PM says he’s committed to new development path for Saint Lucia

PM says he’s committed to new development path for Saint Lucia
Prime Minister Dr. Kenny D. Anthony
Prime Minister Honourable Dr. Kenny D. Anthony

Prime Minister Honourable Dr Kenny D Anthony says he is committed to charting a new and exciting development path for Saint Lucia.

Dr Anthony says his vision is for an equitable Saint Lucia where there is sustainable economic and social development. He says the plan also entails investing in citizens to ensure Saint Lucia can remain competitive globally.

The Prime Minister says in this regard, the Government of Saint Lucia welcomes assistance from international partners and foreign governments.

“Saint Lucia has many real challenges to face as a small island developing state with a small economic base and vulnerable position. We want to build a new Saint Lucia; we want to become more resilient, diversified, competitive with a sustainable economy that is built on the human capacity of our people and institutions such as the Word Bank and even the agencies of the United Nations seek to graduate us from aid despite our peculiar realities and so we welcome all assistance we can get provided it is well targeted and received transparently.”

Dr Anthony says  government recognises many new areas of possibility for assistance in developing the local economy. These include development of culture, new media and the creative industries, maritime, ICT and clean technology.

The Prime Minister says as a priority,  government wants to modernise the education system to ensure the development of  proud citizens with technical and vocational skills that can attract investment in a knowledge based economy.


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