PM hopes justice system will “swiftly” investigate Botham Jean’s “senseless death”

PM hopes justice system will “swiftly” investigate Botham Jean’s “senseless death”
Prime Minister Allen Chastanet (left) comforts Allison Jean, the mother of Botham. * Facebook photo

(SNO) – Prime Minister Allen Chastanet has posted a statement on his Facebook page in connection with the death of Saint Lucian Botham Shem Jean, who was fatally shot by a Dallas police officer who allegedly told investigators she went to the wrong apartment and thought a burglary was in progress:

“On behalf of the Government and people of Saint Lucia I extend my deepest sympathies to the family and loved ones of Mr. Botham Jean. The government mourns the loss of an accomplished young man who had much promise and potential to contribute to his community and country. St. Lucia’s future growth and progress is intricately tied to the young men and women who will lead us and we recognize we have lost an irreplaceable gift.

While nothing can reverse the tragic outcome of last week’s event, our sincere hope is that the justice system will move swiftly and faithfully to investigate the circumstances surrounding Botham’s senseless death. Even while we grieve we will comfort and uphold one another during this indescribably difficult time.”

The police officer, Amber Guyger, was charged with manslaughter and granted $300,000 bail.

Below are photos posted on the prime minister’s Facebook page on his visit to Jean’s family in the U.S recently.


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  1. My god my heart is aching to see some comments on Facebook, please people stop.Why our people get so angry,even in such a greaving time.we all are feeling the pain of the family whether we red or yellow.what st Lucia has become too.God take the wheels.


  2. The system up here always have some loop hole to twist the knife in the hearts of a victim family/s. Pray God that justice prevails. I am angry and my co-workers makes me more angry with their Facebook assumptions as if they knew him and the officer. On the families behalf i ask them to shut their mouths. Trust me when i say my response to my co-workers was not so pleasant as i wrote it.


  3. Hypocritical and misguided prime minister. What about all the other "senseless" killings of other Saint Lucians on island and neighbouring Caribbean territories? Do you think, Mr PM, that the families need you to stand with them through their ordeals? Whilst I personally want justice for the Jean family, why is it that this instance of "senseless" killings has piqued your interest? Is it because of the international attention it has gathered? - the perfect environment to feed your insatiable ego? You are indeed the most misguided PM in the history of this country and I so very regret voting for your party.


    • You are really a sick beast just as sick as the cop that shoot Mr Jean. Your name speaks volume you freaking chicken and rum hack.


      • and you are the very seed of Satan for supporting a PM that is KILLING an ENTIRE nation.....I rather be a FREAKING chicken and rum hack than to be a PAID BLOODSUCKER WHOSE FACE IS BURIED HALFWAY CHASTANET ASS! Go put a millstone around your neck and jump off a freaking cliff.....


        • As long as the entire nation is an A**hole like you they all need the death penalty. What say you sucker try NEVER to hunt what you cannot kill leave the PM alone he doesn't know vagrants like you and doesn't you jack. Get off your lazy back side get a life if you cannot get one buy it if you cannot buy it steal it punk azz.


      • Couldn't agree with you more. '"Disgruntled St. Lucian" unknown to him/her is very sick being tormented by demons of hatred and obsession. He/she is crying for help.
        Please pray for restoration and healing for him/her.


      • I agree with you. "Disgruntled St. Lucian" is being tormented by the demons of hatred and obsession.
        He/she needs prayers of healing and restoration.


      • Political idiot or not. whether the pm is sincere or not it does leave one pondering... there is a huge out-pour of publicity there and the pm has proven to be heartless in the past.. "do u think nobody has dies on dialysis before"..

        either way .. RIP Mr. Jean and i do hope justice is served.


    • Disgruntled Islander is a big coward, he is happy he can hide behind a pseudonym. If only he can unmasked himself, all St. Lucians would understand why he hates Chastanet. Both his father and step father live in the same house. Of his mother's 8 children 4 are fair skin and 2 are indians , while both men in the house are pure niggers.


    • I agree with you . So many St Lucians have lost their lives daily under tragic and similar circumstances and this PM don't even give the families the time of day and for those who want to say other wise here are a few examples that girl that got rape in Laborie, the young school youth that was murdered in cold blood last week along with his relative the list goes on and on. He was not a "malwe" and the foreign has highlighted it so he showing his face under any other circumstances if the script was flipped and this had happen at home in St Lucia he would not give a dam.


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