PM Anthony to meet with police officers to discuss IMPACS report

PM Anthony to meet with police officers to discuss IMPACS report


PRESS RELEASE – Prime Minister and Minister for Finance, Economic Affairs, National Development and Social Security, Hon. Dr. Kenny D. Anthony will be meeting police officers in two separate encounters this week.

The Prime Minister will meet with police officers assigned to the south of the island tomorrow, Wednesday, October 21, 2015, while he will meet police officers assigned to the north on Thursday, October 22, 2015.

The Prime Minister will take the opportunity to address the implications of the imposition of the Leahy Law on Saint Lucia by the United States, and matters relating to the IMPACS Report.

He will also respond to other issues of concern to police officers.


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  1. Don't worry kenny election is just rnd da corner. Do u think police officer a stupid? we certainly do not want to meet with u.sellout c...k.sucker.


  2. The only way to fix things is to cut the head off the serpent (fire the top police officials) and polygraph all remaining police for corruption. Fire anyone who fails and start new.


  3. Is the PM losing it? Isn't this one of the most devastating and embarrassing displays of the highest levels of political incompetence and indifference to reveal details of such a sensitive national security document to the general public, before discussing it with the police? What kind of responsible person would do such a thing?

    Aren't these people entrusted with our national security? And after having the rest of the world in wonderment and amazement be in full view at this gross mishandling of this affair, by seriously jeopardising our national safety, why is it only now being taken up with the very same people that we depend upon for our national security? Witness the impact on our security forces and the resulting mayhem we have had lately. Isn't this level of deep immaturity, colossal misjudgement and reckless incompetence another reason for the immediately resignation of this prime minister?

    He fails the whole country with his comical business deals. Roachamel. Black Bay. Grynburg. He repeatedly fails the country in economic matters, $100 million non-existing money to boost the economy. A dam that does not work. He fails the country on national security issues. Even local investors are taking their money out of the country to Barbados. What kind of investors will passport selling citizenship deals attract? He is always out of the country flying here. Flying out there whilst he and his stupid ministers are always making useless speeches that do not improve our lives one darn bit. What the heck is he good for? He has outlived his welcome. We need to scrub out from our memories the entire SLP, with all of them being kicked out of office. One vote for any of them is a vote for more of these SLP better days.


  4. The more the PM opens up his mouth about IMPACS is the more he spoils the air. Bottom line there can be no excuse for not following the law. Section 32 (3) of the Coroners' Act states:

    (3) The Attorney General may order an inquest or another inquest to be held concerning a death if he or she is satisfied— (a) that a coroner refuses or neglects to hold an inquest that ought to be held; or (b) if an inquest has been held, that it is necessary and desirable in the interest of justice that another inquest be held because of fraud, rejection of evidence, irregularity of proceedings, or otherwise.

    So you see that the PM had other lawful means of addressing the issue instead of bringing our Justice system into disrepute by substituting an IMPACS investigation. I guess the investigative route was either used to create confusion, delay the matter, political advantage or a free hand at alteration of the police force. The PM is a constitutional lawyer, Phd at that. You think he doesn't know that?

    Besides, the PM could still submit the findings of IMPACS to the Attorney General who could then order another inquest with this new evidence. Instead the evidence was just shoved on the DPP, this can only lean to a position of just trying to embarass certain individuals. Why doesn't the PM follow the law instead of trying to legitimize an investigation which may not have interviewed all parties and witnesses?

    I want St. Lucians to understand the two routes open to the PM. One optioned that he could have opened a new inquest and adduce new evidence which would not be in conflict with our laws. The other being the route that he took by ordering an investigation and imploring the DPP to act on case which he may have already compromised by being a witness. This action went as far as influencing certain changes within the force, e.g. retirement of Commissioner. This was also the route taken in the Towns and Villages Council case, which by the way can go nowhere for the same reason. It was only designed to embarrass, nothing about finding the truth. The only difference is that with IMPACS is that the US is not prepared to allow the PM to get away with his accusations.

