PM praises Royal St. Lucia Police Force band

PM praises Royal St. Lucia Police Force band
PM Dr. Kenny Anthony.
Members of the local police band.
Members of the local police band.

Prime Minister Dr. Kenny Anthony said he has many special memories of Christmas, but his favourite moment this year was when the police band dropped by his home to entertain him.

Below is the PM’s full statement:

I am sure nearly everyone have special memories of Christmas. I have lots of them. This Christmas was no exception.

Before I share my special experience of this Christmas with you , I thought I should tell you how much I love this time of year. It gets dark early and that gives a nice cozy feeling. I actually try to get home early from work. Then the temperature drops. The hot humid conditions give way to nice, balmy weather. The nights are cooler as the breezes blow steadily and consistently. Its not just the weather though. People are actually nicer and more pleasant with each other as tension and animosity gives way to “a little more love.”

Now I will tell you why this Christmas was special. Some members of the Royal Saint Lucia Police Band dropped by at my house just before Christmas to regale me with some Christmas songs. The music was sweet and infectious. Our Police Band is pure, pure class. I love to see the way the band members interact with each other. They are a great team. Needless to tell you, I had a great time. Thank you for making this Christmas truly special!


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  1. One hand praising the band whilst the other holding the dagger impacting at the backs of the police. Now wats so 'SPECIAL' and 'PURE CLASS' about that


  2. Kenny you are a sad desperate man. You mean you actually sat down and wrote a statement about the police band coming to your home to play for you? How about a statement on the British request to lift immunity. You think you fool Lucians with a few hams and all is well? Kenny make a rong tun


  3. You are changeable, and you shall be changed. Enough is enough;
    this does not look like anything that we put you in there for; you
    have disappointed us. You will be changed. Now, damn it, get rid
    of this ARAB and demand back that Diplomatic passport. This is
    not a joke, appoint someone else and it better be good this time.


    • This reeks of desperation. He believes that the SLP also made him GG. It is so pathetic to see him obviously trying to pull all the stops attempting to whitewash the SLP's PM, "Jeelapy" and hilarious diplomatic successes.
      When you have no visible projects to open credibly in 2016, this is what happens. Watch for SLP celebration over birds doing do-doo on Compton's statue.


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