Police and LIME team up for road safety

Police and LIME team up for road safety
Traffic officers explain how their latest tool will work... at 4G speeds!
Traffic officers explain how their latest tool will work… at 4G speeds!

LIME has joined forces with the Royal Saint Lucia Police Force in a historic collaboration that is helping the Traffic Department transform its operations with the help of LIME’s 4G mobile data network.

Armed with technology provided by Saint Lucia and the Caribbean’s only fully integrated telecommunications provider, traffic officers can now establish an immediate connection with the Transport Board’s database via smartphones, laptops or tablets. They can easily exchange data, files, evidence photos and video footage from the field directly with police headquarters using safe data connectivity and superfast speeds that only LIME’s 4G network can provide.

The technology is unprecedented in Saint Lucia, although it is in use in more developed countries in North America and Europe. This is yet another example of the myriad of possibilities made real by the rollout of LIME’s state-of-the-art 4G network.

“Now the Traffic Department can outfit its officers with pocket-sized devices that have capabilities they would previously have had to travel to their offices, stations or headquarters to access,” says Terry Finisterre, LIME Corporate Communications Executive. “This also increases the efficiency of the process. What would have been a time-consuming check is now just a few clicks away.”

The company is eager to see the Saint Lucia Police Force using the latest technological innovations in mobile communications. “As the Caribbean’s leading full-service communications provider, it’s our job to help instill confidence in digital methods so our police can be safer and work more efficiently with user-friendly, efficient, and interoperable communications. Our goal is to offer a solution that will work wherever our hardworking officers of the Traffic Department are working,” Terry explains.

Citing 4G as the communication wave of the future, he said LIME’s collaboration with the Royal Saint Lucia Police Force is principally about helping the police achieve higher levels of efficiency for law enforcement and greater safety for the public, as well as police officers.


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  1. what happens when the network goes down,do they have a back up system for the police officers...hope it works to catch speeding young drivers on the road....


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