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PM to pursue improved links with Martinique


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Prime Minister Chastanet

Prime Minister Chastanet

GIS – Prime Minister Hon. Allen M. Chastanet wants to improve transport links between Saint Lucia and Martinique.

The Prime Minister indicated that he is not happy with the standard of the ferry service.

“It is one of the first things that we are going to be addressing,” he disclosed.

The new Prime Minister revealed that he also intends to address the issue of air transportation between Saint Lucia and Martinique.

“The cost of flying between Martinique and Saint Lucia is prohibitive,” Chastanet observed, adding that there is currently only one flight daily. He said he will be moving quickly to deal with the situation.

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  1. Just listen to all the pseudo "Prime Minister's" who cannot even manage their own bank account far less their own household - but think they can manage a country!!! Holee faddah, have mercy on dem!!

  2. Although the reduction in VAT is to benefit all I not worrying with those few comments harassing the PM to reduce. That is SLP hacks who never wanted to see the man there as PM. Now they busy looking for 5 to stay alive. Hypocrites

  3. Wise and Prudent

    Don't you guys realise it's the same SLP hacks making those comments. How can one expect all those things to be done within weeks of being in office. They did say withing the first 100 days. So let's see what's happening.

  4. Did I hear something about the land of his birth? Love the land that gave you birth. We asked for better days from day one til the end. I need our 5 to stay alive. Seems we wont even get 1 out of 5

  5. PM that eh important right now

    • Why isn't this important right now? If there is an improvement in the link more Martinique visitors will come to ST Lucia which will create employment. These are the small and inexpensive things that makes the difference in a country.

  6. Waiting for VAT elimination !

  7. The most important thing to me right is health care. Elderly should not be paying for medication and doctors visit. To me that's the number one priority.

  8. Please people give the prime minister some time, my goodness Rome wasn't build in a day for Christ sakes. You people are too dam fast take it easy there are a whole lotta crap they have to clean up dismantled and put together again so you folks take a chill pill ok dam it.

  9. Vat man it's killing me!!

  10. ABW, Please cut the new PM some slack. Come again middle September timeframe.

  11. What's about a ferry to and from St. Lucia and St. Vicent. The two closest islands yet the flights are so expensive. Flight duration is about 15 to 20 minutes maximum. Can you and Mr. Ralph Gonsalves do something please. Touch the hearts of the people and not house of parliament.

    • Ralph can't do a thing. He has to cooperation from all the other board members of LIAT to pull LIAT of perennial financial brinksmanship. That is not going to happen because every island board member representative wants to maintain the existing employment levels as this relates to their own country. No pain. No gain.

  12. Angry black woman

    U want to do all kinds of things. Except the things u promised us.


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