    This is all contrary to what the PM is now saying that the US has a problem with our police. In fact he contradicts his own statement by saying that the US is more interested in the system or procedure. But who controls the procedures involved in our Judicial process? Is it the police?


  5. why didn't you meet with the police Mr. Prime Minister before going on national TV and revealing the findings of IMPACS and saying police plant gun on criminals and police allegdely murder criminals. Now you want to meet with the police .I don't believe the police wants to meet with you sir that's why they are being detailed to attend your meeting, some of them on their off day after they already work 120 hours a week which means they risk being reported and disciplined for not attending your meeting . " communist mentality". The damage has been done sir ,you mopping the floor with dirty water....


    • HIs advisors! You have to understand that there is the cabinet and then there is Kenny's secret cabal of advisors whose very survival and their ability to eat and drink depends on him sustaining power. This elite circle met, and erroneously pushed an obviously untalented PM to screw the people of st. lucia once again by pulling out his small appendage live on tv and spewing the garbage which is the impacs report. Now, the US embassy is in full visa revocating mode and are about to revoke the visas of a whole bunch of people. The report will be leaked too! Poor Jab Kenny.....chargwen pooh vwah is a mfkr! Chastanet is just sitting tight on like two billion EC waiting (collecting supermarkets is a trip!)! He already has the public service and the police vote and is about to solidify his place within his own party! All those advertisements before the news for nothing! Chastanet has already received directions not to include any of the people within the UWP who may be included in IMPACS, and has the full backing of the US embassy! Spider, king and fredo can suck mad salt and whatever else they year around now....Kenny will be in Trinidad sipping on some marguerites and making love to his wife, while the vaunted circle of advisors will be leaving their audis in the boulevard for the banks to drive away or moving to Barbados like they usually do!


  6. Too little too late.The damage has already been done.The police officers should boy cot that meeting showing you the same respect you have shown them over the past years.


  7. Kenny u must make the police pay for the murder thy committed mothers are suffering no word for the parents whose children are being allegdely murdered by police


  8. That's the PM version of "operation restore confidence" in your government, but only this time its geared towards the police force


  9. Are we sure that all this hoopla about Leahy Law; IMPACS Report etc. have anything to do with alleged police killings between 2009 and 2011? Has it been officially announced by the United States Authorities that all this has to do with 2009 to 2011 killings by the police or is it that they are retaliating the visit and accommodation of Dudus Coke at Marigot when he was on the run?

    Please let us know the truth.



  10. What is he going to tell the police that he hasn't already said on TV? Does he have some secret and privileged information to now share about the Leahy Law and IMPACS? And telling them all this is old information is designed to do what exactly? Well I guess desperate times call for desperate measures.

    How in tarnation is talking to them about IMPACS and the Leahy Law going to fix the mess that you have created? Trying to score cheap political points by lambasting the police and now trying to reverse position and try to score more political points by trying to BS the police. You really feel the police gonna drink your panty water now?


  11. There was no discussion with the police when the IMPACS report was submitted to the PM. There was no discussion with the DPP or her office on the matter. Instead what the PM did was to reveal to the world the unsubstantiated and untested findings of the IMPACS report. Never mind the several inquests and the legal process. Mr. PM when he addressed the nation leveling the worst allegations against the police, became judge, jury and executioner. Mr. PM calls for a fair process but how can the police concerned get a fair trial following the PM's comments. Now he wants to meet with the now dysfunctional and demotivated RSLPF to discuss IMPACS. A true metaphor of "Pissing in your eyes and calling it rain."


  12. the slp forget the fire service.since they deliver it to the fire association and had most of the association executive promoted by some senior officer who assisted them in organizing their strikes in the hope of replacing fontenelle at the helm,nothing is being said about the service.All you hear about is police.The fire service needs attention and I can assure you that king felix,sir marcus paul ,damme eve albert,hungry alleyn roseriere ,greedy mike moncherry are in the process of planning another round of strikes.This one mr pm is directed at more fonty remember.


  13. Kenny trying to clean up the mess he made. All good and well restoring confudence in a disgruntled police force


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