Police Commissioner warns against vigilante justice

Police Commissioner warns against vigilante justice
Vernon Francois.
Vernon Francois.

Police Commissioner Vernon Francois has warned citizens against vigilante justice, following the severe beating of a suspected bandit, on Wednesday evening in La Clery.

Commenting on the issue, the top cop said that he would like to discourage such behavior, as people will be held responsible for taking matters in their own hands.

He said there is a due process in every matter and that must be followed regardless of the circumstances. Francois reiterated that persons should not engage in any such behavior.

Francois explained that the police should be the first to intervene in any matter and then it should be placed before the courts, where the person accused of the wrongdoing will face strict penalties.

The police commissioner said while they have had a few similar cases of vigilante justice or beatings in the past, it is not something that happens regularly. Therefore, he said the police wants to see an end to this behaviour.

A man who is accused of snatching a bag from a Caucasian woman in La Clery, Castries on Wednesday evening was severely beaten by an alleged angry mob.

The man allegedly stole the woman’s bag near Super J in La Clery and was chased by the group of males into Wintrades Supermarket where he was severely beaten.

An eyewitness told St. Lucia News Online that the young men used bottles and a “machine” from the shop to beat the alleged thief all over his body.

The eyewitness said the man was then tied up until the police arrived. Another eyewitness told SNO that the young men from La Clery have been blamed wrongfully for robberies committed by outsiders in the area and “took it out on the man”.

This issue has since attracted the attention of many Saint Lucians. While some persons believe that the man deserved to be beaten, others claim that it should have been handled differently.


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  1. B.S.the top cop is talking, because the real victim which is the woman, got justice because she got her bag back and the criminal got punished, he got his ass kicked. to me that's law. think about it, if you had to wait for the police in that case, call them, if it is not drugs or guns they taking forever to come, and sometime if they come they still don't get the guy and if they get him they wont get any evidence and then they go to court and sometimes the guy walks away because of lack of evidence and the victim don't get compensated. So which one you prefer Mr. top cop. i think majority of people who gets robbed just want they shit back


  2. people stop wishing bad on other people , we are all human beings,...this is so sad only in st lucia i hearing these kind of things.

    all over the world , have crimes that haven't been solve, all over the world people do drugs.
    all over the world are still missing people.

    so if the rest of the world cannot yet up to this day solve a 20 year case,,
    what make you thing st lucia's cases will be solve over night .

    i live in sxm which is 37 square mills and there are many case that haven't been solve where as st lucia is more than 150 square mills .

    people detecctive work is't an over night job.


  3. Well I believe that Mr. Francois had to come out to remind the public that such behavior is not tolerated as stated in their law, however Mr. Francois and his guys are most likely pleased that such was done to the idiot because guess what, they may not have to get up their lazy asses to attend to the cries of the public again regarding this individual. I wish this wud be done to all thieves!! People work to hard in this dry guava season for their belongings to be stolen!!!


  4. i agree that taking justice in your hands is wrong but like missy said it is the lackadaisical attitude towards the investigation by the law it self that creates this frustration in people in turn making people feel fed up thus resulting in taking action in you own hands whether you want to or not because at the end of the day there is one thing i have learned mr. commissioner is that for every action there is a reaction be it good or bad. now let me pose a situation out there for you what if i was the one being robbed and maybe i know the person and i wanted to retaliate and burst that person ass for taking what i work hard for in this hard time and i just decided u know what am not ALLOWED TO TAKE THE LAW IN MY HANDS so i go to the police maybe the give me lackadaisical attitude and then the case taking how long to call and all sorts of bull after i made my report and what have you then the court finally calls the matter and while going to court who know it might still drag again cause the investigators misplace the file and other shit that those happen and then the magistrate somehow dismisses the case for lack of evidence and i will be like WTF! lack of evidence , after i saw the guy doing this to me all my wasted time going up and down to court has resulted to this then what would you think would be my next situation i would then say if i had known i would a just burst that culprit ass give him some good licks before i went to the police or if i went to them at all now its all these things i said earlier that bottles up in us and has us frustrated and maybe we do things without thinking only if those in authority the so called law would do their work properly so the little person on the street can get justice and not do unlawful acts like taking the law in our own hands because the law is in the hands of the law and most times the law does nothing about it and we dont get our justice


  5. We quick to point fingers in the other direction, but when the shoe is on the other foot we looking for sympathy. Well some of u embeciles who had nothing good to say should sit back n leave technology that is Internet computer stuff to the more intelligent populace n think twice before showing the level of illiteracy that exists in our country. He could have been punished by the law n not by a set of criminals who one day may be our own demise. Food for thought


  6. Island need more prayer worries..them violent worries..All of u who wish the worst on him and other pp...watch( God ) is a 4 giving God and who r u????.Please if u do not have any gd thing. ..and advice 2 give...just pray 4 St.lucia 2 b a better place.


  7. If police were doing their jobs an wouldn't only run quick when is drugs . Citizens wouldn't have to take the law into their own hands . Do yurll jobs they paying yurll for ,show what yurll doing solve a crime for heavens sakes an stop killing ppl senselessly stop sitting down an wasting tax payers money too many cases never get solved. Give yurself work man if yur colleagues can't get it done . Choooops . Yur house they should have broken or yur mom that should have gotten robbed to see if that person would be living for long . Shit man !!!


  8. Mr. Francois I'm sure if the matter was reported to the police your men would have a lackadaisical attitude towards this investigation and would just give the matter a pat on the back. Further you lawmen are doing the same thing and even worst. The guys right to burst his ass so a message could be sent out to would-be perpetrators


  9. francios is right , i am with you 100%.
    cause if this continue this country would be like countries in the mid-est.
    most of those talkers on this page have to education and know nothing about civilisation.
    many of you sit behind the pc and talk about ( good for him).
    this country wouldn't go anywhere like this.
    you'll talk about what police are not doing .
    tell me what are you doing.

    Get off you'll ass each districk should organize a match agaisnts crime.

    you may say they have don't it but how many people show up?
    i'm pretty sure st lucia has more than a 1000 people living there.

    we need motivational specker in school.
    take them visit the prison .
    have someone inlilght the youong on what they have been through.

    we stay home and say law autorities don't do shi***

    we have to do something to move this country forword.

    fight never solve anything , we should know that ..Do some history...

    it's ashame sad and damn right absurd,, all you sure is violence , that's where our kids get it from .
    FROM YOU!!!!

    do what's right .
    many women in the community don't work , so i am preety sure yu have spare times

    if you can star out with 1 kids in your area, and lecture him on life , listen to what they have to say, answer their questions .

    people if it continues st lucia will have no future.


  10. what ever commissioner that is expected of you to say after all you are the head of police and when saint lucians dont get no justce because of the poor justice systems and the old attitude of your officers which deter people from trusting the police or consulting them to help in a situation and people get frustrated that is another story


  11. It seems the way to go here in st lucia these days so that you get justice served!its either that or you will get heavy handed police doing what they want ,when they want!and someone ending up dead because of it! Unless of course your white and have money! need I say more!


  12. I'm soooooo happy they burst his ass, we need more of this for things to change in slu.If lawyers are saying the justice system is a joke , who are we not to take justice in our hands


  13. Mr.Francois i expect that from you cause you will not openly endorsed that but somehow you do not mine they make a little love with those thieves.JUST DONT KILL.


  14. Yeah the public helping the police because they not doing their job. Get them out of the 5 star police stations Mr. Commissioner and onto the streets.


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