Police arrest wanted men on live TV show

Police arrest wanted men on live TV show

arrestTwo men who were reportedly wanted in connection with the alleged assault on a police officer during a traffic stop in Balata, Babonneau on Monday, November 23, 215 were arrested during a live show on a local television station, police sources have confirmed.

The men reportedly appeared on MBC’s morning show with Yardie and Jahheim Wednesday morning to give their side of the story when the cops appeared and whisked them away, sources say.

The duo are not charged as yet, sources say.

According to a press release, “on Monday, November 23, 2015, at about 5:20 p.m. officers attached to the Traffic Unit were on mobile patrol in Balata, Babonneau area when they signaled motor car, registration number PJ 5391, to stop.

“The driver of the said vehicle complied and brought the vehicle to a halt. There were three occupants in the vehicle. Police Constable 821 Palmer then proceeded to issue a ticket to the driver of the said vehicle for driving without a seatbelt.

“During the issuance of the ticket, the front seated passenger reached under his seat and withdrew a firearm which he aimed at Palmer. The driver of the motor car then sped off. The police gave chase but was unable to apprehend the suspects,” the press release stated.

However, the men denied the police’s version of events.

They claimed that they fled out of fear of being killed based on how suspicious the lawmen appeared: conversing with each other in a tight group. The duo also claimed that the police shot at them, evidence which can be found on the car.



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  1. I don't know why cops wasting their time serving that country..........all cops from commissioner to spc should report sick for a week.


  2. Thats very interesting and kinda an eye opener what if .... the police is telling a lie.... kinda got me thinking with all that is going on these days who do you trust and believe sad to say but we need cameras with the officers that crime lab needs to be open.... what our little island is coming to is nothing but like our fast paced countries we all like to be lol .. ... hope this can be resolved


  3. Smith at those police lil boys...im disgusted by them...mbc shud take dem to court stupid set of goats.Palmer has his personal probs with the driver he n da others were plotting as to wat they wud do to the driver...y was he tryin to take the man key from his ignition y?i dont believe dat palmer's story one bit...if the passengers were guilty of aiming gun at him they (the passengers)would never come on tv n give statement..so palmer mite as well go fool his supervisor but im not falling for his lie..free the men...


  4. Honestly speaking thats why we need a functioning forensic lap, also I found it had to believe someone to actually draw a firearm on a officer just because the officer is issuing a traffic ticket... Think about it...


  5. It is interesting how we criticize the police at every turn. We judge them no matter what. I ask this of all, with the little information that is given, can we honestly said that which side is lying without any evidence? Right now all we have is he say, she say. As a people I would like us to seceriously take a look at our comments at everything social and otherwise and we will find that most are always very negative.


  6. Police everywhere shoots at people who resist arrest. The resistance is what makes the shooting legitimate or justified.


    • Guess what RAT we are not everywhere...a life is worth more than the shyt ure saying.is ur life cheap like that...


  7. This story about the police wanted to you kill them sounds made up to me. The police version sound more reasonable.




    • Did they say it was officer palmer who fired the shot. You claim to be a police and you making such irresponsible comments. Shame on you godson


  9. This Palmer guy abuses his authority to the fullest and everyone who knows him knows that as well the officer with 88 special on his taxi car and the Bryan who rides the bike so very unprofessional indeed.they would stop u grab ur lisence from your hand just because they are the law.Brothers your job is to protect and serve not torment very unprofessional. We all are Humans u treat ordinary citizens as criminals on approach u a cop not GOD treat ppl the way ud want you and your families to be treated.y didnt palmer state that he fired shots guess it was irrelevant.Good job palmer bryan and 88 special, you all need to be retrained the professional way crooked cops try disguise beneath uniform of principle.disgusting set of cops abuse yall authority.hope U get officers of the century u too bryan.good job bunch of illiterates!


  10. Ask the officer to clearly describe the fireman. Eh see the man prolly had his license and registration info in a black plastic bag under his seat and papa gorgor feel is a gun. And besides wth...a car u know nothing speed away from you and u firing shots in a public without care. Tings hard every idiot with poor judgement and little to no temperament carrying a badge.


  11. I believe the guys in this instance and not the cops. This particular officer "Palmer" thinks that because he his an officer that he is above the law. He targets people and people from his area Millet and surroundings can tell you that. He is very cantankerous. ... Now let's see if justice will be served.


  12. I told you fools the police were lying.Some of you ppl will believe everything the police say.After hearing the shot & saw the entire drama unfold I told you fools that wasn't the real story,but y'all were quick to press the thumbs down on me.Now the men risk their own lives to get the truth out...


    • Dem police so corrupt they doin anyting and makin up dey own stories for ppl to beliv they lie da fellas didnt hav no gun dats y ppl dont trust dem


  13. the f--- POLICE is a BIG BAMMM f--- LIER, don't worry he will get the right person that will withdraw the firearm at him, then he will not be able to tell lies, nonsence big fool lier, and the law will believe him


      • Or does the driver or passenger owns a license then that would be an indicator then if not they can interview people to know if anyone can give account as to if he owns an illegal one. If he is sold bold them maybe he has been showing it around


  14. See always three sides to a story...
    But somehow though the truth always finds it way through
    When this report first came absolutely no mention of shots fired...officer negated to say that now we see on news of bullet holes in said vehicle.
    Who to believe boy?
    Law enforcers versus citizens... will read verdict on newsonline


  15. Who they fooling they were on mobile patrol and they couldn't stop a car on that tight Balaji road come on officers stop hiding behind the law


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