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PHOTO UPDATE: Grass Street shooting victim identified

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unnamed-12One person is dead after a Christmas Eve shooting in Grass Street, Castries police officials said.

The shooting happened around 8:30 p.m. Saturday (Dec.24), according to reports.

The victim died of his injuries on scene.

The victim has been identified as Curtis Mark of Grass Street.

Police have also responded to two separate chopping incidents, one at Ciceron and another at Odsan.

No further details.

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  1. I pay property taxes in Castries every year the government take my money without giving any services I cannot even rent the property because of crime the government does nothing .What A Shame!!! Shame What A Shame

  2. You cry for votes you get elected you're not special it's a job do the right thing for the people of St Lucia

  3. Things can never get better as long as people get in power for their own interest and forget about the people of St Lucia. It's all greed

  4. What interest does the st Lucian Government have in a place like grave yard that they won't do something about it?

  5. Sick minded blind hard hearted people run st lucia

  6. Government for St Lucia has no shame

  7. Someone needs to let st lucia police know that wearing USED ARMY FATIGUES don't make them US soldiers. AMEN.

  8. St lucia has no law it's an island of sick minded people all they think of is food rum drugs anger hate material things and killing each other this island will soon be worst than Hati . Government can't you all see Castries looks disgusting?Educated Fools.

  9. a lot of the killings fueled by our failed justice system, if the police fail to investigate properly and there are real convictions when warranted then perpetrators of crime would be in jail for extended periods. However if those who rob, steal and kill spend a year or two in prison then are released then you are fueling vigilantism. what do you expecct the victim of crimes and their families to do? do you expect them to sit an watch the dude who killed or raped their child continue to lime and have fun while they still in pain? if we do then we are very naive.......i wouldnt be surprised if it is ordinary people paying other badboys to deal with those who killed their family with impunity

  10. There is only one answer - HANG THE BASTARDS.

  11. is he the short black rasta????

  12. What would the christmas season be without a couple of choppings. Bravo.

  13. He deserve it.... He just came from jail for murder... He was a menace .... laborie has just got the best Christmas gift of all... less than a month out yet at least 3 times already arrested since....merry Christmas I hope he gets to gell and Satan sticks a needle in his eye

  14. He is from laborie , not grass street.

  15. Drain the swamp to finf the frogs.

  16. Lol I keep saying that the city of castries is SATAN SHIT HOLE. This place needs to be clean up. Take a page from the Brazilian Government JUST DRAIN THE SWAMP. What is so difficult to do.
    The public lives are at RISK something has to be done NOW. Clean that Shit UP. DRAIN THE SWAMP

  17. Thé solution to thé crime in st lucia is simple,cut out thé heads.when drug money can buy you out of à drug case and even 1st dégrée murder then you cannot expect thé crime to curb in this country,it Will continue.

    • yet the same ones who cry about crime dont want to remove a source of funding to the criminals....if we legalize the herb many of these badboy would have to beg for a living instead of being all powerful dans

  18. As Castries drowns in murder, violence, drug warfare, where is a statement, let alone a single word, from the Parliamentary Representative for Castries Central?

  19. I agree, no Need for concern. That's the norm. By the way that' number 31. We're doing well. 52 weeks in a calendar year.

  20. Another triple. There is cause for concern .

    • As long as it is one that the police would have caught and the courts would have given just a simple slap on the wrist, no problem. No concern.


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