PM may remove some items from VAT-exempted list; Budget to focus on reducing deficit

SNO Staff

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Prime Minister Dr. Kenny Anthony has said adjustments may be made to the Value Added Tax (VAT) regime’s exempted list.

In an interview with HTS News Force, the finance minister said the private sector has been “clamouring for some time” to reduce the number of items on the VAT-exempted list of goods.

The prime minister noted that Saint Lucia has the highest number of exempted items in the Eastern Caribbean on its VAT legislation. He wants to reduce this list.

“The private sector has been making demands to reduce that list because they are cannot claim the input VAT on these exempted items.  This is a matter we are considering as there are a number of items that ought not to have been on the exempted list,” he said.

Meanwhile, the prime minister pointed out that the focus for the 2014/2015 Budget will be on reducing the deficit and promoting investment.

He said: “There is no question this is a challenging period for the government and indeed for the people of Saint Lucia. I am on record as indicating that I think the worse is over for the private sector but that is not so for the government because we still have a budget deficit to deal with. We have made good progress on reducing the deficit. The year before, the deficit stood at 9.6 percent of (GDP) and we have been able to reduce it to 6.3 percent. We have to continue to reduce it and so, some effort and attention will be paid to reducing the deficit even further. It is clear that in order to reduce the deficit, we must engage in significant expenditure reduction.”

The dates for the 2014/2015 Budget will be announced later this week.

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  1. Leave Kenny alone,he has slave master blood in him.

  2. i can't believe what i just read! Are you effing kidding me! Mr PM!!Do you have any idea what the average person is going through in this country?!Aren't we suffering enough!! $100 worth of groceries is a joke!Then,we have bills,not forgetting our health(vat on meds)hooorayy! For those who have a salary are most probably broke on payday.Yes KENNY D ANHTONY we know we all have a day to die and thanks to you the poor may go sooner as you get richer....your day in hell will come!

  3. Listen carefully and understand what we read. The Prime Minister will probably reduce the VAT exempted list which means consumers will now have more items to pay VAT! We will be really screwed again big time!

  4. Doesn't the Prime Minister get it? The GOSL can not and will not be able to solve all the issues this country is facing by itself. Especially when their decisions "are coming back to bite them". It has to start with stimulus from the Eastern Caribbean Central Bank and ofcourse Government needs to cut down on those 26 Permanent Secretaries they employ.

  5. You MR PM you always ready or have intentions to do something and when they catch you then you making a statement saying that's not true.lucians you all ass still going to suffer in that budget.look out.

  6. Stop creating jobs for the boys and girls

    • ARe you talking to the SLP or UWP? To my knowledge, it happens in both cases (Jobs for the boys). If you don't accept this fact, then you are kidding yourself. This is not something you or any one else can stop.


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