PM set to travel again soon, says all his travels are necessary

PM set to travel again soon, says all his travels are necessary
Prime Minster Allen Chastanet. * File photo
Prime Minster Allen Chastanet

With critics summoning for a cut back on his travels, Prime Minister Allen Chastanet has again come out in defense of his frequent trips out of the island.

Chastanet has for the past few weeks attended various overseas events including conferences, meetings, summits, bi-lateral talks and other state visits. He said that some of his voyages were prearranged and were part of efforts to find assistance for hurricane-damaged countries. Chastanet said that his travels are all necessary.

“If Maria had hit Saint Lucia, then what we’re seeing in Dominica would not be our outcome. And there are several constraints in us as governments being able to resolve the problem, and so we’ve been out fighting. So I have been wearing both my hat as the chairman of the OECS and well as the lead prime minister for sustainable development in CARICOM. So several of the meetings that I have had to attend are on that basis and these were meetings that we’re only just put together as a result of what happened with the hurricane,” he said.

Additionally, the prime minister said there are a few more upcoming foreign meetings on the cards.

“…In Grenada and there is possibly another meeting…in Paris, but we’re all trying to work collectively together to resolve these issues so that we could move forward. There are trips that were already pre-scheduled. So my meetings with the Canadian banks on corresponding banking and de-risking which have huge implications to us moving forward. My meetings in Mexico was [from] a state visit,” he said.

Chastanet said that his Cabinet members are capable of running the country in his absence.


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  1. Has it occurred to any of you criticizing the St. Lucian elected government that we need to help ourselves? The PM can't just stay home and make things happen. He needs to open the doors and then we the people walk through. To open the doors he needs to be out there in convo with other nations and people. Who is ready to think outside the box? Manufacture something at home so we cut our import bill... The UK is leaving the EU is anyone looking to export products or services there? Who is reporting crimes witnessed to the police?


  2. Prime minister chasnet never went these places before with his own money. So now he using our country money to do so. U see the reason why vat has increased to cover up his travel expenses n fancy lifestyle. Whats about our hospitals ,roads, creating jobs to reduce crimes, bringing back STEP.u increase vat so what about increasing everyone's salary. No one benefiting other than u n ur ministers. U all are very selfish. Next time SLP getting it's seat back. Now u leaving a big heavy dept for SLP to clean. Very ungreatful head of ministers


  3. You all idiots must remember he was a traveling man long before he was Prime Minister, so now that he's going out to bring home the bacon for some of you all LAZY backsides who complain about any and everything. Go get out there help you all selves think and focus how to turn cow milk into butter,mangoes to jams, breadfruit to flour,green bananas to dildos. I pity you all, your hands are always out begging give me give me dam it go get it think in and out of the box and stop being stupid. Leave Allan alone he was born with a golden spoon in his mouth now stop the hate go get you all own.


  4. Things do not happen in a vacuum. We need to get up and make things happen. Nor will it happen over night. It requires alot of face to face and lobbying. It requires travelling. This the PM is doing. Allow him to do as he sees fit. There are so many things at stake which needs protecting and it can only be done by going out and meeting key players. The PM knows exactly what he is doing. We have more to loose if we pretend that it can all be sorted by remaining at home.


  5. The LYING, FLYING, CRYING PM. His home life must be really boring because mate looks for any excuse to travel. What are you bringing back?


  6. Not trying to be pedantic but I don't believe you Allen is the right person to be representing St Lucia farless the OECS or CARICOM on any thing, you can't even string a sentence together.

    "....collectively together to resolve...." COME ON MAN and you were educated in a first world country.



  7. Isn't there a minister of external affairs to aid with the overseas business??? Just saying this is how I used to understand it


  8. travel my boy travel. go bring home the bacon. dont listen to the rest of the ignorant saint lucians, all they want you to do is sit in your big chair here and expect contracts and all sorts of things will come. if you want something you have to work for it and you have to go look for it not just sit there and hope it might come falling in your lap like the mentality of the majority of lazy people thats why they dont have a job.


