PM warns Chastanet against releasing IMPACS report

PM warns Chastanet against releasing IMPACS report
Prime Minister Dr. Kenny Anthony
Prime Minister Dr. Kenny Anthony
Prime Minister Dr. Kenny Anthony. Photo: SLP

Releasing the CARICOM (IMPACS) Report in the public domain, can endanger the lives of people who gave evidence and compromise future prosecution, Prime Minister Dr. Kenny Anthony has said.

Speaking at a Saint Lucia Labour Party (SLP) political rally in La Clery on Sunday evening, Dr. Anthony warned Political Leader of the United Workers Party (UWP) Allen Chastanet against releasing the report.

The Prime Minister said Chastanet has declared that he is going to disclose the IMPACS report and questioned whether the opposition political leader is “sane” for promising to do so.

“I ask you whether it is responsible to disclose a report that contains the names of persons who gave information to investigators that allowed them to come to the conclusion that they did?” he questioned.

The SLP political leader hinted that an opposition leader who has “an altar of love for his country” should not get hold of that confidential report that has never been released, and take it and make it public.

He said, “I ask you whether is it responsible to put the lives of those persons in danger? That is why I have asked you, whether he is sane. Whether he understands what he is doing? I don’t understand it.”

Dr. Anthony told his supporters that the question that should be asked is whether by releasing that report, Allen Chastanet, is not causing injury to the relationship between the United States (US) and Saint Lucia.

“And that’s him. A sinister mind. Would stop at nothing, because he desperately wants to win this election and poison the mind of the people of this country,” he remarked.

The Prime Minister said there are several consequences in releasing the report in the public domain, which includes prejudicing the minds of persons who might be potential jurors if there is any prosecution.

“Why are you doing it? This is the time as leader of the opposition you have to be bigger than cheap politics, think of the country first, and think of the relationship between the country and the US.”

He further stated: “You need to ask yourself whether any responsible leader would do what Allen Chastanet has chosen to do…What truth is there to expose?….You don’t go about and damage a country that way…”

Although the SLP has laid blamed on the feet of the former UWP administration led by former Prime Minister Stephenson King for the alleged extra-judicial killings, the UWP has in turn blamed the current SLP administration for creating that IMPACS Report which led to a fallout between the US and Saint Lucia.

The UWP has promised to announce the terms of reference of an independent tribunal to deal with the IMPACS case, within one hundred days if elected into office. The party had said that the proposed tribunal would review what has transpired so far and recommend a way forward.

The report was compiled by a team of Jamaican investigators probing the police killings of twelve Saint Lucians between the period of 2010 and 2011.

The killings occurred during a police campaign dubbed – Operation Restore Confidence.


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  1. Well, the ball is now in Chastanet's court. We aware awaiting the BIG REVEAL with bated breath.


  2. How did that well protected document got out there, kenny need to tell us how he allowed that to happen. Was the impacts report placed in a briefcase and kenny lost it, we need to know. Just asking!


  3. The only things Kenny is good at is raising taxes, increasing debt and increasing the cost of living, he sucks at job creation and he is useless in making the country safer. This man is worse than Zika.


  4. If the contents of this report are so sensitive, why did the P.M not follow the rule of law and hand the report over to the dpp's office for due process from the interim? Whatever happened to separation of powers then? As citizens of this country, we have a right to form our own conclusions based on the entire report. Why release what you deem convenient to us and leave the door open to such widespread speculation? My thoughts would be that the PM never intended for this report to be justly treated for whatever reasons. If the names of the parties would endanger lives as you claim, a simple white out would safeguard against said.
    One more thing, why target Chastenet if a said media house is seemingly in possession of the report? Interesting times, St. Lucia. Not a word not a word not a word!


  5. I am convince that Kenny has a mental disorder, especially after seeing him on the platform on Sunday at John Charlry's launch.
    I have never and I think nobody has ever heard has ever heard that threat coming out of Allen's mouth. I seriously believe that the IMPACS nightmares are beginning to take a serious toll on Kenny's mental health.




  7. Is Kenny saying that Chastenet has a copy of the Impacs reeport? How did he acquire it when as far as we know its just Kenny the DPP and La Corbs who should have access to that report. that calls for another investigation' Dose'nt it? Why has the PM not addressed the so called leaked report which has been appearing in the Star like a series, maybe its not a fake but the real deal. So why then has the PM not taken Rick Wayne to task and chastise him like he is doing to Chastenet, The least Kenny can do is to label Ricks report a Fake report, instead of chastiseing chastenet who has not even given us a whisper of the report he is promising to release. Kenny is Faking it and we all know it will come back to bite him in the butt.



  8. Nobody appears to be highlighting the obvious staring us in the face by this statement from the PM. If I am correct in my thinking, the direction of thought emerging from this statement psychologically says two things.

