Police issue traffic advisories ahead of carnival

Police issue traffic advisories ahead of carnival
Photo credit: Mon Désir Photography.
Photo credit: Mon Désir Photography.

The Royal Saint Lucia Police Force has announced several re-locations in the local bus route for Carnival Monday and Tuesday – July 21-22,2014.

They are as follows:
Dennery Route C buses will be relocated to lower Micoud Street near  Bandag
Jacmel/Millet buses to be relocated to Inner Relief Road near Saint Lucia Air and Sea Port Authority (SLASPA)
Rockhall Route buses to be relocated to upper Coral Steet near Triple N
Ciceron/Morne Route buses to be relocated to Inner Relief Road  near SLASPA
La Croix Route buses to be relocated to Inner Relief Road
Bexon Route buses to be relocated on the right side of Inner Relief Road facing south.
All buses must access the Inner Relief Road as a temporary bus hub via Mongiraud Street.
Police have also advised that all drivers adhere to the traffic instructions given during the two-day festivities.
Vehicles travelling south bound from Gros Islet should travel along the Grande Riviere road to Balata, then utilize the Balata/Morne Du Don road of the outer lane of the dual carriage way southbound.
Moreover, vehicles travelling north bound from Castries will utilize the Morne Du Don/Balata Road.
Those entering the city from La Toc road will get unto Brazil Street, Chausee road and make a right unto the Morne Du Don road.
This applies also to vehicles coming from Morne Du Don. They will turn left onto the Chausee and right unto Brazil Street.
There will be signs and police officers on the road to assist drivers and pedestrians.
During Carnival Monday and Tuesday, several streets within the city and environs will be closed. There will be no parking with the city.
Vehicles of drivers which are improperly parked or cause an obstruction will be towed away. There will be a wrecker at the disposal of the police and will be utilized as deemed necessary.
Towed vehicles will be taken to the Police Pound at the Marine Unit.
Towed vehicles will be ticketed by traffic personnel.
The proposed route for Carnival is as follows;
The bands will assemble near Mega J on the Choc Highway with proper coordination relating to timings and positioning from band marshals.
The bands shall parade down the Vide Boutielle Highway utilizing the southbound lane of the dual carriageway then the John Compton Highway.
The bands will then move onto Penyier Street, right onto Micoud Street, right onto Manuel Street, right onto Jeremie Street, left onto the Darling road, left onto the John Compton Highway to culminate on the John Compton Highway near the Vigie Roundabout.
The cut off time for carnival is 7 pm.

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  2. My suggestion: build public confidence and fear by being consistent and unbias in enforcing ALL laws. SIMPLE


  3. Towing is a fantastic idea. BUTTTT i bet you that no Audi or BMW M series or Range Rovers will be towed. THINK ABOUT IT....who will be responsible if an axle gets damage during towning.....not the broke govt/ police for sure!



  4. question if i do park in a place that is not right (you know some people already when is carnival nobody wants to listen to authority)and i come back and i dont find my vehicle lets say am not aware of it being towed how am i goin to be informed that my vheicle is towed and not stolen so i dont freak out.


  5. My flight leaves GFL Charles Airport at about 4:00 pm on the 22nd. what route should I take to go to the airport coming from Castries Central?


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