PM wants collaboration in tackling non-performing bank loans

PM wants collaboration in tackling non-performing bank loans

Prime Minister Dr. Kenny Anthony has said he is concerned about EC$150 million in non-performing bank loans, vowing that the problem has to be resolved.

Anthony, who is also finance minister, said if this is going to be achieved then the gap between the financial sector and the government that makes the decision must be addressed.

‘The time has really come for us to be one team, one partner, but protecting our respective interests, but at the same time addressing the common interest of the jurisdiction that we manage,” the prime minister said.

He praised the “sheer efficiency” of the Bank of Nova Scotia, adding that it belongs to a tradition of Canadian banking that has helped nurse Canada through “this extraordinary meltdown” with minimum damage.

Anthony said what is clear is that the Canadian banks have become models for the rest of the world.

Story taken from’s Caribbean roundup for this past week.


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  1. Irony. Canadian banks are those who understand my PM. Then why are you siding with Venezuela and Russia etc dear PM. You will end up in hot water as you continue to mislead the public on these issues. I am sue that you are aware sir that these same banks support their special forces in Afganistan, Iraq, etc. This PM should know that positions that we hold in the UN affect the amount of economic help which a country recieves.
    Look at Russia now isn't that the same set who are implementing economic sanctions against it?
    PM you can't fool us say that to the fools who patronize you. Very soon the money trees will die. Aid will dry up who will help? Economically Challeged Venezuela or better yet Economically Sanctioned Russia? Pick one.


  2. We need government assistance in fighting crime. Come walk the streets without your body guards and high end vehicle so you can feel what we feeling. I wish you all the best but you and the other politicians will act only when crime hits your immediate family. Sad to know that you ask for our votes so you can serve us, you got it and all you cowards care about is that popularity contest that will help you win the next election. I pray that God take crime to your door step so you can finally act along side Phillip for the betterment of our counrty.


  3. He means the 150 million losses of the Bank of St. Lucia? Bank of St. Lucia gave loans to the government
    and have difficulties to get paid on time. Yes we have 4
    Canadian Banks in St. Lucia. Well managed. 1st National Bank is small but well managed.


  4. Who is going to address that gap?
    As usual Kenny says all kinds of things but he hadly gives any strategies to correct the situation.
    The few times he has provided any strategies to solve problems the end results are usually more problems.
    As a minister of finance this man knows nothing.His strategies always focus on borrowing to spend on non-productive projects and programs.
    What a waste!
    Fancy words,fancy speeches and very little action.When there is action it impacts the population in a negative way.


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