    First, by asking Mr. Chastanet NOT to disclose the details of that report implies that SLP IS CONCEDING ITS DEFEAT AT THE NEXT GENERAL ELECTION.

    This conclusion can be drawn because, it is NOT generally known that Mr. Chastanet has been given or has seen even a redacted copy of that report. Nor, does it appear that the Leader of the Opposition in the House has a copy either.

    Second, if Mr. Chastanet is to be made privy regarding the details of the said report, THIS SUGGESTS THAT MR. CHASTANET IS already BEING RECOGNIZED AS AN ELECTED OFFICIAL WHO WILL HAVE THE AUTHORITY AND POWER AS HEAD of the UWP. He will have won his seat.

    Or, did I miss something here, like a hush-hush distribution of copies of the said report to the UWP?


  9. Had this been another country or state, this man would have been tried for his questionable actions during his tenure as Prime Minister. This man needs to be held accountable. Jail time is due. We've had enough of the talk.


  10. Always be careful for what you wish for. Trust me, it might just come back to hunt you. The US government keep sensitive information as classified information. That type of information is kept away from the public. Why can't we do the same ?


  11. The prime minister knows the names in the report.
    Hence he doesn't want the opposition to release the report no wonder the DPP toke an early retirement she knows what will go down i bet you she will go to the USA or UK them politicians are as dirty as they come. Name the officers who are responsible for killing these guys. Give their lived ones a closure its about time. They all should go to jail for a long time.


  12. Kenny ki soucier IMPACSla, misseir ka fare toute kalte magie pour kenny jean st. lucia. Vieux salop.


  13. Is either KDA is too smart or St. Lucians are GOATS. So if KDA knows who the witnesses are why doesn't he organise for their protection? After all he is the PM and in charge now. LOl. LOl. You people are so gullible. A report can also be released without the names of the people involved being divulged. Am sure he is aware that he can simply appoint a new DPP and submit all evidence. What is preventing him from doing that?

    It is still sad to know that there are actually people who believe Kenny Anthony!!


  14. What is wrong with Dr. Anthony. He is the one who was given the IMPACS report so how it is that Chastanet can release it. Kenny did not even give it to the leader of the opposition Gail Rigobert.

    So if Chastanet have it to release then it must be the IMPACS investigators or kenny himself that give it to Chastanet.

    But rather than deal with the report seriously, intelligently and legally kenny prrfers to go on TV and irresponsibly say the report says politicians, police and business people are complicated in murder.

    Are these the actions of a serious and responsible Prime Minister. Where the nation and EU are expecting resolve kenny playing cheap politics with the report for personal gain. Instead of getting solutions from him we getting more confusion.

    At who's expense is all of this? Not the poor suffering country?

    Look now it's two years our police receiving no financial assistance from America. Police exercises going on in the carrkbbean and St. Lucia police cannot attend. Dr. Anthony shoild be ashame oh himselh and his government. It is clear he is playing cheap and dirty politics with IMPACS

    Sometime ago he went to Jamaica and say lawyers in St. Lucia in money laundering. Again the arrogance and disrespect from dr. Anthony over snd over again. Then if it is not that its silence or spin on all the questionable issues like grynberg and Juffali.

    But of course it's our fault as we hsve allowed Dr. Anthony to do as he pleases, take us for granted and disrespect and insult us. All he is doing is simply riding a submissive and obedient horse he has found St. Lucians to be


    • So much hearsay and innuendos in this statement. Remember when and under whose watch this whole fiasco started. If KDA is guilty of anything, it is his reluctance in not releasing the report...there might be a very valid reason for doing so and none of us have had the privilege to see the report except for a select few. Kenny has nothing to lose and some to gain for releasing this report since as noted before, this did not happen under his reign. So for those who think this will hurt Kenny, think again!!!!
      This piece above illustrates a one sided opportunity to sound off and vilify someone not because of what one knows but because of preconceived mindsets that are so far upfield that ones judgment is clouded by their own failures to understand reality.
      If in KDA's judgment the report has the ability to further inflict harm to individuals then it is his duty to protect... and his call to make. If he is wrong then he will have to own up to his failure. Let's not be the judge, jury and executioner without having the slightest clue as to the contents of the report. Food for thought.... One wonders why the report was not released by the past administration????


      • how could the past administration release a report that was initiated, investigated and compiled by the current KDA government really drinking that red koolaid!


  15. The "Yellow Party" engaged in an activity which led to "IMPACS"
    The "Yellow Party" created an atmosphere which led the US revoking their assistance to the RSLPF.
    But up to this day, the "Yellow Party" has refused to apologize to the Nation for what they have done.
    Instead, the rather shift the "Goal-Post" to see if their hands will remain clean.

    But trust me when I say, if the Americans decide to do a full investigation to what led to "Impacs," the "Yellow Party" will have much to answer and will surely find themselves in a Hot-Pan of boiling water.



    • The red party in government what has they done about solving that report, NOTHING just talk talk talk .