  9. White man you rite, can't blame you, you didn't vote yourself in there , shame on the foolish slaves that did.they will never learn from politians riding them.


  10. Captain the ship is sinking, captain the seas are rough , did you abundant ship, should we stay on it! We need to know!!we need to know!


  11. LMAO....I actually voted uwp, what a joke. I voted on a promise to have the hospital open. Mr pm to me that was on your agenda before you won, I voted for lower gas prices, I voted for no more step, I'm a sickler and unemployed, where did the figures come from, no one is hiring. I've dropped off 50 applications even Coco resort. Now I want to hear from the pm I voted for!


  12. Comes home empty handed as usual. I am sure the goats you preside over should be pretty happy with your performance. Meanwhile, I will Keep "Fighting To Stay Alive".


  13. this is not a Pm. he has never been with his people for at least a month or when we really need some answers. its like he run away when things get heated in the country, ladies and gentlemen this is a pure example of a joker.

    write now we need:

    answers to the crime situation
    our national hospitals are a mess
    the justice system is delusional
    the police need assistance from all fronts
    violence against women and children

    All good things must end


    • A thoughtful comment. Rikki.

      Where was your input and your voice when Kenny and his crew were in power and passively watching acute decline in our nation's social and economic situation?


      • Calvin, stop being stupid. That he or she did not speak at a particular moment does not mean he or she must permanently remain silent. One can consider that he or she has remained silent for too long. I am glad that at last more St.lucians are recognising that being silent on national issues can hurt our country and democracy.


      • defending BS talking about Kenny(kenny pa la enkor zot paka kopwan) when the man pissing in your eye and calling it rain. Don't forget he took a vacation after about a year . It must end one day then we will know the full extent of the travelling spree. What have we seen other than" I am the chairman of the OECS so I have to check for the other islands in the OECS (other than Stlucia)". Can you imagine people defending mate travelling and what's worse the man not listening to anyone. Why would he listen to "insignificant" ones. Pride/arrogance comes before the fall. Just like the sexual harassment unravelling in the states when the fall comes, you will hear them coming out: I was against it but I was scared to say anything.


    • You should complain if the PM's duties are not being fulfilled in S. Lucia. For now I have not hear hear anyone complaining. If St. Lucia was the one in Dominica's position, Lucians would want the PM out of island everyday to obtain assistance and it would not matter whether he was on a joy ride so.

      DO not repeat what people say check it our for yourself one fool create many fools with just ONE WORD.


  14. But PM while you wearing your six hats, some you say are for foreign purposes, we elected you to pay attention first and foremost to domestic issues.

    Look now we are the lead in homicides in the OECS, the same OECS you running after to help. We need help right here at home. IMPACS yet to be solved and the St. Judes situation is topsy turvy.

    Imagine your own Hermangild had to look to Pip Pierre to get a heads up on the crime situation yet you say your ministers are capable of running the country. Eh bien bon.


  15. Yeh Man. GIG, Get it good on tax payers money. You are a king are we are the peasants. You will never win another elections in your life again in your M*** A**


    • Maybe, maybe not. Wouldn't be surprised if he won a next term. Lucians act like they dope, it does not take much for Allen to fool them because they already fooling themselves.
      What is for certain is that he and Gail must win their seats. Micoud people "special".


    • We have a fully functional democracy --- if you think that you can do better, GIG, show both the courage and your commitment to your countrymen and to this nation by running for public office.

      God Bless.


    • where united pac to hear that boy, one ting lucians are a bunch of idiots eh. slaves with slave masters running ya'll dry. why ya'll insist on voting people who are part of the same system that's designed to screw ya'll in ya'll [email protected]# is what amazes me . United pac since ya'll have the country at heart so much i can name a whole ton of people ya'll need to be bringing to answer for their crimes not just one. so stop ya'll pretense bombastic [email protected]@[email protected]#$% like ya'll are.


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