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PM gives positive outlook for UK general election on St. Lucia

By SNO Staff

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PM Chastanet

PM Chastanet

Prime Minister Allen Chastanet believes the United Kingdom’s upcoming general election may turn out to be a good thing for St. Lucia.

UK Prime Minister Theresa May called a snap general election on June 8 and said Britain needed certainty, stability and strong leadership following the European Union referendum.

Chastanet told reporters on Tuesday that May’s decision to call elections quickens stability and the positive results are already showing with the strengthening of the pound.

“Already this morning (Tuesday) we saw that the pound strengthened from 1.25 to 126. At least it is moving in the right direction,” Chastanet said.

“For St. Lucia to be competitive in the UK market we need to see a pound of around 1.50 to 1.60, that would drive not only arrivals into St. Lucia, but also in terms of driving our real estate market,” he added.

The former tourism minister said anything that the UK can do to strengthen people’s confidence in the UK is a “very good thing”.

The House of Commons backed May’s decision by a margin of 522 votes to 13, above the two-thirds majority needed, as Labour and the Lib Dems supported the move, the BBC reported.

According to the BBC, the PM has argued a fresh mandate would strengthen her hand in Brexit talks and provide certainty for the future.

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  1. Oooops he's done it again!

    The UK snap general elections may not have had any influence on the increase of the pond.

    "...England is going to proceed with extracting itself from the EU,” - UTTER NONESENSE.

    England did not trigger Article 50, oh my God CHASS!

    So if England triggered Article 50 are you insinuating Wales and Scotland are going to remain in the EU!

    The United Kingdom triggered Article 50.

    Lord help St Lucia's Leadership - highly embarassing

  2. This is very god damn alarming. Why do all our PMs seem hellbent to make real estate agent a silent part of their portfolios?

  3. Where or what is the positive signs for our real estate? It boggles the mind that such unfounded statements are being made out of sheer speculation. Are there more intended sales of our lands?

    • In total agreement, attributing the increase in the pond to the snap general elections called this week is pure SPECULATION.

      With regards to real estate again complete speculation.

      Not because the PM makes a statement on an issue means that it should be published as news.

      Especially when the statement isn't factual.

  4. Does CHASTANET have any intentions of calling a snap elelcrions in St Lucia given early signs that his government is a non starter?


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