PM visits Vieux Fort fire victims

PM visits Vieux Fort fire victims
Dr Anthony assessing the situation.
Dr Anthony assessing the situation.
Dr. Anthony assesses the situation.

Prime Minister Dr. Kenny Anthony on Monday visited the families of those affected by the Sunday afternoon fire in Vieux Fort that destroyed five homes and displaced six families.

The prime minister held discussions with the families and promised to offer some assistance to ensure that they are provided with food, clothing and a temporary shelter.

The fire started at around 3 p.m. in a wooden house at West Hall Group, an area also known as “The Mangue”, then quickly spread to adjoining houses, which were mainly made out of wood and zinc.

Despite fire rescue efforts, four of the homes were completely destroyed and one partially destroyed.

Fire officials are still trying to determine the cause of this fire.

(Photo credit: SLP South Power)



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  1. Poor jab Kenny , that's a hell of homes he have to build , while some sit around talking crap ,


  2. I hope that this is a wakeup call for Mr Kenny.
    Build some proper homes for the people.
    The good side nobody died. I MIGHT BE WRONG


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