PM praises Dr. Fletcher for leadership role at COP 21

By SNO Staff
Minister James Fletcher.

Minister James Fletcher.

Prime Minister Dr. Kenny Anthony has congratulated Minister James Fletcher for the “outstanding job” in providing leadership to St. Lucia and CARICOM at the Climate Change Conference in Paris (COP21).

“We need to thank him. So effective were his efforts that other countries adopted the region’s tag line “One point five to stay alive” without acknowledgement,” the prime minister said.

Dr. Fletcher said two major agreements signed at the recently concluded conference will provide St. Lucia and CARICOM with the legal framework to protect their ecosystems.

He described the agreement as an inclusive, transparent, party-driven mechanism that allowed every country, regardless of physical size or economic circumstance, to have its voice heard.

According to him, Caribbean people are pleased and happy that they have “adopted One Point Five to Stay Alive as their mantra that their future looks much brighter today than it did two weeks ago.”

But Dr. Anthony said thanks and praise must also go to “our young people, our artists, our poets, all who joined this truly remarkable effort to convince the world about our common vulnerabilities.”

The prime minister said the issue brought CARICOM alive and acknowledged that the Paris agreement was a phenomenal achievement. He is however questioning whether all countries will abide by their commitments and obligations.

Dr. Anthony is also encouraging persons to get a copy of the theme song that was produced to support delegates. “It is a beautiful song that needs to resonate far and wide across the globe,” he added.

The lyrics were written by Kendal Hippolyte and the music composed by Boo Hinkson.

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  1. I would like to ask Jimmy Fletcher the following:

    Who paid for St. Lucia's junket to the Paris climate lovefest?

    How much did your flight cost?
    How much did it cost and what class hotel did you stay in in Paris?
    Did you receive a per diem from the Government of St. Lucia and how much did you receive in total?
    What was the total cost to the people of St. Lucia?

    If the Lucian taxpayers did not pay for you trip through taxes or borrowings from future generations which organization paid for your trip and which other taxpayers were on the hook for you joyride? The Americans, who are $18 trillion in debt, the bankrupt French ?

    How will you trip help to feed the 25% of poor children in this island or get jobs for the25% unemployed?

    And by the way : Have you done an assessment of the $millions in computers that your government 'gave' away with taxpayers money to schoolchildren?
    How many of them are still working or being used for schoolwork as opposed to going on Facebook and playing games or watching porn?
    Or was that just one more wastage of taxpayers money to keep people fooled by the freeness of government with other people's money?

  2. Here is more evidence on the worldwide 'climate change' scam by which hundreds of thousands of time serving bureaucrats, shyster politicians, dubious academics are making hundreds of billions off of taxpayers.

    "Why do scientists disagree about climate change? The historical data is sparse and inadequate. There is disagreement about the value of different classes of evidence, notably the value of global climate models. There is disagreement about the appropriate logical framework for linking and assessing the evidence. And scientists disagree over assessments of areas of ambiguity and ignorance.

    There is enormous pressure for climate scientists to conform to the so-called consensus. This pressure comes not only from politicians, but from federal funding agencies, universities and professional societies, and scientists themselves who are green activists. Reinforcing this consensus are strong monetary, reputational, and authority interests.

    In this politicized environment, advocating for CO2 emissions reductions is becoming the default, expected position for climate scientists. This advocacy extends to the professional societies that publish journals and organize conferences. Policy advocacy, combined with understating the uncertainties, risks destroying science’s reputation for honesty and objectivity – without which scientists become regarded as merely another lobbyist group."

    In other words these climate alarmists are just lobbyists to fill their own big pockets. It provides them with Power, Pay, Prestige, Perks and Pensions and they will do anything to protect their scam including wanting to jail people who disagree with them.

  3. Shouldn't this article have followed the lead of Fletcher's catchy "One point five to stay alive" to summarize the outcome of the COP21?

    Something along the lines of, "COP21 decides to do something about climate change, sometime...whenever!"

  4. I dont understand the need from fellow st. lucians to pull each other down, to feed off others like ravenous hogs even when we are are not pigs but human and even when there is no need for such behaviour. Say what you will but Bajans and Jamaicans are a different breed, a Jamaican especially would have been raising his flag "out and proud" about his fellow man because he understands unlike our small island destructive mentality, that one step for the Jamaican means that he and another Jamiacan has taken another step. We will never move forward with this mentality. We should instead congratulate Dr. Fletcher on a job well done rather than use this forum as a means of belittling that achievement.

  5. Don't get me wrong. I'm not trying to be facetious or anything like that. But I really need help with this "1.5 degrees" concept.
    I understand that 1.5 degrees is 1.5 degrees Celsius(C), (see St Lucia News Online article of Nov. 20th 2015 "1.5 to Alive -climate change initiative") and not Fahrenheit(F). However 1.5 degree (C) is actually 34.7 degrees (F).
    Scientists sat that the Earth's temperature has reason by 1.4 degrees (F) in total over the last 100 years and it is expected that in the next 100 years it can increase in total by anywhere between 2 to 12 degrees (F).
    So what is the 1.5 degrees(C) - 34.7 degrees (F) about?
    Don't get mad at me. I just don't get it, YET.

    • if the earth is warming at 1.4(F) per 100 years non of us will be around (including dr. Fletcher) for the supposed changes in the climate, melting of the polar ice caps and all the erosion which may or may not happen till the end of this holocene era (which has several million years to go).
      don't worry clarifier it won't happen during your or your great great great (infinitum) grand child lifetime either.

