criminal Justice System. They did this a long time ago and are NO longer in charge. Send these Brits packing. It is time this man comes to face the music in Antigua.


    • So, without a court case you know he is guilty? You are a very talented person indeed. You should just head up the law department and they can abolish courts etc, would save a fortune.


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