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PM Chastanet reports on productive China trip

By Office of the Prime Minister

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PRESS RELEASE – Prime Minister of Saint Lucia Hon. Allen M. Chastanet has kept his word to report back to the nation on his China visit. The island’s leader says he is very impressed and confident that the track record of Desert Star Holdings along with other equine investments is above board and in good standing.

Mr. Chastanet journeyed to the People’s Republic of China at the invitation of major investor and Chairman of Desert Star Holdings Limited Mr. Teo AhKing who has applied to establish a multi-billion dollar resort development in Saint Lucia. The Prime Minister says his host has proven to be very transparent.

“Mr. Ah Khing and his team have really opened themselves up to scrutiny and transparency. They welcome it and they understand that given the magnitude of the project they are proposing, questions must be asked.

Beyond that, they have invited me to every event and function that could possibly give the island extensive exposure. As Prime Minister, I believe valuable linkages were formed and should redound to some good opportunities for our economy”.

Prime Minister Chastanet was making specific reference to the opportunities for networking and meeting of investors. One such event was the 2016 China Equine Cultural Festival (CECF) which is a premier, lifestyle and thoroughbred racing festival in mainland China.

The event draws together captains of industry, leaders and international representatives of international thoroughbred centres as well as global media.


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  1. Goodness. Fly on the wall anyone?

  2. It seems its only one group of people chass means when he talks of inclusivity, transparency and accountability. I have listened and I have looked and have not seen nor heard a report by chass to those of us whose language is kweyole (so to speak). Are they not worthy citizens?

  3. The child is on a joy ride across the world. Minister of travel! How much has Allen spent in travel and he keeps posting his selfies with insignificant people and expect to fool us. His roaming charges and phone calls must be over the top! Poor Lucia

  4. For those asking at whose expense? Ours of course! Where Ahking getting money from...he hasn't sold one of our passports yet! Tie your waist Lucians

  5. st.lucians stop being slp monkeys,, under who's expence kenny was traveling,, he was traveling without the puplic knows,, and when he arrived where his going people would know,, slp government kill st.lucia,, so uwp government have to travel and look for doctors to bring back st.lucia alive,, good move MR PM,, don't worry with the slp monkeys

  6. St.Lucia is forsale.

  7. Sorry, but I do think a more independent body or team should have been established and scrutinize the group.

    Sorry, Mr PM. This one does not go down well with me. These people will open up what they want to you

    Secondly, you were the one who signed the dotted lines, you may justify your actipns by telling us there is transparency and the track record is impecable.

    • that maybe true but you know what, we can all go online and Google or Bing or whatever the company name and his owner and there are lots of information there good and not so good.

  8. How much did it cost tax payers Mr PM? Ministerial travel expenses should be made public on a website as part of a drive to promote transparency within Government.


    Air Travel:
    Ground Transportation:
    Total Cost:

    • How much would it cost you to shut your eyeball?

      I bet you never asked for that from the previous administration. Hypocrite hacks!

  9. Investors now have confidence that the agenda of the government of St Lucia is to advance and promote investment in our country.
    Prior to this the agenda of the ruling government was about their own pockets and not the country. That is why $250 million was borrowed each year with no growth in the econony.
    Prine Minister Allen Chastanet has shown he will have no part of the grasping greedy vulgar no growth agenda of the clowns in office prior to 2016.

    Keep up the good work PM!

    • St.lucia was for sale a long time ago when it was sold to juffali and the CIP and Grynberg....I heard no question about that..but thw prime minister is trying to market the country and lucians talk crap..Now Juffali is dead...i wonder if we still fetting the diabetes center??...Or did the SLP forget about that? And now trying to oppose everything the new government does...I HOPE WE NEVER FORGET THE MESS KENNY LEFT WITH PIP AND THE REST...

  10. What a waste of a report says absolutely nothing as usual.

  11. Our very own ...home grown rock star on the red carpet!!! More selfies coming first 100 days in office draws near.

  12. Mr PM my question to you is this; At who expense are all these trips you are taking? Are the investors the ones who will be paying for them? It would seem that every week you are going on these long distance trips. I know for sure the person you are, you will be travelling first or business class and that ranges in the tens of thousands of dollars. So again Mr PM who are paying?

  13. May God bless and keep our prime minister and may his trip be a success. Amen in Jesus name.

  14. Soo sad....


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