Police investigating fatal accident #11

Police investigating fatal accident #11

(PRESS RELEASE) – Police are investigating the circumstances surrounding a fatal accident which occurred on Thursday, August 31, 2017, about 3:00 a.m. at Marisule, Gros Islet.

The incident involved one motor vehicle, a grey Nissan X-trail, which was travelling southbound from Gros Islet towards Castries. Initial reports indicate that the motor vehicle veered off the road and subsequently caught ablaze.

Of the two occupants, the driver sustained minor injuries and was conveyed to the Victoria Hospital.

Leysel Charlery Deterville, a twenty seven (27) year old resident of Bishop’s Gap, Castries, the front seat passenger, was trapped beneath the flaming motor vehicle. She was pronounced dead on the scene by a medical practitioner.

A post mortem examination is scheduled for later today.

This incident brings the number of road fatalities recorded for the year 2017 to eleven (11). Investigations are ongoing in this matter.



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  1. I urge that all people traveling in any type of vehicle, should wear a seat belt. It really save lives.

    Condolences to the entire family, God's blessings. I don't live in St.Lucia, however anytime i visit , i do wear

    my seat belt i am laughed at by some people. I don't pay them any attention...... PLEASE WEAR YOUR SEAT



  2. Not many words to say , but she was a darling . Spend time with the ones you love , because we never know when they can be taken from us. I hope you are in a better place now and feel no pain . Rest in perfect peace .


    • I wish it were possible to bring you back whole. May God's angels escort you all the way through the gates of Paradise. It is just heartrending horror just to contemplate what she may have felt before passing out. This is really hard.


  3. What a horrific tragedy! Let's hope that she was not conscious when the vehicle landed on her and burst into flames. Condolences go out to the affected families.

    Note to the writers, good reporting job as usual but please note that "... travelling southbound ..." is a usage error. Southbound means travelling south or heading in a southern direction. As such, a moving object is/was southbound (or northbound, ...). Preceding the word "southbound" (or northbound etc) with the word "travelling," is therefore redundant.


  4. Oh my...my condolences to her mom and.othet family.my past student at the Augier Combined School. A young lady with potential..I pray.that god gives the family strength at this point in time.questions will be asked but only god knows. And he can heal


    • I think you had nothing to say so you just talking saloptay! did you read the part where the article said that the driver lost control and she was burnt to death as a result of being trapped??????? The seatbelt would have magically unstrapped and save her life? enlighten us! pay fess you uhyedeetoo


  5. New Testament Verse of the Day:
    And they sang a new song with these words: "You are worthy to take the scroll and break its seals and open it. For you were slaughtered, and your blood has ransomed people for God from every tribe and language and people and nation."

    – Revelation 5: 9


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