Vieux Fort woman’s death is the 12th homicide of 2015

Vieux Fort woman’s death is the 12th homicide of 2015


PRESS RELEASE – The Royal Saint Lucia Police Force is investigating the circumstances surrounding the death of 59-year-old Samdai Fraser of Cedar Heights, Vieux Fort.

On Monday, July 20, 2015, at about 4:30 p.m. officers attached to the Vieux Fort Station proceeded to Cedar Heights where they discovered the body of Fraser in her dwelling house.

Fraser was lying face down in a pool of blood, with a rope around her neck and plastic bag around her mouth and neck.

Further investigations revealed that one (1) 32 inch TCL television, one (1) iPad, one (1) Play Station 3 game console and two (2) cell phones are missing.

This is the twelfth homicide for the year 2015.

Investigations are continuing into the matter.


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  1. RIP My Friend. You were one of my best clients. I hope the perpetrators are brought to Justice. If one can do this to a Police officers Mom what will they do to my mom?? Women be on guard have weapons hiding in different places in your homes. Be focus be on the alert. The first chance you get on the invader in your house get rid of them!! Don't think twice women!!


  2. I hope when I defend myself at my home the Law don't harass me. I leave alone my kids are all overseas. I am always prepared. Whoever attack me I won't play with them. If i'm dead and couldn't defend myself I will hunt my killers down. One will always see them running with no one chasing them. You will here them screaming with no one around. I won't play with them!!!


  3. There is crime everywhere it is inevitable so really no one can be blamed for someone's action to take another's life but their self everybody has their own choose to make an life to live but on the whole system of st.Lucia is corrupted I think the corruption has to be removed for things to run smooth in st.Lucia especially to police force where their is the .most corruption I know that for experience after that I see police officer's differently from the way I did b4


  4. @ WOP no one is saying that Kenny & Co are to be blamed for crime, we do not expect the PM to stop people from committing crime if they want to. We appreciated your anticipated rush to defend your party god without first having any analytical sense.

    But you must agree without the Government's ( with yours truly in charge), intervention the problem is exacerbated. We had a closed Judiciary since high court is closed for almost a month now. Closed forensic lab so no forensic work or investigation goes on. Police officers with an infested offices and homes, without proper training and equipment. They are required to function with a unpopular IMPACS cloud over their heads. Meanwhile a police commissioner who is placed on continual leave. Plus you have a Minister who says or offers no solutions to these problems, but with a very eager, overzealous and almost contemptuous attitude to defend his reputation at all cost.

    Surely the ordinary man cannot be held accountable for such dereliction of duty and lack of foresight. You must also agree if all measures i have highlighted were addressed then it would be some deterrent to crime and would go a long way in changing the image of St. Lucia. After all most crimes are committed out of convenience or revenge. A proper justice system could almost on its own eliminate reappraisals and revenge.

    Now why don't you do the right thing and and use your over-zealousness to lobby you gods into action and protect the people because as far as i am concerned the are only self serving. After all no citizen gets paid to come up with solutions and if we we required then we would have done it ourselves. Let those who said that they can do the job and gets paid for it do the job they are required by law. Stop burdening tax payers who have to foot that bill. Is it for them also to provide solutions? If so then your friends should get out of office and let the public take care of their own affairs. St. Lucia is the first country to have shifted the burden of proper governance to the people and not the politicians to whom it belongs.


  5. Most of you have nothing positive to say especially about the police. Do you even realize the victim is a police officer's mother. Whilst this young man was at work his home was broken into and his mother was killed. You all behave as though the police here are not doing any work at all. There is no crime anywhere else but Saint Lucia? Stop being so extreme with your comments. Saint Lucia produced two Nobel lauretes and many intelligent people yet still so many make nonsensical, unrealistic, and ridiculous statements. Crime affects everyone, what have you done to help reduce crime? Smfh.


    • My condolences to the family of the deceased. when you were a victim of a incident that could have been avoided because it took the police 5 hours to respond, it is hard to be positive. Their record of the unsolved crime is also telling.


  6. My sincere condolences .
    But let's be honest here.
    The pm has to be blame and before any body reply to my comment let me explain my self.
    Millions are borrow to do this and that. Why can't they be for forensic purposes?.
    So many unsolved crimes. Kenny link up with all types : Chinese, Korean, Cubans ect.
    None to solve the crime problems.
    The police men don't give a Damn either not until it gets to their door.
    When things happen SNO tries to bring news to us. "Alert". The police press man is never available not before three days but, today news and condolences were immediate. It's wrong.
    Investigation is always slow.
    Evidence at court 0.0. And the reports are incomplete. The judge's has enough with the police , people are kept in jail for long periods and the evidence is not ready.
    Stressful, hurtful, unbelievable . For an extra dollar they will join the dishonest crew. The man is the head of his house, if he is not straight and honest , none of his children will be.
    My opinion . Just leave it alone.
    Find your own or keep shut


  7. My heart goes out to the family

    Stay strong

    Hope they find who did this

    Police should monitor 758 for missing items


  8. Every crime in st.lucia except drug related ones are left unsolved. The police force is INCOMPETENT. As a unit they are completely missing the mark. Dr. King is tired, he is responsible for everything from biopsies to post mortems. He has been doing it for too long on his own, get him some assistance asap to lessen the burden so he can focus on more pressing issues (like gruesome murders). This is so sad, because this story won't even be in the news a couple weeks from now...