      • Well that's very reassuring. That safes me the trouble of migrating to a large continent and living at a hill top to save my self and family from drowning when the sea will cover small St. Lucia.
        I'm thinking of a formula that takes into consideration the total volume of polar ice, an average rate of melting, the volume of the sea and its current rate of volume increase (due to depth of course), sea evaporation rates etc etc etc; in determining the rate at which the sea level might rise.
        Then consider the areas on earth not covered by sea and considering the shore line levels above sea water determine the rate at which the sea can encroach.
        What you think?

        • hmmmm (while scratching my head) don't even think of leaving sweet St. Lucia... You and your family are safe, in the mean time save yourself the trouble of coming up with that formula cause you won't need it... enjoy the surf, sea & sun before the next doom & gloom report about some other catastrophic event hits us.

    • Temperature reading of 1.5C is actually 34.7 F but temperature change BY 1.5 C is a change by2.7 F.

      dont forget that 0.0 C is really 32.0 F


      • Thank you Guava Jelly. So just multiply the increase in celsius (C) by 1.8 to get the increase in fahrenheit (F). OK.
        I have a long road to travel.

  6. More on the climate change fraud:

    The main pillar of the warmist (alarmists) argument is the contention that a 97% "consensus" exists among scientists that global warming is caused by man and threatens catastrophe. But a Canada-based group calling itself Friends of Science has just completed a review of the four main studies used to document the alleged consensus and found that only 1 - 3% of respondents "explicitly stated agreement with the IPCC declarations on global warming," and that there was "no agreement with a catastrophic view."
    In other words the claim that so many scientists believe in global warming is a joke.

    This is the same IPPC that claimed that ice in the Himalayas would be gone in 35 years and it turned out that this was another fraud from one junior researcher who came up with this out of thin air.

    And let us not start on the Michael Mann so called hockey stick joke that has been hammered in a book by a guy called Mark Steyn.

    The climate change alarm is just a gigantic industry wide fraud to siphon hundreds of billions from the worlds taxpayers to pay for large salaries, big hotel rooms and per diems.

  7. Of course he has to praise Fletcher. Elections are just around the corner and we all KNOW that Fletcher saved the planet!

    The reality is that COP21 is a vast scam as noted below:

    All that stuff you’ve read and heard about “time running out”, “deadlock” , “last minute deals” for COP21 — it’s all a charade; everything was pre-ordained.
    Every COP conference there has ever been has run on exactly the same lines. Whatever comes out of this one, it will be a fudge and a compromise whose only certain achievement will be to ensure that there are more such conferences next year (in sunny Marrakech, Morocco) and the one after and the one after that. In other words just big jobs for the climate change moochers.

    In truth, COP is not really about saving the planet. Rather, it’s a massive jobs fair for activists, shyster politicians, bureaucrats, corporate scamsters, and people with otherwise worthless degrees in “sustainability”, “conservation biology”, “ecology”, etc.

  8. Look how fat and sleek this pencil pusher has become doing nothing for St Lucian jobs or quality of life.

    Just working with the Climate change scam industry that the facts are now showing to be a lie.
    This moocher spends his time as a Minister padding his resume to get a big job with the climate change global warming scam industry that siphons off 10s of billions each year to pay thousands big salaries and travel allowances as they increase their carbon footprints.
    Al Gore is worth hundreds of millions from that scam .
    Polar Bears are flourishing.
    They went from global cooling to global warming to climate change as each of their alarms proved to be false.

    What a joker living off the taxpayer doing nothing to improve our quality of life.
    Give us a break.

    • If that is what he is doing, then why shouldn't he? At least he not going around the world selling our diplomacy and passport as well as our effing dignity. Good job Mr. Fletcher.

  9. Send him and contest a constituency .tee kwa

  10. Maxfield you are so right, to many simpletons in this country. They can't see past colour.

  11. This is the only Minister who appears to be working.



  13. What about the abject poverty? The widespread crime? The insurmountable costs of living? We need solutions now, not later. There are ppl dying - dying, there are people in need and you all forming the fool overseas

    • I would like to believe that you are just being mischievous and that you don't really mean what you just said. If that's really how you think then our education system has Truly Failed You and I for one I'm sorry!! The magnitude of this man's external accomplishments has catapulted us around to globe to be respected and heard and now as a result may just save our little rock from further irreversible damage!! Thank you Dr. Fletcher and please ignore the simpletons. Stupid Humans!!!!

      • Great! He almost singlehandedly made the whole thing possible. Had it not been for him "all fall down" and the whole thing would have failed miserably. Saint Lucia saved the day. Who would have thought?
        Now he needs an OBE award. Throw garlands before him in a triumphant parade. Have a new national holiday named after him. Photoshop his picture in the photo op at media event in Paris. Come on! After all, give the man his props!

      • So you are of the opinion that our education system is really working? Well, honestly answer the following questions. a) What are the school-leavers prepared for, just after they leave school? b) Where and in what field are they easily employable? c) What jobs are they most-suited for when they leave school?
        Now, if they like neither the answers nor their options, then the system has failed them. You see that in the employment statistics with 50% youth unemployment. You see that too, in the suicide and crime rates. About 80% of the crimes in Saint Lucia if checked would have been committed by 20% of the total population, especially by those in a particular age group.
        That is the social collapse of the SLP's 1984 George Orwell version of Double Speak, or what that party calls better days.

        • In your attempt to make this about party and not about commending the major accomplishments of a fellow Saint Lucian, you have unwittingly placed yourself in the simpleton category. However you do raise valid points with your questioning which is unfortunately hindered by your attempt to gain political points. Throwing percentages out there only pulls the wool over the eyes of sheep!! Thus I will not engage you in this direction as it would seem rather futile.

          • What will become of my children?

            I strongly believe that you are just too dumb a Saint Lucian to really be able to grasp the substantive difference between being a toady and a stooge for SLP, and being a wise person.
            Start reading enlightened thoughts. Make the change. Start thinking critically about your country's future on its national day, smart ass!


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