    • And yet the yellow party want it published so badly? Why?
      They don't seem to be afraid of its contents.
      Yet why the the prevarication of the red party?
      What do they fear ?
      What was in the evidence that was so bad that La Corbiniere could not submit that same evidence to the DPP?
      Why is it that its only the supreme leader KDA that is allowed to cherry pick excerpts and shout them out?
      Which business people were involved?
      Any from Vieux Fort?
      Which politicians were involved?
      Any that are trying to drag down Chastenet?


    • That IMPACS report is like a noose around KDA's neck. Just the mere mention of it send shivers down his spine. It will be released in time have no fear -nothing stay in the dark forever.


      • And it will obviously reveal to all, the atrocities that the UWP allowed to happen through the "ORC" on its own citizens.

        I hope those responsible are brought before The International Court of Justice in the Hague for Prosecution.

        I shall be drinking a bottle of "Red Mayers."


    • Are you dumb? If UWP was responsible for these extrajudicial killings would Chastanet be the one to release the IMPACS report? Why not Kenny if it is actually UWP fault. Please go and grow some brain cells.


  16. From where i stand it appears that report is a bucket of.... and if released many people will have to skip town. Kenny i think you are doing the right thing if it will endanger persons life.


  17. What is so confidential about the report. It is in your hands, are you saying that you are so secretive, every one must trust you to keep a secret. (No sar.) That report should never be opened by you, we do not know what happened when it got into your hands before the DPP. I heard Rick say on his TALK show that he had received copies of that CONFIDENTIAL report and not a word not a word from you . Are these copies genuine?
    The people who gave evidence to the Jamaicans will certainly have to appear in court if and when the Police officers are prosecuted, so it does not make sense that they want to remain anonymous. If they gave true information they should not be afraid to stand up in Court and say exactly what they saw. Where were they when the first set of inquest were held, were they also afraid? I cannot see why releasing the report will cause any injury between the US and St Lucia because you have already caused the injury by disclosing part of the report, that is what you wanted us to know the rest is history . Well we want to know everything


    • Are you sure you can handle any bit of information which can come out of the report? Well maybe you think you can and others beg to differ. The PM made the point that if certain parts of the report were to be released in the public domain it would compromise or prejudice the results of any court case that may be held in relation ORC and IMPACS. You may ask why releasing the names of who told the inquest what is a problem? Well why journalists protect their sources until they forced by the courts. The police and secret services also have a policy of not putting in the public domain anything they consider too sensitive.

      As to which party will benefit and which will not is not one we, who are not privy to all the facts, can answer. But before we start quibbling over this aspect which is surely influenced by partisanship lets first give some thought to our own individual peace and safety.


  18. Is this man senile? It is okay when you disclose the contents of the report but when someone else wants to do it you have a problem?? It's time to put this guy out of his misery...Call elections now!!


  19. I say release the report. I'm tired of the back and forth and finger pointing between both parties. As a young person, I am FED UP. There are ways to censor the names of people who are at risk; dark bars across the name, digital white-out, etc... Like we have seen done in COUNTLESS sensitive documents which have been released online. I wonder what else is in the report KDA is trying to hide.


  20. I have a difficulty believing anything this Prime Minister says (motive).The prime minister used the report as political expediency and not in a true interest of justice. Is sad that he wants to give advice and yet refuse to listen to people about the state of the economy. This election is not about impacts. It 's about the state of our economy, justice system and the state of our health system. Impacts is a reflection of the state of our justice system and the continued neglect. Why are we using retirement money to fund new government building in a dead town while the main offices are under utilized. There is nothing going on in VF and it would be better rent some of the empty buildings to put government offices. Impacts is legally dead. There is no hope in funding justice as the damage is already done by all involved. It would be better for the government to have a truth and reconciliation commission rather than an aim at prosecution of the police involved. The officers acted in the state interest and it is sad that they went beyond their call of duty. However it would be prudent to make peace;the government call a truce and compensate the families according to the law that failed them. I don't believe that police officers should be charged and the politician and businessmen who influenced their action walk free. (Making of a failed state)


  21. ou peeer Kenny. Kenny , what did you do four years ago close to the general election?
    You tanish man's name so you could return into office and it work for you.
    When you leave in glass house don't throw stones.
    You now begging Chas not to leak out the impac report?
    Are really serious? ohhh you want to protect your boys, Chas go ahead with it at the right time my dear.


  22. Sounds like Keny pleading now. What is it he doesn,t want the people of this country to know about the impacts report. You started it be blaming everybody more so Guy Mayers.


  23. All countries have police killings including a nice country like Canada. The problem in St. Lucia is that a few people packaged the IMPACS to suite their political agenda, and now that is is out of control, it has become a tar baby. KDA you can't have it both ways to pick an choose when information favours or goes against you. In other words you are keeping the information close to your chest to exploit it some more.


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