Police make drug bust in Mabouya Valley

Police make drug bust in Mabouya Valley
* Not the actual items found by police.

Some seven blocks of cocaine, along with a pistol and 13 rounds of live ammunition were discovered during a police operation on Saturday in Mabouya Valley.

Reports are that police raided a house in the area and discovered the illegal drugs and the other items. The house was reportedly occupied by two young males and two females.

One of the men is reported to have been arrested.

Investigations are ongoing.


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  1. My friend maybe one person accepted responsibility thats why.He said the stuff belong to him.So the police cannot arrest the others.You dig It?


  2. Only one is arrested what happen to the other 3 persons.
    You guys are a joke you all made a drug brust, 4 persons ine the house only 1 is arrested. I throught the readon http://www.ar.jal.com/arl/region/en/soar/img/sche.pnof the brust is to apprehend as many individuals as possible the others may have offer you all a cut in the money smfh


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