Police investigating incident involving teen attacked and beaten on video

Police investigating incident involving teen attacked and beaten on video
The women on the ground was being attacked.

Police are currently investigating the incident which took social media by storm on Monday where a young woman was seen being attacked and beaten in a video.

Police Public Relations Officer Zachary Hippolyte confirmed with St. Lucia News Online (SNO) on Wednesday that the matter is being actively pursued by the police.

SNO understands that the video link was sent to Head of the Southern Division Superintendent Moses James and the Soufriere Police Station for further investigation and possible prosecution.

At least two individuals were seen beating the female who is believed to be a teenager from Soufriere.

She appeared to have received kicks and punches by an unidentified woman and another individual.

What started the confrontation is not yet known but reports are that the alleged attackers were seen commenting on the video on social media in an effort to justify their actions.


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  1. From what I remember of Soufriere, it was a quiet town, church bells
    on sundays, and fishing men making a great catch, beautiful market place.
    Now what happen? too much weed or the white stuff, at 16, 18, & 19, what happen?
    am I mistaken, what happened? I think the Church Bells are silent, or the Angels
    have departed. My God, will you have mercy and send some good messenger to
    preach the "WORD" once again, and bring back peace and love to the people?
    Why is the - Representative - so quiet, has he lost his ability to speak patois again?


  2. We need god what happen to st Lucia and all them ppl stand up their looking videoing the action all of them need to go jail also


  3. It is just a reflection of a problem that is entrenched in our society, whether civil, police force, government, church etc. Children get beaten as soon as they are born. What is the result? The child grows up knowing the only form of determent for doing anything wrong is "licks." This child now becomes a grownup, now what do you think that person thinks of anytime he/she realizes that someone needs to listen, understand or has to be deterred for doing something perceived to be wrong? Obviously "licks" again. That child is now becomes an adult and a parent so we can sure bet the cycle of "licks" begins again.

    This also explains the rationale for having a society which is so violent . It is because getting "licks" or being abused happens so frequently and sometimes horrifically that the young person becomes immune. Its just like using the same insecticide over and over on mosquitoes, they pretty soon become immune . So these youngsters or adults that they have become only see themselves as either rebelling and giving back to society what was done to them.

    Some grownups may argue that "but i get so much licks when i was small how come i not like that?" True, but the answer is that we now live in a different society where information and education is pervasive, therefore, young people are exposed to many avenues for either rebelling or acquiring knowledge to understand that their suffering is not normal, not acceptable or not excusable in a modern world. In fact the slaves suffered more in the times of slavery, however there was less deviance or rebellions since we now experience these rebellions or deviant behavior more frequently and on a personal scale and they are not targeted at oppressors but civil society.

    That part of our culture seems to have evolved from slavery so maybe it is opportune that we seek to counsel ourselves from our past. That can only be done by bringing that era to closure through enlightenment about that period using education, exhibitions, history etc. Then we can put it to rest and treat our offspring and ourselves better.


  4. It's been years where I did my own study and realized that St. Lucian women are inherently and extremely Violent to one another.
    These are women who are of birthing age or with children and are (perhaps), looking for a husband.

    But how on earth can any guy marry any one of those females who are behaving like this, unless you are really desperate and looking for some cheap-sex for the remainder of your natural life on this planet.

    The minds of Lucian women are now gone and nothing can bring them back. Let them stay in their violent state, while destroying each other.

    I would marry any other woman before a Lucian woman.


    • The long and short of it all is that most, not all, but most of our Saint Lucian women have no class. Simple. They have no brought-upcy. They were dragged up, rather than nurtured or brought up to be responsible women. This is our culture. Most of us do not know or have not seen anything better.

      After suffering from years of abuse by several different males to feed the offspring of other males, these desperate women have no time to bring up their offspring, with any real sense of kindness, decency, and empathy.

      We see the results of all this everywhere and every day, Lord! Children, mere children become pregnant and are literally going about the place raising children, and with no sense and no kind of maturity whatsoever!

      What is worse is this. It is very very sad, especially when the next round of actual our tortured existence in this country is made worst by the disgusting example shown and accepted by other women literally publicly savaging other women. My God, with such behaviour, when will this evil end?


  5. Check the profiles of all the persons bad talking her and even the person who posted the video. Track them down then make them spend a night in jail. They will given up the perpetrators in no time. We also need a cybercrimes division down here. Lucians are using the internet for too much shait. Child porn, identity theft, bullying, child abuse, and all sundry violence and sexual perversions.


  6. I hope the unhelpful onlookers and the inciters face some sort of fine or punishment too. A one on one fight I could understand... But two against one...and no one came to her aide or separated... Especially as no guns or cutlasses were used in this incident.


  7. And arrest the by standers who watched and did nothing to help. No matter what provoked the attack some one should have intervene. Rather ignorant persons cheered on as if they were in an arena.


  8. salbet not things yall want to put on face book with yall face on it i told yall that would have repercussions on you all, now watch that. lol Phil i suspect is you that rat out on the people with the link lol after people saying soufrierre people ignorant they will come and look for you lol.


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