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PM on Dr. Raymond’s fate: “I can’t rush to judgement”

By SNO Staff

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Senator Ubaldus Raymond

Senator Ubaldus Raymond

Prime Minister Allen Chastanet has said he is awaiting the outcome of the court matter involving his Junior Finance Minister Dr. Ubaldus Raymond before he can decide on his fate.

Chastanet was referring to the nude photo scandal that Dr. Raymond is embroiled in, where an 18-year-old college student was charged for blackmailing him.

“As soon as the details are available to me and I can make a decision we will make that decision, but up until now I have to allow the court to take its process,” he said.

The prime minister reiterated that it is an unfortunate incident, but explained that it is not something new as it has happened many times and handled differently by many countries.

“But right now it is a matter that is in the courts – there is a pending investigation and I think it would be premature on my part or anybody’s part to jump to conclusions until the evidence comes out,” Chastanet told the media Monday.

He promised to react once the case is concluded.

Meanwhile, when questioned as to whether Dr. Raymond has been distracted by the ongoing investigation, Chastanet said the senator has been going to work ‘very diligently’ .

“We have not seen any distractions in that regard, but certainly we will keep our eye on it,” he said.

“There have certainly been no distractions on my part because I am very clear as to what I have to wait for – I can’t rush to judgement, I have to wait to see what the situation is, so there is no point trying to cross the bridge before you get to it.”

The student, involved in the scandal identified as Curshaby Alexander of Beausejour, Gros Islet, was charged under section 223, subsection 1 of the criminal code and granted $10,000 bail that same day.

The matter is scheduled for a second (closed) hearing on February 2, 2017 at the Gros Islet Court.

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  1. I am not in support of what the girl did, she is very wrong. At the same time Ubaldus is a public figure, most of all a minister of government. He is the one who carries "Hon." In front of his name. For anyone who hold such an office you expect a high level of moral conduct. The level of this immorality is unacceptable. What if our governor general nude pics were to leak out (God Forbid this happens) I am sure most of us would ask for her dismissal. Ubaldus should step down. Its that simple.

  2. Excuse me! The only person who has the right to be given a postponement on judgement is the person who is being brought before the Court, the person who is being charged and is assumed to be innocent until proven guilty. Has the Minister been charged with an offense?

    The Minister's indiscretions have been left in the realm of the public. The public has a right to judge him because the Courts have not been asked to judge him. The public will always have an opinion on someone's guilt whether the person has been charged or not. The difference here is when the Courts are to decide guilt then the public's opinion is exactly that, an opinion. When the matter is NOT before the courts the Public can judge!!

    The PM says he has to wait for the matter to be heard by the courts for him to know the facts. That is ridiculous. When the case is brought against the young girl (the defendant) then all the facts available to the police will be part of the "disclosure" to the defendant. He can use these "facts" if he is sincere in his claim to be waiting on the facts.

    And, most ridiculous of all, is the PM saying that whether the girl is found guilty or not guilty by the Courts is supposed to have any bearing on whether his Minister has conducted himself in a manner becoming or unbecoming of a Public Officer?

    I hope for our sake that our PM doesn't think that the verdict matters to the Minister being "innocent". Else I should be saddened in the thought that he is of the mistaken belief that our entire electorate is dumb, stupid, imbecilic, idiotic, moronic to believe that to be his true reason for "stalling".

  3. Most men in saint Lucian society needs to look at themselves in the mirror and own the "UBALDUS" in them. Our society is infiltrated with ego driven, unscrupulous, morally bankrupt, chauvinistic men who use their money and power to control, manipulate and lure women and girls. It is sickening and pathetic! A vicious cycle that needs to be stopped, but until we own up to this stain, stop making excuses and hold these men accountable, the cycle will continue. STOP PREYING ON YOUNG GIRLS! No matter how 'womanish" they are! Men, do the right thing, allow girls the opportunity to mature and grow! mentor them, don't manipulate and misuse them!

  4. Why are we not concentrating on investigation? This is what countries thinking logically do. When Bill Clinton was accused wasn't there due process? We must refrain from casting judgement on others in absence of full inquiries. In this technological world anything happens so do not be one of those who don't investigate and analyze. Silence or lack of denial by someone does not admit guilt. In fact you would be foolish to say, admit or deny anything in the wake of an investigation and court case. I think that the pundits are taking advantage of the situation of a Man and his circumstance of having to remain quiet. Let us wait on the outcome. There has been no answers to whether those are legitimate pics and if they are under what circumstances did they come under the control of the young lady. These are legitimate questions which must be addressed before we say that the Minister is immoral or judge him by our standards which we ourselves struggle to upkeep.

