PM to make statement to the nation tonight

PM to make statement to the nation tonight
Dr. Kenny Anthony
Dr. Kenny Anthony
Dr. Kenny Anthony

PRESS RELEASE – Prime Minister Hon. Dr. Kenny D. Anthony will be addressing the nation today, May 25, 2016. The Prime Minister’s statement will touch on matter of immediate national importance.

The statement will be made available to all media houses no later than 5:30 p.m. today. Electronic media are asked to air the statement in its entirety at 8:00 p.m.

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  1. This is truly desperation on the part of the Prime Minister. Three statements to the nation in two weeks. What is he scared of? He quickly call the election to try getting the opposition with their pants down. Now he realised his errors he is trying to cover up by making addresses to the nation. It is too late now Mr. P M.


  2. Kenny what will your speech be about??? That St Lucia is the 2nd highest UNEMPLOYMENT rated island in the Caribbean ???

    Or About Chastanet ???

    Your game plan cannot work on everyone and people from St Lucia woke up. Only the thieves and drug dealers will support you because you allow the laws around them to slide.


    The only jobs you provide occasionally is the STEP and NICE . And how much do these people get paid.


  3. There you go again with another one of your desperate last minute speeches , what exactly you want to address? be mindful of what you say and don't make matters worst with another Kenny blunder. Cause at this point we don't need to here any more about Allan ands the UWP we are sick of it.
    What I hope is that Jada reading these comments and are taking them seriously because if Sep think that it's uwp supports alone that have concerns and comments here think again ,I was a undecided voter until last week end.
    May I also say to MR Allan Kenny and his Slp are a sinking ship UWP need to forget about them and focus on the issues at hand we don't need to here about Kenny and slp address the nation and tell us what are your agenda for the next 5 years that's what we need to here more of.


  4. So you telling me come July / August my parents have to buy us new text books that shows Dr. Kenny Anthony as the Leader of the Opposition?


  5. If the government is dissolved why are they referring to Dr. Kenny Anthony as PM? This is an honest question I'm seven years old and need clarification for my class tomorrow.


    • The Government is not dissolved, parliament is. There is still a functioning government.


    • You are correct. There is no Prime Minister in St. Lucia now nor any ministers. The house have been dissolved. That is an error young man!


  6. My fellow St Lucians, frere ep saire according to pm! Do not be swayed it will just be a load of crap. Too late shall be the cry 4.5 years was long enough..Get lost


  7. A fearful prevaricator each passing day is showing signs of becoming unhinged by the minute. Trembling in their boots, how many addresses for damage control will be make before the 6th? Is this about to be changed too? The twist and turns of SLP's comical and theatrical flip-flops are coming at us at a maddening pace.

    Now that 6-6-16 thing seems to beating the rear ends of these stupid SLP comical candidates kind of soundly by the minute. For example, each candidate seems to have each, a separate and uncoordinated set of his or her own promises.

    To each his own and the devil takes the hindmost? SLP your slip is showing!

    This begs the question: How many different lists must this electorate in this election have to put up with and go through before they know which set of promises, if any, truly represents the true position of S-L-P? Thinking people want to know how many? How many SLP? Just how many more are there before the curtains fall?


  8. I just hope it's to announce the new date... if you claim you're not afraid... why don't you just the date.... whether it be the 6 / 16 / 26, u gonna win anyway... JUST CHANGE THE DATE!!!


    • The people blogging here are all IGNORANT!!!

      Thanks. Your comment verbatim states the obvious. It really steals the cake. Out of all of us , you are obviously the most ignorant.

      It is better to be thought of as being one hell of a jackass or jenny-ass. But it is worse to open your stupid mouth and remove any lingering doubts by providing the required proof.


  9. All these P.M. addresses come like a joke now, sorry I have other important things to do at 8.00 p.m tonight
    I already know you will be out on 6/6/16


  10. What? Another address? Another set of empty promises again? What is there to be added to the list?
    Are all the stars and the sun will be given to Saint Lucians, if they vote this Stupid Labour Party back into office, like making health the #1 priority? Is that all this Stupid Labour Party can offer, more and more .....?


  11. This man really thinks that our country is his.

    Doing what he wants and how you pleases.

    Kenny, you were so sure you were ready for the elections that you came and address the nation announcing the date for the elections and nominations day. Now you have changed nomination day and coming back to address us about the changed date for nominations. Kenny, are you well upstairs?

    Kenny Davis Anthony, judgment day is around corner and we will teach you a lesson once and for all on June 6, 2016.

    Enjoy it whilst it last!


  12. Yo Pe. Some date have to change. Miscalculation. He cannot even get dates right and he want to govern.


  13. Hope they give him his walking papers soon...enough damage done to the St. Lucia. Good Bye Mr. PM.


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