POLICE: Less accidents but way more deaths; more males are dying


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Though statistics have shown a decrease in the number of road accidents in 2013 compared to 2012, the number of persons killed has almost doubled. Males account for the majority of deaths which mainly occur between late nights and early mornings.

Police said 576 accidents were recorded in 2013 compared to 661 accidents in 2012. However, 29 persons died on our roads last year compared to 15 in 2012.

Acting Sergeant of Police Foster Chicot, who is attached to the Traffic Department in Castries, told reporters at a press conference: “Within the Castries jurisdiction, the Traffic Department recorded and reported 576 accidents in total. Of those accidents, there were 21 crashes which involved death, of which 29 persons were killed. Within the Castries area, there were six of those crashes which resulted in nine deaths; along the Micoud to Vieux Fort Highway there were five such crashes resulting in eight deaths; Gros Islet, three crashes, four deaths; and Dennery, two crashes.

He added: “Of the total number of persons killed in accidents in 2013, there were 25 males, and four females between the ages of 18 years to 77 years. There were only four victims who had passed the age of 50 years.”

The traffic cop said most fatal accidents in “periods of darkness”.

“We have noticed that most of those incidents where death occurs on the roads have happened or is happening between periods of darkness. We have had 11 of those crashes which occurred between 6 pm and midnight; 10 within 6 am and 6 pm – day light period. We have also noticed that there were four of those incidents which happened between midnight and 5 am so it has showed us that most of the fatal crashes happen during the period of darkness; that would be 15 of the 21 accidents happened during the night, during the darkness period,” Chicot explained.

So far for 2014, the department has recorded four fatal crashes.

“We have had one at Bois D’Orange, two at Dennery and one at Vieux Fort, resulting in four deaths – all of them who were men. Two happened to be motorcyclists, one pedestrian and one driver; one driver of an SUV, so far for this year,” Chicot said.

“While there has been a decrease in the number of accidents we are concerned about the deaths on the  roads,” he noted.

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