PM surprised by SLP’s response to ‘controversial letter’

PM surprised by SLP’s response to ‘controversial letter’


Prime Minister Allen Chastanet has confirmed that the letter purporting to be a leaked missive written by former Prime Minister Dr. Kenny Anthony to a developer in England does exist.

The prime minister has threatened to reveal the contents of that letter, which he said shows exactly why the former administration is opposed to the Desert Star Holding Inc (DSH) deal.

“And as I have said to people in Saint Lucia, there was an alternative reason as to why the Labour Party chose not to proceed with the DSH project, and it has a lot to do with that letter,” Chastanet said on Thursday evening.

The prime minister said strangely enough, the same things that the opposition are now criticizing, are the exact things that they have done in the letter.

The letter is believed to be an invitation for the developer to acquire or purchase lands in the south of the island amounting to 1,000 acres.

Opposition Leader Philip J. Pierre told the media on Wednesday that the letter in question does not contain anything that can be used against the previous government.

Pierre said the letter is not an agreement between the developer and the Government of Saint Lucia, describing it as a ‘Letter of Comfort,’ which he says had nothing to do with government.

“There was an investor who was given a letter of comfort, not an agreement that stated among other things that that investor would invest in the toxic area of Praslin Bay and manufacturing. He needed 1,000 acres of land in the south of the country to build these (manufacturing) plants. The government never said it would acquire or purchase land for the investor.”

Chastanet has since expressed shock at the opposition leader’s statement.

“Wow…the former prime minister who signed a letter didn’t do it officially as the prime minister? I don’t understand how a person can make a statement like that. How can a prime minister sign a letter and then another person say it had nothing to do with the government?”

The prime minister said the letter speaks volumes, as the previous government had proposed to give away more land in Vieux Fort alone, as opposed to the 700 acre that will go towards the DSH deal.

“When you look at the levels of incentives they were giving…So when you have the opposition leader or Ernest Hilaire saying we are giving away everything and there is nothing to be gained by the people of Saint Lucia, they were giving away more. And there is a particular clause in the letter which is even more disturbing.”

The prime minister continued,” The SLP claims that we didn’t do our due diligence on DSH and we rushed into the deal. So here is a letter in which initial contact was made in November, 2015. There was a physical meeting in December, 2015, and then there was a subsequent meeting in the early part of 2016. And a letter was issued on February 9, 2016.”

Chastanet said information about the investor for the DSH project is widely publicized on the internet, but the company that the previous government was seeking to ink a deal with was incorporated in November 2015 and another in January of 2016.

“It’s sad that the opposition would want to play politics at this level. When I was in opposition, I tried very much not to complain about everything and try to be specific about what we have problems with….the opposition has a lot to answer to.”

Chastanet promised to hold a separate press conference to address this matter in full.


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  1. does any one have access to the letter. I need to read it for myself then i can make an assessment. What i do know for now is that the letter is not a contract but cordially dialogue between a proposed investor. For one if it was agreed upon Dr Anthony would of release it during the elections. All politicians wants to show us the promise land so neither DSH nor this one was forthcoming so they were not highlighted. I want to read the letter help!


  2. Its the same age old trick in politics - blame all failures and short comings on opposing parties. Hence nothing UWP has said and done surprised me. I never thought Chastanet would stoop so low but then again he fearlessly and publicly justified the caller who threatened the then PM KDA. This type of lack of discipline is called political expediency. St Lucians are seeing your true colours Mr Chastanet.


  3. This is simply froth! It has no tangible durability. Sensible people will view this side by side with DSH agreement as agreed by SLP. It was a bait or a carrot. It was only a framework to work on - discussed, negotiated - to achieve a finale product beneficial to all parties involved.

    I think the focus should be on the ball before us. That ball is DSH! Loose sight of it and the repercussions will be unimaginable. The way I see it is this: Chastanet is cheapening brand St Lucia. Chastanet have to go!


    • it was a framework that immediately offered more than what chas. got. Kenny gave away the farm in round one. he had no clue about business or negotiations.


    • By the tone of your comment it appears to me that you had a hand in the penning of this comfort letter.


  4. Letter of comfort (contract law) - Wikipedia


    A letter of comfort is a communication from a party to a contract to the other party that indicates an initial willingness to enter into a contractual obligation absent the elements of a legally enforceable contract. The objective is to create a morally binding but not legally binding assurance.

    The SLPs are now organizing to protest over "A Framework Agreement" signed by the Government but they do not see anything wrong with the "Letter of Comfort" from the disposed PM.


  5. slp lying and dancing around the truth. that is exactly what they have always been good at and a big reason why they are opposition party. documented evidence and they still will not tell the truth. keep on lying slp as it is a jacket you will always wear


  6. SLP today is so in tune with economic prostitution, that the uncovering of any evidence of "comfort letters" would not be entirely surprising.