    I also urge all, whether provocateurs or allies, to come together and agree on a written code of conduct that will be applicable in future situation because without it everyone will judge people by their own standards and will only lead to confusion. Who is it to say that circulating nude photographs of oneself is immoral? Now as it stands most young ladies walk around in the most skimpy clothing available, what does that say? Is it that they are disqualified from public office. Flash back to a few years ago when some ladies who were well known public figures appeared naked in the media. Are we to condemn people solely along political lines or has politics made us stupid?

  5. St. Lucia is a decadent society. 60 to 70% of women and men here behave as Ubaldus. Girls having sex at 11 and 12. No respect for family life and marriage. No work ethic. Christian values thrown out the door. Just the language on social media shows the manner of people we have become. The fact that the sexual promiscuity and even the language used by this young lady is common shows our decline. I could not imagine this a decent society.
    Having said that it is clear that Ubaldus is a reckless individual with no brakes on his behaviour. He also may 'dress nice' but morally and psychologically he lacks the decency or mindset to be a leader of influence in a broken society. Even if you make a mistake the Bible and Christ first expect remorse. He has shown none.
    He should be fired!
    Chastanet came claiming the high ground. He has to be the first to show a higher standard. If he does not do the right thing we will be like Trinidad that in spite of all the money is still crass and a murder caapitol of the world.
    The SLP left a deeply broken sick society as they abandoned all Christian values. Keeping Ubaldos as a Minister shows that the UWP is no different.

    • Rowdy Rowdy Piping Person

      St. Lucia might be a decadent society, but you missed the mark for why it is such by a dayglose land file and two and a half churches. Firstly, you are just foolishly guessing about women and men acting like Ubaldus. 60% to 70% have sex? Have sex out of wedlock? Have sex with young women and men? Take nude pictures? What you talking about? Girls having sex at 11 and twelve has nothing to do with your previously mentioned points, since first of all it is a crime to have sex with minors, and secondly because one cannot have sex at these ages, one can be taken advantage of. An 18 year old who can vote and go to jail is different from a 11 year old. By the way, mary magdalene of the bible was 12, and juliet from romeo anad juliet was 14...go research life expectancy and the age of consent over the centuries. In fact, most of the women in the bible were younger the 14 when they were sold as property to their husbands. The lack of respect for family and marriage started a long time ago. The marriage rate in St. Lucia has always been especially low and based on class. The language used by young people has always been radical and different. Every generation tries to push the boundary. Dont talk about promiscuity! How much more of a reckless man is Ubaldus as compared to other men in our society. True he amateurishly featured his face while sending a nude, but I can posit almost factually that nude pics are sent regularly throughout the day by most of St. Lucia. Ubaldus is no different from any of the higher achieving men who prey on the "meats' available. I agree that Labour left a sick society, but its not because of your "decency" reasons. The reason for our decadence is simply that we have a 5% graduate rate, and that we believe in all this stupid religion stupidity and not actual provable evidence and fact. Ubaldus should be fired for being stupid, not for sending pictures or a moral breach (funny how these breaches are accepted until someone is caught with their pants down...ooops). You can keep your morality and decadence....I want progress!

  6. Why are we being so hypocritical!! Why are all those writing, pretending to be so faithful and honest!! We all know better than that.....this woman needs to pay the price!! I do hope an example is made of her!! Destroying herself in the process as well as embarrassing the country!! Why are you being sold for EC$700? Come on, you are at SALCC your entire future is ahead of you...why would you stoop so low? This is no longer about you and Ubaldus, it's about you and your now have outsiders looking at the country and making a mockery of us. Luckily Trump has distracted us a bit.

    • you are sooUo wrong yolo, its all about baldas, he was always the one in control of the situation.

      • Yolo she is no longer a student at salcc. It is said she dropped out of school, so therefore he future may not be where she wants it to be

      • Well said Yolo...but anonymous I think they were both in happpened!! its just a nonsensical plan and motive that went really sour!! I have a 21 year old daughter that im so proud of and if she ever did something as this selling herself soooo darnn low!!!...i would have disowned her black a**!!

    • You are being hypocritical and blind. Stop taking a such a narrow minded view of this situation. Ubaldus is a senior government official representing our society at the highest level. His post demands a certain standard of decorum and morality.
      Faithfulness to ones wife and ones ability to hold ones family together is a sign of perseverance, dedication and empathy. These are traits and standards we as a society must demand of our ministers while they represent us.
      It is not some great secret that girls at that age are very impressionable and impulsive, as all young people are. They scarcely ever fully think about the consequences of their actions. You know it, I know it, we were all young at some point.
      Taking advantage of that weakness of youth, to derive your own pleasure speaks further to a standard of morality and character flaws we as a society should not accept from our representatives.

      Now, I am not saying that our politicians are perfect people. I am saying that if they decide to represent us, they must hold themselves to a higher standard or morality and character than the average swef joe on the street.

