Police clears the air on crates of beer in pickup

Police clears the air on crates of beer in pickup

On Thursday, July 6, photos of a police pickup laden with crates of beer were shared on popular Facebook group, St. Lucians Aiming For Progress (SLAPS).

The post was shared by a number of individuals who vented their disgust with the lawmen, saying government vehicles should not be used for personal activities.

One person stated: “This is what a friend sent me today. Police pick-up being used for personal use. Since when the police van is used to transport cases of beers to Morne Du Don? This is how public servants misuse the state’s assets.”

However, the police have since cleared the air, stating that the beers were being transported for a police BBQ and dance in Choiseul.

The officers are upset that members of the public criticised the police without getting the facts.

“Typical Lucian mentality,” was how one of the officers described the unfounded criticisms.

“I was on board this vehicle. At the time we were on our way to an officer’s home to collect some documents we needed. The stuff on the back of the vehicle is for a BBQ and dance we’re having in Choiseul tomorrow (Friday.”

The event, called “After Work Lime 2015”, is being organised by Police Week Committee, and will be held outside the Choiseul/Saltibus Constituency Office in Choiseul, starting at 4:30 p.m.

One of the officers told St. Lucia News Online (SNO) that people should ask questions before jumping to conclusions.

“Just that as police officers we deserve to have time to free up. Ours is a stressful job, and we deserve to have some down time. The incident yesterday shows how very lowly the police are regarded by the people of our nation.”

Despite the corrections, the photos are still being circulated with the false accusation.


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  2. hello this is my Tax money going here "AFTER WORK LIME key words YOU ARE NOT AT WORK ANY MORE
    this is why we never have the service that we need. st Lucians have a rite to talk about what they see wen comes to public servants they pay your salary. they are your boss


    • well said and that's my point the people employed by the public have to answer to them as taxpayers pay their salaries even primeministers and cabinet


  3. I now got the time to comment on this. First thing why do persons believe after work lime is a party for police to drink. Secondly police week has been a yearly thing and activities are held in the various districts so tell me why police week in 2015 and drinks behind a vehicle is now an issue. There are bigger issues facing our country and we St.Lucian's like to speculate to damn much. The ministers are the ones not being a role models to the youth of today smfh. You see American cops driving and smoking in uniform getting away with killing innocent people . please give our officers a chance and pray for them


  4. Your PM recently made a revelation to his drunken warriors on the market steps by saying "They want me to increase the price of rum, i will never do that." Now tell me who is more hypocritical than that SLP group SLAPS. If you are saying that rum is a bad thing then why did they not condemn the PM for making such a statement? It looks bad, right, police vehicle carrying boose? But doesn't sound bad when the leader of our nation acquiesces in the buying and drinking of it. You see where you will sell out your country and children for the sake of a man, a party and a colour. YEA FOOLS.


  5. I took the time to read all the comments. I cannot help but agree with most, that a police or police vehicle should not be associated with an impairment agent like booze or at least if otherwise could not have been done, conceal the damn thing. What examples do that set especially at a time when the police is under scrutiny. I am not anti-police ! You will not see that happening in the US which does not mean that it does not happen, only that you will not SEE it.


  6. If the job is stressful why did u become a police,onthr other hand not only in st.lucia this happens.


    • if you are an officer you should not even make a statement like that, in the first place the drinks should have been covered or they should be delivered and to speak like that you are being paid by the tax payer who have the right to come to the police when they need to. you should be made to apologize for your rude remarks


  7. Thought what the police said may be true and persons may have jumped to conclusions...what do they expect? Officers jump to conclusions all the time and hold up n search ppl for no reason. The jump to conclusions when they see someone with locks/dreads and use their jobs as an excuse to treat citizens badly..Now i really regret not taking a photo of a police vehicle with four officers all on duty, in uniform at the beach drinking and asking two form 2 micoud students for their facebook account information..So the officer saying ppl jump to conclusions we have reason to cuz 1/4 of y'all do the very same thing, 1/2 of the force is crooked and every bit a criminal and just 1/4 of you guys are actually real officers.


    • what does that say about you & us as a nation if 1/2 of the police force is crooked. half of this entire nation if filled with crooked crooked citizens.


  8. I am so sick of some of you all lucians. What is wrong with the police having an after work lime , and the use of the police vehicle to transport the drinks. Are you saying they do not deserve a de-stress period,especially with all these things being said about them. Don't they deserve the right for the authorities to grant them permission to use the vehicle even if it is for recreation. Some of us are to hypocrite. If it was our relative or even one of you you would see nothing wrong. We are too quick to be negative. I hope those of you who are bashing out at the police will never have use for them


    • there is nothing wrong about after work lime the transporting of the drink in that manner comes into question. think professionally and think of the crown that the law men represents that is what needs to be addressed.


  9. Who do the young kids now a days have respect for. No matter what it was transported on as long as is police some idiot would comment. Cover or not some idiot would speculate n say some shit the police carry drug so the cover it or come up with some lame bull shit. Why can't u backward Lucians shut up n grow up. We're in the Caribbean not to mention St. Lucia. Why pay private vehicles to carry stuff at more expense to the government when they can use what they have. Bull shit. Must we bring up everything to the media. There r more important stuff ppl drink n drive everyday, drive without license why u idiots don't report n take pics n send it out. All those silly accidents find more important things to report


  10. at the end of the day when im in need of assistance i dont want to hear that there are no vehicles available...simple