PM pleased about more cruise ship jobs for Saint Lucians

PM pleased about more cruise ship jobs for Saint Lucians


PRESS RELEASE – Prime Minister Dr Kenny D. Anthony says he is “elated” that another government-sponsored employment program is bearing fruit – especially one providing good and secure jobs for hundreds of saint Lucian youth.

Dr Anthony expressed his joy after another 52 Saint Lucians got jobs through the Cruise Ship Employment Program.

Last week Thursday, 31 students from the Springboard Training and Development Centre were interviewed by representatives of Carnival Cruise Lines and 30 were offered positions on the company’s ships. The week before, another 26 students had been interviewed and 22 got jobs.

Prime Minister Anthony said “every job created counts in this difficult environment” and spoke of his happiness with the program.

“I am elated that another government-supported program is bearing fruit,” he said.

He noted that 420 Saint Lucians have gained jobs with Carnival Cruise Lines since the commencement of the program in 2014. In 2015 so far, another 160 have secured jobs.

Officials at Springboard have also indicated that 130 more young people will be trained and employed by December 2015.

According to Dr Anthony, “Job creation remains a priority for the government, hence its focus on programs and other initiatives such as NICE.”

He congratulated Springboard and their partners, “as well as all the young people who have been given an opportunity to work with Carnival.”

The Prime Minister disclosed that the government will also work closely with MAMPA, another agency here recruiting Saint Lucians to work on cruise ships, to expand access and opportunities for employment.


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  1. i would like to be included in that program i'm interested into the hospitality induestry


  2. thank you kenny what what pm in the world would make his people suffer so much like kenny i dont want to work on no boat i want to work in my home land i dont want to leave my family and go anywhere give work kenny at home where are the jobs,jobs,jobs wake up st.lucia


  3. What is so wrong with working in the hospitality industry. Surely a job is better than no job? Of course if the job is done well there will be the opportunity to progress or use this job as a stepping stone. Really is no substitute for experience. Not all jobs have security, so no difference there. Lucians have this idea that the service industry is a demeaning place to be - instead take a pride in yourself, do your job with grace and be proud of what you achieve.
    Get over yourselves!


  4. You will cry and you will cry gold this is no guarantee that you will find favour in the eyes of some people. More than likely to those in whose eyes your face favour bull frog, your tears of gold would be good opportunity to line their pockets and, make you cry little more to see if you cry more gold.

    I remember during some public meeting in Micoud the Rt. Hon. John Compton told the people they were better off than people in the other districts. They reason being whilst the other districts depended on factories (often foreign owned) Micoud people had their factory at Mahaut. At the time what was there? Bananas and a Boxing plant. That somehow went down well with Micoudians (his staunch supporters) and i suspect UWP supporters generally found nothing wrong with that statement. What if the Labour Party had made that observation how would it have been received? I also suspect the way as expressed by those who have nothing good to say about the recent increased employment in tourism.

    of Micoud they


  5. Really, Mr. Prime Minister. I was trying very hard to differentiate the thinking between an educated PM, Dr. Kenny Anthony, from the not-so-educated, Your Royal Highness Allen Chastanet. This sounds more like something that the Royal Highness would do to boost his standing amount Lucians and the Diaspora. But really Mr. PM! From the surface, this basket holds no water. I understand your quest to get employment for the lower social class of Lucians. However, I look forward to the day when Caribbean governments will invest in their human resources, not only as cooks and cleaners, but as engineers, doctors, professors, IT Professionals, nurses in the same way that South East Asia does.


  6. I am also elated that in these hard times saint lucians are getting the privilege of getting a spot on the cruise lines and yet another unemployment spot is filled.
    I see that no matter how much u try to please some people not everyone WILL or CAN get pleased.

    I see absolutely nothing wrong with porters/waitresses. ISNT IT STILL A JOB ?.
    Can u think of a world without them?

    Everyone has to start somewhere at some point. The whole point of these jobs are too give people at least half a loaf as it is BETTER THAN NONE.
    This would actually be a start for feeding or helping out their families
    WOULDN'T YOU RATHER OUR SAINT LUCIANS GET A job somewhere as it would lessen our crime rates or rather than staying home and dying of hunger?

    But yet still we CRY when another person gets killed for protecting their stuff.

    THANK YOU KENNY FOR EVEN TRYING TO HELP OUT SOME INDIVIDUALS and their families regardless how people think u are.
    And congratulations to the few who now on the verge of preparing to go out there and help themselves.
    Dont mind the negative comments
    just do your best and I hope that you guys stay safe.
    And all the best in creating a path for your future !!


  7. For those illiterate and dam St Lucians what ladder is there to climb in a cruise ship? Are you out of your f... head. Why doesn't he try to get the young people more educated so that they can have a better future rather than a porter or cleaner on the cruise ship.????????

    And what program is that?????????????????????????

    You all need to educate yourselves too.


  8. Do these cruise ships jobs pay enough to sustain a family? and also for the workers to sustain themselves when they come back home on an extended 3 months vacation? I cant seem to understand how this works. Also, can the workers contribute to saint Lucia's NIC? to me these jobs are not self sustaining as what happens when they get layed off or sent home? But I must admit it is a good way to see the world.


  9. There are more positions actuallyu jus have to apply for wat u want its not only waitress and waiter positions plus u could always climb up the ladder


  10. Creating jobs? What nonsense is that? Are we illiterate? I could understand "preparing us for the job" but not creating job. Kenny Anthony is very literate and knows what he is saying (I do not think he was drunk). Since he said he created the jobs, what happens tomorrow if the Carnival Cruise layoff those people (God forbid). Do he have a say? I hate shit.


  11. Its nice we're getting jobs on cruise ships but why at these low positions when we do have the qualification needed!,to make it worst whiles we out there at sea who represent us.why isn't there a labour department for cruiseship workers in st Lucia.


  12. It is a good program... Good to see this blasted recession finally moving out of the trough.


  13. Is that all the job St Lucians are worth. Cruise Ship waiters and waitresses/cleaners?
    Kenny why don't you do it????


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