PMA Anniversary

PMA Anniversary
Piton Management Area. Credit:
Piton Management Area. Credit:

Friday 22 June 2012 – Moves are afoot to raise the level of knowledge of and appreciation for the Piton Management Area (PMA) within Saint Lucia’s school system.

The UNESCO Associated Schools Project Network (ASPnet) PMA Student Ambassadors are selected from all schools island wide who will be advocates for conservation and preservation of the World Heritage Site.

Chairperson of the National Executive for the UNESCO Associated Schools Project Network Ida Adolph says the PMA Student Ambassadors have the important task of sensitising their peers and teachers about the value of the Piton Management Area.

“UNESCO ASPnet has made a commitment to continue the work on World Heritage Sites to sensitise our students and the nation by engaging Ambassadors in every UNESCO ASPnet school. These Ambassadors will sensitise the public on the work of the PMA Committee and the World Heritage Committee and that will be done until November when we will celebrate the 40th anniversary of World Heritage Convention”.

As PMA Student Ambassadors, the young Saint Lucians will engage in various activities within their schools and at the national level.

The Chairperson of the ASPnet National Executive says the PMA Student Ambassadors will also be the faces of the ASPnet Piton Management Area Public Education campaigns.    “Up until November when we will celebrate the 40th anniversary of the World Heritage Convention all of ASPnet and UNESCO, schools will be engaged in activities like the creation of jingles, art competitions, debates and essay competitions and all our PMA Ambassadors will be teaching their peers about the significance of the PMA as a World Heritage Site so although schools will have other activities these are the basic engagements that all UNESCO ASPnet schools will be engaged in”.

The PMA Student Ambassadors initiative is designed to ensure that Saint Lucia no longer finds itself in a situation where the PMA`s status as a World Heritage Site is being threatened.

Meantime, Minister for Sustainable Development Honourable Dr. James Fletcher was
scheduled to leave the island on Monday, June 25th  to plead Saint Lucia’s case for the PMA to remain as a World Heritage Site.

The final decision of the World Heritage Committee is expected to be known by Wednesday June 27th 2012.


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