Police arrest and charge five for separate homicides

Police arrest and charge five for separate homicides
Left to right: Lionel. Emmanuel and Nelson.
Left to right: Lionel. Emmanuel and Nelson.
Left to right: Lionel. Emmanuel and Nelson.

The Royal Saint Lucia Police Force (RSLPF) said five persons have been arrested and formally charged in connection with five separate homicides that occurred at different periods of this year.

At a special police conference called to discuss the crime statistics for the first half of 2015, it was revealed that significant progress has been made in these five cases.

Crime Chief Milton Desir could not state who these persons are, but provided the names of the victims: Tennyson Lionel, Keithbert Albert, Mary Dupree, Asha Emmanuel and James Alexander Nelson.

Tennyson Lionel, who is better known as “10 Cents” was shot and killed on Thursday, July 30 in Castries, hours after celebrating his 35th birthday.

A post mortem examination revealed that he died from brain damage secondary to gunshot wounds.

Keithbert Albert of La Fargue, Choiseul sustained a stab wound during an altercation with his step father at La Fargue, Choiseul. He subsequently died.

On Monday, May 11, 2015 a post mortem examination revealed that Albert died as a result of hemorrhagic shock secondary to stab wound to the right side of chest.

Meanwhile, Asha Emmanuel also known as BJ was shot and killed off Chaussee Road on April 7.

James Alexander Nelson, 43, of Calvary Road, Castries was also shot and killed in the same area on April 9.

It is speculated that Nelson is close friends with Emmanuel.

There are rumors that Nelson was a witness in Emmanuel’s shooting and that the gunmen wanted to silence him.


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  1. St. Lucia! Once known as the land of food and water, has now become the land of drugs, guns, and man slaughter.......


  2. Congrats to the RSLPF!!!

    This is a start and I do hope that it ends with the necessary convictions.

    There are many citizens that can assist the police but the issues of confidentiality is a major problem in St. Lucia.

    I do hope that similar arrests are made for the other murders that occurred over the weeks, months, and years.

    Good luck and all the best to the RSLPF.


  3. I applaud the police the the judicial system at the announcements and the arrests of those people for the murders of the abovementioned...why the hell aren't their pictures put up or their names given...I don't get it...expose them...the friends accomplices could be walking near me..or seated near me on a bus...what about Yana Auguste,,Cheryl...and the Lady from Vieux-Fort...where are their killers when will they be caught!!! come on Police you're not doing your best at all!!!


  4. This is the restoration of confidence we all had been longing for . The police should also be confident that the public has it's back.


  5. We need a serious judge who will hang these guys if they are repeat offenders of murder... Its needs to be done and ita fine to do America hung saddam they will understand dont be afraid


  6. Waste of time. One or two might spend 10 years with no case and eventually be released got Human Rights Violation. The others might be represented by lawyers such as Kenny, Frederick, Foster, Richleau and be put back on the streets. So what's the point? The police simply risking their lives for nothing. Then those who go beyond to bring normalcy to us lucians are treated like garbage (IMPACS). Now i don't even drive on the Chaussee nor Mon du Don. Even Police Station is being shot at.


    • What does this have to do with UWP? PATHETIC IDIOT. Just saw some top labours and drinking expensive wine, having fun. Were u in that too??


  7. I am sure, like myself, all of us who are proud to be St Lucians........all of us who are law abiding sighed a sigh of relief on hearing or reading of those arrests. The trick is have the public on your side and your job will be half done for you before you even start.

    Let the criminals know people are sick and tired of their nonsense!


    • Why would anyone give this comment a 'thumbs down'?
      I hope the do catch all the murders and all involved. Innocent lives should not be stolen.


  8. lets hope the scum get caught for all the murders/shootings in St Lucia! But there again will the police/forensics do their best to bring these people to justice or will money talk, will the fear of repercussions keep people from coming forward and therefore silence the people that know something to catch the culprits, I say this as this has happened in Gobats case especially hence we not getting the chance to comment on his latest thread about outside help! but there again they maybe distracted if you get me! lets hope they do get Gobats killers and those in the know!


    • Only problem with all of these and past killings is the police do their bit and then the follow up facilities are not there. There are no forensic facilities, which are essential in so many cases so judgements have to be based on incomplete investigations, matters take years to get to court which doesn't help the family of victims etc.
      There is no deterrent for criminals. The tail is wagging the dog.


      • The question is :Do the police really do their bit? or is there to much Corruption ,where by police are actually in the know themselves and im not saying all but the majority and are getting backhanders by Corrupt well known business men to do their dirtywork! and silence people that may know to much or worse, take them out! Could St Lucia really be this Corrupt hence lack of forensics makes life easy for them to do such! Gobats case could be an example!


  9. If their have been charged ,, why can't you release the names. Hole hip of
    bull shit. Cases going no where ,, that's the norm in st. Lucia.... No Justice


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