      The point is not that Ubaldus made a mistake. The point is Ubaldus represents our country and our society and he embarrassed us. He failed us and he must resign. To keep him in office demonstrates a passive tolerance for inferiority which arguably has already pervaded our political system.

  7. Ubaldus. Had you kept your penis in your pants , stayed faithful to your wife and family, respect your prime minister and other ministers , not getting tantalized by such a teenager. You would have had your job. If I were your wife I'd divorce you. Are u a paedophile cause you do have a teenage daughter.. making an example of this young woman doesn't change your nasty behaviour. No matter what you do she is innocent you are wrong. Best thing to do ubaldus is to drop the court case and make a public apology and try to save your marriage and resign.

  8. st.lucia produces some of the smartest people in the Caribbean, we could blend with any race, we understand every race and get along with any other language yet still we cant blend and agree with each. ask yourself, I've got enough time while you think of it. st.lucians are worse than leeches and thats the reason why all this bs is going on. they're where the grass is green. st.lucians wake up and smell the coffee the grass is turning brown because of those users we have as ministers. they using you guys for votes and now they using your kids for sex. money is not all because at the end of the day the little money they gave you guys for the votes are all gone, so what now. take hold of st.lucia bring it back to the way it ways, bring it back to the Helen of the west. get rid of all those useless ministers. A minister uses a young lady like that smh, what if someone his age did it to his daughter

  9. Yet again politicians are making a mockery of the system and behaving as though they are gods unto themselves. Ubaldus pretends as though he has done nothing wrong because he has broken no laws. Interestingly he holds himself up as someone with values and integrity. Yet he has not denied having interactions with the young woman or saying these pics are not of him. If Ubaldus is not honorable or man enough to admit his own folly and take responsibility we are now left with a man who is prepared to lie to himself and the country.

  10. Well said

  11. Lots engaged in such acts but the difference is they don't get caught. You might call hypocrisy. But how can you prosecute something you have no knowledge of. Ubaldus' escapades are public knowledge. It is everywhere. it is known by all and for this reason even though he did nothing illegal the question is is that the way we expect our leaders to behave? Now if Chastanet is not ashamed for Ubaldus as ask him to go then he Chastanet himeself should go. And whilst he is at it take the rest of his sleazy bunch with him. I have had too much of them already. Ezickel, Myers and now Mr clean Ubaldus?

    • Yes party hack. Throw out the whole government because one got caught with his pants down. You laybars still have not respected the will of the people. Wait the bloody four plus years. If the people want you in , they will put you in. Stop trying to get back in by any means necessary.

      • The only party hack I am seeing is your yellow crusty ass with the load of poop you talking there! This issue is serious enough to warrant a resignation from the minister and we the citizen are justified in demanding the prime minister to step by his refusal to do what is morally correct. How dare you accuse people of being lahbar hacks because your party is under fire. You speak like the opposition is marching the streets calling for fresh elections. Flambeau is in power now please accept it and start working. Sick of you idiots making everything about party!!

        • Who is really seeing colour now? Can't you argue intelligently? Typical mindset of a LAYBAR. Why weren't you as vociferous (yes look it up) regarding the rape and assault whispers surrounding the recently ousted Minister of Tourism and the other sleepy eyed fellow. Come on! Your hypocrisy is amazing. And no you may not be marching in the streets YET, but your operatives are moving silently and deadly. This was no young impressionable girl, but a well placed PARTY HACK!!!!!!

  12. Mr Raymond is partly responsible
    For this young lady's action. Had he as the mature, honorable man direct the young lady to the right services and didn't entertain her, today the young lady couldn't have been in this mess instead he entertained her and today she had to end up there. He needs to resign immediately.

  13. The pm needs to understand that this is an ethical matter before it's a legal one.

  14. What kind of pappyshow is going on here, so if the young girl is found guilty of black mail is mr. Chastenet going to keep that slime ball in his cabinet. Mr. Raymond's actions(a married public figure allegedly involving himself with a teenage school girl and participating in lewd on line activities)on their own, merit dismissal from the cabinet. That is not a decision to be taken by the prime Minister but by the whole Cabinet of ministers.

    • They may feel hypocritical sacking him for something that so many people , including some of the cabinet and other civil servants, probably do!!
      Also some would say it was a private matter between 2 consenting adults which took place behind closed doors and didn't harm anyone.
      Personally there are worse things he could have done. How many of our 'public servants', paid by the people beat their wives or physically abuse their children, steal from us or their own families? How many police officers abuse their position in society all the time? How many ministers of religion abuse children and young people in our churches, or have sex with church members?

      These things have victims and we stay quiet about them.

    • agreed! Collective responsibility.

  15. Why is it a closed hearing?
    The Public at large would like to know the latest in the saga.


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