Police issue another warning on event licenses

Police issue another warning on event licenses
Acting Police Commissioner Errol Alexander.
Acting Police Commissioner Errol Alexander.

The police are appealing to citizens once again, to adhere to the laws which pertain to the hosting of mass crowd events.

Acting Police Commissioner Errol Alexander made this call during a press conference held on Wednesday, December 30, urging persons to ensure that they are properly licensed.

Alexander reiterated that in events where there is no proper policing, it could lead to chaos and pubic disorder, which is something that the Force is trying to reduce.

The acting top cop said the Force has made repeated calls over the past year, to ensure that citizens follow the rightful procedures and is making this call again.

As such the Force is looking to enforce these laws in the New Year.

Section 4.4 of the Mass Crowd Events Guidelines of Saint Lucia 2009 states that “Mass Crowd Events” are defined by any gathering that is expected to attract two hundred (200) persons or more.

Applications must be made twenty one (21) days, expecting two hundred (200) and over persons and ten (10) days for events expecting less than 200, before the intended date of the event.

Organizers who do not possess the required permit from the Office of the Commissioner of Police will risk having  their event being shut down by police.


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  1. We have gotten overly complacent and this complacency has gotten out of hand in a rapidly changing world : We are lagging behind in our urgency to maintain the equilibrium necessary to preserve our existence. The metamorphosis in progress must remain symmetrical . The situation has changed. Today, the police force must do their job in other to even keep the peace to a minimum. Favoritism must stop. Corruption is the norm and unless it is minimized, we will see a continuation of the degradation of society whose existence is reliant on law and order. The attitude of " I have been doing it like that all my life " must change. Drugs cause people to behave in unpredictably , coupled with the easy access to guns and a larger influx of criminals from other territories , which include deported felons, have further exacerbated our security maintenance. The laws must be obeyed or enforced. Back then we obeyed the laws. Today, people have become very defiant and as a result, people generally must be forced to obey the laws otherwise, the hell break loose effect will only get worse..


  2. It is time the police force stop warning people and start charging people for their actions. We all are big people and should know the law what is right and wrong.


  3. the warning from the police to enact the law and close down the illegal events it's the usual JOKE nothing more.
    If the police was serious and enforcing the laws of the land people would know they have to look for licences before organizing big partys and respecting the laws.


  4. Is the commissioner talking to the organizers of Assou Square which is the only known public event for the New Year,? Somehow I get the feeling that something is not yet in order with ASSOU Square. Will there be police presence for the event. This is very important. The police commissioner have to make that clear to the public.


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