Police Commissioner speaks on Fond St. Jacque homicides

Police Commissioner speaks on Fond St. Jacque homicides
Vernon Francois.
Vernon Francois.

The discovery of two bodies, in Fond St Jacque, Soufriere, on Tuesday, has caused the entire community to become fearful.

Members of the community have suggested that the homicides were drug related.

Police Commissioner Vernon Francois has also hinted that this may be true, especially since the area is known to have had marijuana farms that were destroyed by police.

However, this scenario is still to be confirmed.

“As we speak we have a contingent of police officers both from Castries and South in the area, conducting further searches and investigations,” Francois told the media at a press conference today.

Asked to comment on the protection of residents in the area, Francois said the police will do all it can to guarantee the safety of residents.

However, he encouraged residents to report any threats and come forward with any information that may lead the police to the criminals, who might be responsible for the killings.

The police chief suggested that persons, who may not want to report it directly to a police station, they can provide whatever information they have to a police they feel comfortable with.

“The fact of the matter is that in some of the cases where people still refuse to come forward and make reports to provide that information, the criminals may very well think that they could hide the information and that may present a threat to their lives also,” he stated.

Persons in the community are now trying to acquire firearm licenses, to protect their own safety and have suggested that the police make this process easier.

In addressing this issue, Francois said, “License firearm is provided on the basis of merit. If someone feels their life is under serious threat, they can make an application and it will be considered. But I am not going to make a pronouncement to give out firearm licenses.”

Meanwhile, the police chief said the force has not been able to determine whether there is any relation between the two bodies found in Fond St Jacque, Soufriere.

He told media operatives that based on the state of the decomposition of the second body, death could have occurred a few days earlier.

“But we are actively pursuing the matter. We have not yet been able to identify the second body. We are working with members of the community to get some identification,” he added.

The body of an unidentified male was discovered by police in the area yesterday. The body bore one gunshot wound to the abdomen.

That body was only discovered after police had searched the area earlier for a missing farmer, Victor Jn Phillip, who they later discovered with a gunshot wound to his head.


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  1. The Commissioner of Police may have good information to disseminate to the country however, listening to him and his unpolished pronunciations becomes a tedious task for me. The world is watching and we are supposed to be an English speaking country. By no means i am suggesting that we should have a British accent. But at least pronounce the words like our school teachers taught us too. Maybe i'm the most honest one to disclose this. What do you all think?


  2. Firstly this man needs to go to Monroe college to learn to speak he can't talk and he's embarrassing as commissioner hungry dogs


    • I believe in part, it's called "leadership Skills",Education and good effective speaking skills.A few seminars should do the trick... Expertise, Eloquence and voice control..
      In a few months he will be fine...
      Believe me Seminars do help you disseminate effectively in a smooth and impressive fashion,eventually it becomes second nature as his self confidence builds.


  3. Responsibility / Qualified personnel/ Training.
    Who are the qualified Forensic personnel(s)that will lead and to establish the true course to be able to enhance / train / access credible information / trustworthy personnel(s)A pathologist with experience in the field to train our own in areas that is inexperienced in today's Crime investigating / Crime solving solutions.
    The mere gathering of specimens and information / evidence/ starts with the first Police officer on the scene ,if well trained should what steps must be taken by securing the crime scene,no one is allowed touch anything until the person that conducts the the forensics has done his or her duties and is satisfied with the results @100%.
    The simplest error or anything overlooked can be critical to the case and the ongoing investigation.
    So, before we decide to hang anyone there are a few things that must be established and be certain / proven primarily.Many tests has to be done including : PRINTS IF ANY ARE FOUND,BALLISTICS IF ANY ITEMS ARE FOUND OR ANY TRACES OF ITEMS OF INTEREST,BLOOD OF ANY KIND,DIRECTION /DIRECTIONS OF THE BLOOD FLOW OR SPLATTERS/ SMEARS AND COLOR STRENGTH/ ITEMS AT THE CRIME SCENE AND SO ON. There are so many anomalies that can be discovered and misunderstood if an untrained individual in doing the investigation,or walking blindly.( lack of experience)eg.remembering the O.J Simpson case.Crime scene investigation may look simple on TV,most of the investigation is Hollywood as usual,Forensic results takes time,Blood work takes time,some ballistics results depends on the physical evidence / professionalism of the person conduction the experiment /examination/test.
    There are so much to learn and so little time.Maybe we should have an independent foreign consultant performing / conduction this serious and urgent investigation in solving this ongoing crime situation that is plaguing our Beloved island of St.Lucia.
    Remember Crime solving is not an overnight scenario,it takes time and with qualified professionals in place it can and will be done.We have to have "Trustworthy police officers to help in making this a success for the citizens of our country.


  4. ST.Lucia does not have the capability to check ballistics.Secondly,which cop is the honest cop that will not sell you out to the criminals that will threaten or hurt you or your family? remember,most of these crimes are syndicated related,so it will be very difficult to acquire pertinent / credible information regarding the these crimes.On the other hand,you have come to the realization regarding the persecuting and sentencing when caught,what example will the judiciary courts deliver and make it stick in order to set an example to instill fear to the rest at large who are in the process planning their next move.This is only a synopsis of how sensitive and dangerous and important "TRUST" means....who can one trust but one's self, but then again something has to be done before the situation worsens and more lives are lost."WE FIRST REMOVE THE HEAD OF THE SNAKE"..
    That's all for now,waiting for your response... catch 22...
    You will be shocked,maybe not,when the true identities of "those who run things" are revealed.
    It will not be easy,but it can be done...problem is who can be trusted????


  5. That's why I sometimes wonder why / how is it we have so many cold cases !?
    1st Lucian needs to learn to stay away from a crime scene . Be civic minded and report what they see no
    Matter what . Police officers need to me more accommodating . They are not a military unit . But a "protect & serve "! Y'all get tge point lol


  6. CSI , mind-boggling that which (csi ) suggested is a first term lesson for invistigatetors . And I am certain that's one of the first things they look for ..and if the slugs are still in the bodies as I am sure they are , the pathologist gives same Ti crime lab etc ..any first year investigator knows this .in reference to the perp going back to retrive same. Who knows .. But it's also a fact the perps are never far from the sence . Look on . What I am not sure about is wether our investigator are trained to look for some one in the crowd tryin to act like they are dis interested whiles keeping a close eye ! We also know there's alway a transference of evidence from victim - perp or and perp-victim , just saying


  7. CSI, why didn't you call the police to make your suggestion. Now the shooter might go back to look for their shell casings and slugs.


  8. RSLPF 1st chk if slugs are still in the bodies 2nd if not comb both areas for da shell casings. These two pieces of evidence are critical. They can tell if da same firearm was used. Shell casings and slugs carry unique markings that can tell gun type caliber and may even be traced to the barrell of the gun it was fired from.


  9. If anyone has any credible information, no matter how small it might be, do come forward and make it known to the police, please don't let these savages get away with this savage crimes.


  10. guilty be hanged by the rope. why are those in authority afraid to hang these low-lifes? america always want to control third world countries when it comes to hanging and other issues.
    just see how many inmates are being executed in TEXAS!!!


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