VIDEO: Police arrest two men in Castries mugging

VIDEO: Police arrest two men in Castries mugging

Two young males were arrested by police Tuesday morning in the island’s capital city, Castries, following a failed mugging, which happened in close proximity of the Parliament building.

Reports are that the men attempted to snatch a gold chain off the neck of a tourist, who fought back with the alleged bandits and drew the attention of some people in the area.

The men were taken in by city police officers and placed at the Central Police Station.






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    • What stupid question is that? What relevance would it make what your asking? Aren't they already in police custody smh.


  1. Beat him with the slippers till he cannot walk. Time to make and examplout of these fellers. They thieving young, old, disable and even the dead that dead already....what a shame. Then blame the has nothing to do with the system.


  2. Excellent job. Keep them in cell with one meal per day and no visitors until after the holidays. With three floggings per day and release them. Young dirty boys. I have no mercy for them


  3. LPM should have said duty-free security cameras households and businesessinstead of the usual blah-blah. Blah-blah-blah. Blah, blah, blah, blah. Blab, and more blah, blah .... You know what I mean.


  4. GREAT JOB OFFICERS. Do it by the book, make sure that they are finger printed, mug shot is on file, dna is done because there maybe other crimes in the future that they will commit. Lesssons have to be learn, you see his flip flop on his feet, stop stealing you don't know what people do to earn their living, young and able ,get a job......


  5. I do believe that these young men are two of many .... The police say that they are protecting she tourist.... And that's good..But is it only around Christmas time they bief up security and we St.Lucian are left in the dark for the rest of the year?? Come on man!!!


  6. Oh well well well
    Y is it that only in the Christmas season they bief upsecurity .. smh .... They say that they are protecting tourist ??? So what about the well-being of our citizens ?? You officers will sit at the station and wait to be called in after or during a crime?? What if it was a white man doing the crime here???? You would see 25 officers around him like... #equality for all Lucian.... Love and Light ppl


  7. LOOK Officers good job !! But I think you all have to be a little more serious. Rustle these fools to the ground and slap the cuffs on them. You all need to ruff these boys up, put some fear in their hearts !!


  8. Two disgruntled 'UWP' 5-to-stay-alivers, finally realized nuttin eh working. They Dindu nuffin!
    A.llen the boy's, good boys and girls.Lol!