Police investigating threat against PM Anthony

Police investigating threat against PM Anthony


With just a few hours left before Saint Lucians head to the polls to elect a new government, local police are now investigating a threat made against Prime Minister Dr. Kenny Anthony via social media.

This was confirmed with senior police officials on Sunday evening, who said that a female posted something on Facebook which is being considered a ‘serious threat’ to Dr. Anthony.

The individual said in her post that if the Labour party wins the next elections, she will be alive to see a Prime Minister get “sniped” and had the words “yellow power” included in her post.

“So keep taking the cries of the people for a joke, if this should happen I will watch it go boom on TV far away from here, but since this won’t happen, I will stick around to dance with Allen Chastanet and the rest of the party.”

While most of the short political campaign season has been violent free, threats were however made against two popular media personalities, Rick Wayne and Sam “Jook Bois” Flood.


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  1. looooooool how dis a threat. Don't the police have better thing to do then investigating this freedom of speech .PLZ police stop wasting tax payers money to investigate that crap and go solve some crime. JOKER PM


  2. Kenny thinks that's a threat? How about the people getting killed, raped, robbed in St Lucia?

    What you you call it ??????????????????

    American wanna be ............. He must be a real Donald Trump.


  3. There is a wide difference between "sniped" (no such word exists - what does she mean?), and "snipped" (was cut off). What was the young lady trying to say?

    A "sniper" on the other hand is a concealed gunman intent on gunning down someone.

    Unfortunately, today, our young ones are not eloquent speakers, far less good spellers. Seems to me the young lady meant to write "snipped", as in the "cut off" action, rather than "sniped" (sic). Sadly, she is paying for a grammatical error.


    • snipe
      past tense: sniped; past participle: sniped
      shoot at someone from a hiding place, especially accurately and at long range.
      "the soldiers in the trench sniped at us"
      make a sly or petty verbal attack.
      "the state governor constantly sniped at the president"


  4. Meanwhile the cop lady was freed from trafficking hashish in her tampon.....and 3 cops cleared of stealing money from work..I don't see this as a threatening citizen...but more of a FEDUP citizen.... but ppl come on use ur common 5 cents,be mindful of what u say on social media,s even you don't mean it.i pray mercifully that this nation wake up to a change.


  5. Dem police more soucere and mako . Kenny should send you all home if re-elected moomoo boys


  6. what threat?? thats a threat?? awa for yall police if that is considered a threat. lol.


  7. Oh please everyone knows that's a joke. Sympathy votes. They wrote it themselves. OMG how far will SLP go to get a vote ?????????????

    Shame on them.


    • Is that the reason why Chastanet has not disassociate him from that threat on the PM's life nor has he condemned ? The first time round such a threat was made Chastanet found nothing wrong with what the person said. In fact he said he understood why the statement was made. This time round he has remained quiet.

      I don't think this is how one vying for public office should behave. This is not the environment he should seek to encourage. The social environment already very volatile. Any little dispute between especially young people normally ends in violence - stabbing, shooting, injury, death. The least Chastanet could have said is that threatening people's life has no place in St Lucia. If you cannot say that frankly i don't think you care about St lucia and St lucians the way you say you do.


      • Has the SLP politicians ever come out to condemn the disparaging remarks made by their supporters.
        For the past few years SLP supporters have insulted the opposition based on their looks etc.

        Has Kenny condemned the racist remark made by....

        You'll too hypocrite.


  8. Investigate the rapes and murders!!!!!! Stop shaming people from St Lucia all over the world. where is the threat? I realize that St Lucian's can't express themselves in St Lucia presently. Thanks to the pm that should have been overthrown a long time ago.


  9. How does that constitute a threat? Anyway they did say that they were investigating. However lets be real. Why do you think that nobody on this post takes this serious? Out of the ( MIZI) sooooo many things that needs investigating in our country? We the people don't want to pay another dime for the protection of politicians while political parties are richer than the people that they are seeking to represent. Is the life of Kenny Anthony more important to that of our children and citizens who are constantly threatened and sometimes even raped in their own homes?


  10. URL have nothing better to do than go on Facebook and post people's status' as threats... Find some real criminals please...choops...stop trying to stop people's freedom of speech..non sense


  11. Obama gets thousands a day. Kenny just wants to get noticed. I don't see how that post would be a threat to mate.


    • And they are investigated to see if there's any cause for concern. Just because you do not read about it don't think there aren't teams of people dedicated to determining their validity. I'm not saying this is an actual threat, just that it pays to be vigilant.


  12. This appears to be one of the propagandas of the SLP yet again last minute...I think now I have changed my mind...POLICE PLEASE INVESTIGATE...you might just end up investigating the SLP camp...smh


  13. I am sure there are more pressing issues the police can take on a Facebook comment , really . They couldn't solve any of the rape cases but they will now attempt to slove cyber crime .


  14. smh....officers find something better to do!!!! Nonsense!!!! I am trying to see where the threat is in this... EDUCATE ME PLEASE


  15. Hahahahaha
    That's what u calling a threat , my god , the real threat is coming from United States but I guess you not ready to share .. But remember you in st. Lucia cah hide shit ....... That statement is the least of your worries .......


  16. are they also going to investigate those ppl who hang likenesses of ministers in castries from ropes or those who put these likenesses in coffins and parade them thru the street? seems like a death threat to me? in any other country it would b tho.


  17. Am sure the ex PM would much rather the limited resources of the RSLPF be spent on solving the numerous rapes and murders currently open


  18. Well if you all know is a she who post the comment go out and arrest her and stop the BS. Listen that will not save his backside tonight SLP got to go we are just tired and weary .


  19. What's her name so we can all see if it's true .. a whole bunch of tricksters .....desperate set of people


  20. That's no threat...that's indirect satire..this person is only emphasizing the frustration of whatever ppl she may be listening to or read about.


  21. My main focus is on Jeannine Compton-Antoine I pray to God that she wins on monday as she is the only one who cares about the Lapointe Mon repos people.
    Good Luck Jan. I am praying for you


  22. Dunno, but I actually think that Kenny will have a heart attack if he loses to Allen...the man is so dunce he couldn't even realize that he had outlived his welcome on the hot seat. He should not have run for office again.


  23. sum see this n think it's a hoax or cry for attention ,,,,I see dis as ppl takin politics too far a woman was slapped at laborie by a uwp supporter while passing in her vehicle in a motorcade ... sum may say it's right well the woman pulled up n had him arrested for assault ... when dis dust settles we all gonna b st lucians facing the same problems unemployment victimization crime etc no matter who in power


  24. Oh plz.... I saw this post in Saint Lucia votes 2016.and she clearly gave the meaning of sniped when people responded... She in no way was making a threat against the PM... Desperate much???


  25. Oh please cry baby so many of your st Lucian people are threaten all the time who silents to them