Police Cricket Committee mourns loss of police officer

Police Cricket Committee mourns loss of police officer

cricketPRESS RELEASE – Felix Edmunds first played youth cricket for the district of Laborie at the under 19 level for several years, before he eventually made the St. Lucia National Youth Team (under 19).

He toured to the island of Saint Vincent in 1983 where the Windward Islands Youth Tournament was held, that year he did not secure a pick on the team.

Felix never dropped his head and continued to work on his game.  The following year, he again represented Saint Lucia at the under 19 level however this time securing a place on the Windward’s Youth Team which went on tour in Guyana.  He was an eloquent batsman and a hand right arm medium fast bowler who got the ball to swing because of his success and class.

He was one of the youth players who went to England to play cricket for two years.  Edmunds passion for the game continued when he joined SLASPA as a PORTS POLICE. He moved over from SLASPA to the Royal Saint Lucia Police Force and continued playing his game as he always did. He played for and represented the RSLPF with a great deal of dignity, honor and success.

His cricketing career suddenly came to an end when he had a freak accident involving an object falling on his feet.

He was a jovial guy, team player, fun to be around.  With him around there was never a dull moment.  We all will remember him playing the game which he dearly loved and will remember him for his exquisite cover drives on the front foot.

Constable 356 Alvin Edmund passed away at the St. Jude Hospital on Wednesday, November 11, 2015. He was 49 years old. The body will be interred at the Michael O’ Brian cemetery on Friday, November 20, 2015


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