  9. It is saddening to hear this. Very nice lady. One of my nicest customers. R. I. P
    My condolences to her husband and son.


  10. My name for Lucian Police is INCOMPETENT!!! I was the victim of an attack while on island. We called the police to pick up the mentally deranged person. It took them 5 hours to get there. I have no confidence that this will be solved. The result will be the same as all other crimes committed. My heart bleeds for my home land. It is time people to return to God and pray.


    • My name for you is idiot. How about crimes where you come from, don't your police have their short coming? Look at all the killings of innocent persons who are killed by officers in the US, oh how about the latest victim the female who it is alleged hang herself with the garbage bag? The cover up that ensued.


  11. boy, never heard half arse or stupid remarks like some of those idiots on slu on line. yes crime is a societal issue. rather than casting aspersions n caSTIGATING BLAME ON THE POLITICIANS, LETS LOOK FOR THE SOLUTION. did the government, kenny n company , ask anybody to enter someones home n kill them? or to commit horrendous crimes? there are laws, policies and what have u to deal with those issues. sometimes, the very same ones write up nonsense on fb sees or knows the perpetrators, yet does nothing about it. the police cannot be eveywhere. we have to police our own neighborhood. look out for each other. simple.


  12. Really url took da life of a human being just for an iPad,cell fones un flat screen. Awa url brain must b up url a--es jah mun RIP my lady wish u cudda haunt dem mother...s. Dats y wen u c dem in da streets u cah feel sorry for dem for jah no


  13. i am so mad about the policing system in lucia....i just wana curse their a--es everyday.infact i wana curse from small man up to the PM..... the system sucks in lucia....


  14. Due to what is said in the news. I believe that the killers are people exactly from the same neighborhood, police should start going around watching the little boys around there because majority of them have no jobs and are ghetto youths. R.I.P madame.


  15. The police in vieux fort are useless. there are numerous robberies in and around the area specifically targeting the elderly and the medical students especially in the cedar Heights, black bay and st judes h/way surroundings. also there are never any police on patrol at all especially at nights only shanty town to do bomb. Why are we the citizens of St.lucia paying taxes and of course these useless government employees? Why are we working so bloody hard to pay their salaries. don't you see the sizes of those houses these ministers live in? Its ridiculous and you telling me lucia aint got money? BULLSHIT! They drive the most costly vehicles and yet still they cah even provide protection for citizens on the island. Carnival and Jazz money can be found but money to invest in the well being and safety of the citizens of st. lucia is very hard to come about isn't it? Even the youth in Lucian have no benefits only people benefit are the government officials themselves; so Why Do We or You VOTE?

    Police should be on the streets patrolling not sitting their lazy asses on a chair hidden behind a desk playing 5.0 getting a salary getting fat and everyone else getting murdered because these same police officers are the ones providing the windows of opportunity to these criminals on the island.

    Government a waste and a shame!
    Police a Joke only show up when drugs present but when u call for assistance you will die and bury before they show. Lucia turning to a wasteland under Kenny and all dem JOKERS!!!

    When Kenny wasn't in power did you see his state? Did you see his attitude? He was all ghetto and ting talking to the little people but now tings nice they all squeezing people pocket and they living nice and their families taking over all the beaches and nice spots. Tell them cut out on their own salaries and a 1.5 million dollars house isn't necessary so why even go further?

    To make change it has to start from the top and if Kenny and whichever government who is power are more concerned about their own safety and pockets than the lives and safety of the citizens whom they claimed to protect; then No change will Bullshit. Investigate the police force first u will find crookedness.

    My heart goes out to the family of the victim. I love my isle but thank god i do not live there. Lucians stay blessed.


  16. Anybody sees or suspects one is trying to sell or such stolen items from Ms. Fraser house should immediately call police.. now u know some of yall lucians don't care where the stuff come from as long as it's cheap and price is next to nothing yall will purchase it.. do not encourage such nonsense people...we have yet to find the killer of yana Auguste now Ms.Fraser.. RIP... two innocent woman in less than two weeks...


  17. OMG I just started building my house in st Lucia, wanted to come back home and retire now I am wondering if I am making a big mistake. Beautiful St Lucia wat is going on. Lord put a hand.


    • I think you should stay where you are presently and build, cause there is no crime there.


      • The issue is not whether there is no crime overseas but the resolution and response to the crime. I have lived in both US and Canada and I can guarantee that within 5 minutes of a crime there WILL be police at your doorstep armed and ready to find whoever is responsible and the will not stop till they have explored every opportunity to catch that person. I HAVE lived in St Lucia also and the response is nowhere near that. THAT is the difference - having confidence in the police to feel safe is a major issue in St Lucia.