Police clears the air on Saadia Byron sexual assault report

Police clears the air on Saadia Byron sexual assault report
Saadia Byron
Saadia Byron

While brother of the deceased 33-year-old Saadia Byron has said that she had made numerous reports to the police about alleged attacks from a male, authorities have said that their records show that only one report of sexual assault was made by her and it dates back to 2014.

That complaint was discontinued upon her request, police say.

Byron’s lifeless body was discovered in a “shallow stone grave” around midday on November 11, close to her Black Bay, Laborie residence.

Byron’s body was semi-nude and covered with stones, sources said.

A used condom, a stone, human faeces and her underwear were discovered about 25 metres from her home where she lives with her mother and other family members. One family member said there was a bit of blood in the bushes but another said there was none.

Her brother Chris Byron told HTS News4orce that Byron’s reports to the police were never heeded.

“There was this particular guy he’s always waiting for her in the dark, always grabbing her hands, always attacking her. She made several reports to the police station and again, no police, nobody ever did anything on her behalf until this weekend,” he said.

According to Chris, that alleged attacker was known to her. He is believed to be one of two individuals being questioned by police in relation to Byron’s death.

Officer in Charge of Crime and Intelligence at Royal St. Lucia Police Force, George Nicholas, at a press conference on Monday, said: “What I can confirm is that some time in 2014 the deceased made a sexual assault report at the vulnerable persons team in Vieux Fort and according to our records she indicated that she wanted no further action in the matter. She wanted the police to discontinue the investigation. That is what our records can confirm at this point in time.”

“…People discontinue matters that they have reported for various reasons …and it’s their prerogative to indicate where they want to go with the matter,” he added after being questioned further on the reason Byron withdrew her complaint.

It is hoped that an autopsy to be performed on the deceased’s body will indicate if she was raped.


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  1. It's such a shame that at a moment like this the Police will choose to deny the reports made by the victim and her family. It is not a time to save face, it's time to show up! I urge the Police department, Commissioner, Community, neighbors, people of St.Lucia to not let this case run cold. Make a difference with this one, find the culprit and see that justice is served for the sake of this woman's memory and the lives of her children and loved ones.


  2. First and foremost I wish to extend my condolences to the bereaved family of the deceased, Saadia Byron.
    Her demise was brought about as a consequence of a heinous crime. Many people are now accusing the police of; ineptitude, corruptions etc ect. The question is, how many of us pundits and critics are better than the police in what we do?


  3. Well when you.go to do a report ask the police officer writing your report for his or her name badge number and the date and you can also ask for a copy of the report you have a right to it.our police are so corrupt.i had an incident and I called the police they came but as soon as they finished with me one of the police called the boy and tell him I made a report and they will come to him so where are we going in st Lucia.the police force need to be clean out get the bad ones out we have a lot of them that need to be out prime minister need to do something


  4. laborie and choiseul officers dont even respond to noise complaints wrecking havoc in the neighbourhoods around. so i am not surprised they never took action after her complaints. now they trying to cover their track. soon they will say they dont have any evidence to charge the suspect. justice is a joke in st lucia. 50 murders per year, just over 100, 000 people. what a damn shame for all the murderers. if these people had see at least 5 killings for the year in bordelais by hanging. i know the murder rate would stop pronto. u want to murder you plan murder. just know that it coming for u too in the gallows at bordelais. problem solved. see how fast they start thinking of their actions.


  5. sorry to say but as a woman if im being assaulted and making report after report and nothing is being done about it, im killing whoever first before they kill me


  6. officer hold your scont. am sure that in those numerous complaints that was made yall did not write it down in yall diary cause when a person makes complaints yall have to write it down but most of yall do not do it untill it is too late cause yall believe people just bothering yall with the same complaint and then yall would want the public to trust yall and give yall info when most times yall dont do yall work properly.


  7. St. Lucia still too backwards. Once a report is made, there should be no dropping the case. Many times the victim is scared or in case of many children pay off (for parents don't want people shaming their children ). Incase of children being harm and parents dtopping the case that child will always have some blame for the parent, (when case go forward even if they don't get much out of it;the satisfaction is there that their case was heard). People stop dropping cases or taking money as payment. Many times others get discourage because the cases takes too long. St. Lucia needs to update these laws and give the victims justice.


  8. While I hear the cries of the public for the police to take appropriate action when such reports reach them, the fundamental problem that people, the police and the government is ignoring is that police need to investigate matters as soon as it comes within the public domain and not wait for it to be reported. Granted that their numbers are stretched, I do think that it would be good for the economy and will pay for itself if more officers were hired.

    We have a very reactive policing strategy who depend on complaints made to them. According to our law police can act on the provisions that an officer can investigate when he suspects that a crime has been committed and not only when someone else reports to them. I think that is fundamental to proactive policing which happens in all developed countries.


  9. don't mind the police, they new that they never took action on the girl's report, and as that happend now they threw away all the reports and kept one, so they will not be blamed


  10. For all we know this young lady could have made several reports and our police never documented anything because they do not see the importance of it.
    Needless to say that the majority of our officers are almost always too busy attending to their social needs or looking out for their financial welfare to be bothered about the complaints of their people.

    The point is not how many complaints were made, but what is being done now? How long will we have to wait before justice is served? We want less talk and more action!!

    The women of this country want justice.


  11. thats what they do in st lucia..all they say is they will speak to the person..they dont even bother picking up a pen to write.
    but living in the uk presently, i have seen such a difference.police will come out when u call..even if its wolf as they are responsible for the safeguarding and to cover their backs..even if nothing comes out of it and u see their frustration they know they did go out and it has been recorded..st lucia police force take heed..it is your duty of care..do your work..to many officers know too many ppl and thats what contradicts everything.. The cbbean need to come together and have police officers..lawyers etc working on islands other than their home island for the sake of all these barriers.


  12. I was 19 years when this boy that was infactuate with me was following me,he was stalking me no matter what time of the day or night.It was then I went an file a report at the police Station thinking I was doing right.
    The evening I was coming home that officer inform him thatt I came in that he needed to be careful,. It became so dangerous for me where my parents didn’t know what to do finally we went to Castries to meet someone higher He did inform us there were no report,I have not file or made any report on that particular person.
    So ST.lucia Police until you all change your practices of who know who business and covering up the country crime rate will remain.I grieve for the young girl family she did not make it out a life Malbowo got her,for me God took me out of St.lucia within the week I went to Castries.
    The police in St.lucia are lying now because there’s no accountability, I don’t believe them and trust them,a great percentage of them are criminals themselves hiding behind the uniform.
    All life matters.


    • Thst is so true. I have made many reports to a certain police station in the south and they don't even write down the report. The next day no one can find the report i made. So they will say anything to cover up. Certain police stations need to close or the law should be in such away that one can go to any police station for assistance.


  13. The police will say this.to clear their own incompetence. As a paralegal I've worked cases where clients have been to the police for domestic issues sexual assault and the police take absolutely no heed to the cries of the complainants...Shaka was a case I worked on several reports about his abuse on the female until he killed her slashing her head of her body..and he hasaid disappeared never found!! The RSLPF needs to take these domestic matters.and sexual assault matters a.bit more seriously and not on deaf ears!! Smdh.


    • Yes I agree that the police needs to take such reports seriously. The v/c's also should take their own reports seriously. They come to make the report and all they want is a warning or for future reference because they complain about the justice system being a waste of time etc. And u being a paralegal should know that you can't continue a case if the victim isn't interested.


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