    • SLPs are such economic cretins, that the late ECCB governor may have had numerous problems dealing with these fakes.


  7. The project has to go on.The pitons are still there they never carry them to the middle east. Yea Mr prime minister the people need jobs the opposition is opposing for oppose sake .


  8. Kenny and his secret deals. Lol. Dude is like the original caper/comic book hero. Always have a mask on his face. Release the letter Chas! Release everything. Trickle...trickle....trickle!


  9. So our PM is unable to differntiate between Letters of Comfort and signed Agreements?? WOW!!

    Will governing authorities now and in future, claim for political convenience sake, that they also are incapable of seeing the difference between an Invitation to Tender and a signed Contract?

    When will we as a people stop accepting and participating in this political canibalism of our country by these political parties?


    • the letter of comfort was a proposal! not a dinner invitation. this was Kenny's opening offer. you can imagine how far he would have gone if a deal had been agreed. he was the one who offered the moon in the beginning. he always lived up to his reputation as a poor businessman.


  10. The bottom line is, the majority are in favor of preserving our sovereignty by abandoning CIP . The party tug of war bull don't mean a thing. All past government development projects have failed in the past irrespective of party. There is too much doubt and too much to loose. Stop the gamble !


    • What majority? Are you the majority? We have a bunch of losers who has directly depended on Kenny Anthony in VFort. Guys like JJ is still fighting for some prestigious job, from Kenny. There are people in VFort who are waiting to see the final plan or agreement and will go all our to defend the project. We trust this government will do nothing to negatively affect our livelihood. We are waiting to see what those losers are doing, We know they are planing. We have seen their email. The Stimulus Lady said she will be responsible for rallying the commercial sector. We are rallying the Youth.


      • Lol.... Well if you rally youth to agree with this in the south... Then they will be what the Bible call educated fools... Why not rally these youth to protest to lease these same land to use the brains they have..... Zote paka and yellow.... It goes beyond that...kenny Anthony did his errors no doubt about it that's why he lost the confidence of the country..but Allen Chatastenet has just proved one thing we are worth 2.7169 dollars ec per acre to him, how can intelligent people support that.... A place they refuse to approve land for young people to own a piece of Virgin land for them selves.. What can I say... Typical Lucians sit on their asses expecting The government to cut their grass in front of their yard, give them tax free food and a job all while they sit at home watching bold and the beautiful...its amazing Christmas time how much rum they buy.. These same people that complaining... Sometimes I wonder where the youth like myself intelligence gone.... ? boy and our Prime Minister even paying private land owners and they eh even know when they getting the money back and I will support that share.... Rally ur youth...and I the 28 year old from Vieux fort not being rallied let me see how many idiots stand for this


      • Please tsk. Your trust will be better invested in God than to trust the Chastenet government to do anything in the interest of St. Lucia. It's not a popularity contest. It's merely who has the backbone to push this country forward and it is clear that chastanet and his fools does not have a backbone. Thats y he reduced the vat to please Lucians by keeping to a political promise and in return st. Lucia is loosing revenue bring us in a deeper deficit because now we have to borrow more to close that gap and meet our recurring expenditure . Then he reduce on the requirements for CIP to be in competition with Dominica to bring investors in for that DSH project. Do you really think St. Lucia will benefit from that project. Chinese are a people.who.look out for their own. How many St. Lucians u think will get a job in the building phase of that project. Do u see any clause that protects our workforce in relation to that.project. we stand more to loose than to gain and further it's a liability to the country if that project is not successful and the primary investors decides to pull out. We need to stop playing politics with the future of our children. By far Dr. KENNY D ANTHONY WAS, IS AND ALWAYS WILL BE A BETTER LEADER THAN CHASTANET.


    • Yea manufacturing jobs are moving to cheap labor countries like Mexico. Do you stay there and die and talk about land that is just sitting down there? Even the U.S. has to compete with places like Mexico. We don't have cheap labor in St lucia we have to look for other alternative, even some risk has to be taken in a Goble and competitive world.


  11. I'm tired of this two-party political system, there must be a better alternative out there... All we need is a system of governance that will work in the best interest of the people.


      • And funny how theynly look at the votes.... Red and yellow.. But they never tally the no votes.... It's because there wasn't confidence in none.... Think about it if they tally the no shows another party could win from it... Be very afraid chastanet


        • Only the blind will follow chastanet. And the party jacks like anonymous would not support the DSH project of it was the labor party who hado signed it. We need to put ST. LUCIA first and not color. I truly think the young educated St. Lucians who wants a real and positive future should form a party


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