POLICE: Fatal Balata crash – the 7th fatal road accident for 2015

POLICE: Fatal Balata crash – the 7th fatal road accident for 2015

zozoPRESS RELEASE – On Wednesday, August 5, 2015 about 9:30 a.m. officers attached to the Babonneau Station responded to a report of a serious accident in Balata, Babonneau.

Sports utility vehicle registration number # PK3801, driven by Nigel Travis of Cap Estate, Gros-Islet was travelling in a southerly direction and a motorcycle driven by Theobalds Jr. Felix of Balata, Babonneau was travelling in the opposite direction when they collided.

As a result of the collision, Felix (26 years old) was transported to the Victoria Hospital where he succumbed to his injuries.

A post mortem examination has been scheduled for Friday, August 7, 2015.

This is the seventh fatal road accident for the year 2015.


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  1. Some of you idiots need to shut the hell up.He without sin cast the first stone.You all keep your dirty laundry in closest,an observer everybody else 's.If you dont have any positive comments,just shut the hell up.Some of you are so hypocritical stupid.


  2. All the comments and SNO lift my ban , so why was he in a hitted argument with his mother like Lucians say he gave father son and Holy Ghost . He cursed her non stop to die minutes after . Now where is this young man employed to afford a bike like this ? Was he involved in stealing the battery ,of the man who warned about the returning of his batteries , if so the others involved and the ones who bought it from him need to be concern !


  3. Pple get it str8 dat hole has been deh for a while an zozo nows da street an any orda rider from dis area so dont twist an if it wasnt da suvs fault y wen da biker fell he still stood arguein with da officer an first of al if he suv waz not wrong da guy wouldnt argue for da officer to pullout his gun ......small world dont go being da carmara at an incident wen u wont deh ......sum lucian dont no how to let a man rest inpeace instead of al dis his gone but wont be forgotten by his takeway crew str8


    • Its not a matter of resting in peace. yes he will rest. Its a matter of passing blame. he knows the street soo much that he will be on the road with an un-insured bike with no helmet. I have seen ppl in the wrong behave worse, they themselves pulling out gun or cutlass. Y when the police comes to the scene they are always well strapped everytime. Have u been in accident to advise. Because they behave so unruly so if indeed the man pull out his gun is because of Zozo behavior any man would defend himself if he is equipped too. Poor jab the man in the suv they blaming him. its not the man's fault if u want to blame. if ur bike is not legally registered etc what u doing on the road and your bike sooo wide what u doing on the other side. U'll just defending him cause he died. regardless u'll drivers need to respect the road. Everyone up in arms arguing and trying to make their point. u'll all have u'll point of view. when someone is wrong say regardless of the situation. Yes its sad he died but just say it how its is. AA ull lucians too hyprocrite cause it it was u that was driving the suv u wouldn't feel that way. because you are Zozo friend you defending him. He is a family friend and y should I push my hands in fire. Always its like that. My son was a good boy. Or my brother wasn't so etc!!! Say it as it is regardless!!! Like to sugar coat things!!


  4. Note to editor. These are traffic collisions and not accidents. Accidents imply there is no one at fault and belittle the gravity of the situation


  5. You gotta be kidding me.... What is this a virus goin around?? When is it goin to STOP...... How many lives is it goin to take to stop this nonsense???? Your'll drivers still not learning..... If it was one of your family got killed in a motor accident... How you guys goin to feel????? RIP my love... My prayers goin to the families ?????


    • Ms Richards, Junior was a family friend and I can advise you that the driver of the suv had nothing to do with him losing his life. So the comment u'll drivers not learning is irrelevant. The gentleman was on his side of the road. We like to play the game blame too often. Junior was trying to escape a pot hole and hit the man on his side of the road. Yes it sad but at the same time don't prosecute an innocent person. The same way it could have been u driving going to babboneau and hit you how would u feel? The Ministry of communications and works is responsible cause months that road was dug by wasco and they were suppose to re-patch the hole and it hasn't been done. He didn't have a helmet, maybe if he did he would have been here today. God knows best and everything happens for a reason. It was his time even if its hard to grasp that we have lost a love one. Get the facts before you comment


    • I was there You know.. the guy was speeding down the road .. had he taken his time to ride this probably couldve been avoided


    • so what difference those it make what pic they put up is die the fella die already more than likely that was the only picture the family came up with at the time in their time of grief you think is special picture they will worry about


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