Police launch 5th school sports festival

By SNO Staff

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The 2017 police school sports festival has been declared open and officials believe that the initiative, which fuses a relationship between the youth and police, will foster discipline, team spirit, and combat idleness and violence among the youth.

The Community Relations Branch of the Royal Saint Lucia Police Force (RSLPF) is organising their fifth edition of the event.

Police say that the festival connects the power of sports and strong mentorship, and is in line with the RSLPF’s crime fighting goals.

Acting Police Commissioner Milton Desir said during a June 20 launch, that the sporting festival keeps youth from falling to negative peer pressure in addition to building team spirit.

Minister of National Security Hermangild Francis has welcomed the festival and said that it goes in hand with government’s policy to introduce after-school programes as a way to develop youth skills and fight crime.

Meanwhile, Clivus Jules, youth and sports officer, is convinced that the partnership with schools, the community and police is going to benefit the entire country.

“Sports as we all know, and as research has proven, is one of the main tools for youth development,” he added.

Cricket will be an added event for the first time at this year’s festival.

Brian Calixte, development officer in the St. Lucia Cricket Association, said that one of the benefits of the festival is that of discipline.

“One of the things that this will do is get them (the youth) used to following rules and regulations. When we hear about the police, right away, we think of discipline so that’s one of the areas we think we will get some results,” he said.

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  1. Okay i hear you'll.But tell me something.The schools are not the problems it's the drop-outs thats the little criminals you'll should target.The ones who left high school and they on the streets with nothing to do Ziltch,Nada.They are the ones whose menace to society.And why you'll afraid to go to the Slums the Ghettos,thats where crimes stemming from.You'll want me to say it again the ghettos is the disease of every Caribbean and International country.Now what you'll need to do is start dismantling these ghettos if you'll truly want crime to cease and settle,give these people public state housing,affordable housing, with Vouchers.and maybe charge them rent according to their income.I don't see to much amusement here,because are their any monies or gifts, given.You know why dont the RSLPF just dont organize a few talent shows and football match in the ghettos and Garrison them, have some kind of community against community for bragging rights,young people can defend their communities but their should have winning prices,good prices expensive prices raise funds seek donations, throw bake sales something,because now a days young people want monies,in their pockets ching ching ching.Thats the only sensible solution. THE GHETTOS INFESTED WITH DRUGS ALCOHOL AND GUNS.All these three involve monies give the young people what they craving -monies.Empty pockets make the most noise.A sports festival then they go back home on empty pockets back to the ghettos in the same poop you'll better start learning, and thinking.

  2. A large number of policemen are not discipline at all. So if the youths have to look at the police for discipline, lord help us!

  3. Is that what we paying our Police to do? Community work? Not that they shouldn't be doing it, but what's about the crime situation? When are they going to aaddress it?

    • Good questions. Community work should be a strategy during peaceful times. Now, however, with crime on the rise, and with young men -- not young women -- doing what they want, we cannot afford to be "nicely, nicely" with community anything. Now is the time to be brutal, proactive, and steadfast I responding to criminal activity. When things have calmed down, we can have the. community whatever, playing dominoes, football, cricket, Bar - b-Que, etc. But we are not ready for that yet !


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