Police investigating fatal accident at Choc, Gros Islet

Police investigating fatal accident at Choc, Gros Islet

unnamed-8PRESS RELEASE – Police are investigating the circumstances surrounding a fatal accident which occurred on Saturday, December 3, 2016, about 11:20 a.m. on the Castries Gros Islet Highway, near Saaman’s Park, Choc, Gros Islet.

The incident involved a white Mitsubishi panel bus, registration number PE5059, driven by Anthony Cherubin a forty nine year old resident of Ravine Macock, Monchy and an emergency vehicle, registration number SLG 3158, driven by personnel attached to the Gros Islet Fire Station.

At the time of the accident, the panel bus was headed in a northerly direction, whilst the ambulance was headed towards the City of Castries.

Anthony Cherubin was conveyed to the Victoria Hospital where on Sunday, December 4, 2016, about 1:15pm, he succumbed to injuries sustained. Anthony Cherubin was the sole occupant of the omnibus, whilst there were three persons occupying the ambulance.

A post mortem has been scheduled for Wednesday, December 7, 2016.

This is the 15th fatality for 2016.


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  1. our health institutions are not so far away. i find those emergency vehicle drivers are too agressive and reckless on the road. drivers are aware that when the siren is heard they have to give way and yes they do cooperate. so the emergency vehicle drivers should be more careful in the way they drive on our roads


    • You are not the one lying in the ambulance , desperate to get medical help. Not that I am condoning reckless driving.


  2. Chief have you done your investigation Do you know what really happened. On the choc high way that day.do u know how who exactly was on the ambulance. And where they were going? Chief do your investigation. Before you blame the drive.


  3. I am disappointed in the comments of the fire chief. That his drive is an experienced one Anthony is an experienced driver for 30 year This is his 1st Accident. Tell us what he could have done being in the center lane when you driver coming in the opposite direction crash out of control into him. Chief tell us.we waiting to hear.


  4. Emergency personnel are expected to save lives and not take lives. Some of the ambulance operators are very aggressive and drive recklessly. You expect citizens to give way to emergency vehicles but emergency vehicles must move more cautiously as they make their way through traffic. I think the relevant authorities should educate both citizens and emergency personnel about the safe use of the roads.


    • I completely agree with your astute and balanced observation education thorugh an awareness campaign would benefit both first responders and civilan drivers as to their respective responsilities under the law. This would help save lives.

      Most unfortunately, all that can never, ever bring back a husband and a father. However, it can certainly help save lives and injuries.


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