PM fetes special needs children for Christmas

PM fetes special needs children for Christmas

PRESS RELEASE – Prime Minister Hon. Dr. Kenny D. Anthony welcomed hundreds of guests to his Official Residence on Wednesday, December 9, 2015.

The occasion was one that the Office of the Prime Minister has hosted for several years, a Christmas party for children with special needs.

The children came from The Dunnottar School, Lady Gordon Opportunity Centre, Soufriere Special Education and Rehabilitation Centre, The Saint Lucia Blind Welfare Association, Dennery Development Centre and Vieux Fort Special Education Centre.


They met Santa Claus, and were treated to snacks, lunch, ice cream, toys, a bouncy castle and goodie bags. In turn, they regaled the audience with song and dance.

In welcoming the children to the Official Residence, the Prime Minister also had special words of praise for their teachers.

Said Dr. Anthony,

“People say that your teachers are looking after you because you are special. Well, I believe that your teachers are very special people. They are special because they have a lot of love, they have a lot of patience, they know how to care, and they know how to give love in return.

“And sometimes we don’t tell them thank you. So I want today to tell the teachers thank you very much for what you do for the children, what you do for the country, what you do for the parents, what you do for everyone.”


In attendance at Wednesday’s party were Cabinet colleagues, Minister for Education, Human Resource Development and Labour, Hon. Dr. Robert Lewis; and Minister for Health, Wellness, Human Services and Gender Relations, Hon. Alvina Reynolds; as well as Leader Of The Opposition, Hon. Dr. Gale Rigobert.


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  1. SLP is one heartless group. See how they exploiting these unfortunate children. From head to toe, it is just one unethical act, one after another. SLP is so shameless!


  2. If you want to know the truth about that party ask the persons in attendance. The party was horrible...just a publicity stunt. The children were there from about 9. The prime minister n his crew got there about 12 or so. The children were left hungry until after all the photos and stuff had been taken. From morning the only thing they got was a glass of juice that most of then could not drink because it was too bitter. The lady who planned the party was not nice at all especially to the teachers. She argued with a teacher from dunnattor school in front of everyone. She had a very savage attitude. Argued with almost everyone claiming that the teachers are preventing the students from having a great party when then teachers were only trying to help her. The students ate lunch after 1 n by that time most of then could not eat the food because they had accumulated so much gas. Was the party a success? In my opinion no. Teachers were left to fend for themselves so much so people ordered their food to eat. The party was in poor taste. They act like special needs children are a bunch of poor kids who need hand me downs.


    • So the special needs children were so articulate to tell you that they had accumulated so much gas and were unable to eat?? I have attended several children parties and one thing I know about children, they couldn't care less about eating. All they are interested in is a little juice, sweets and running around. So is you'll hard backs that come to the people "children party" hungry! Ungrateful!


      • If the kids were there from 9 am to serve them lunch after 1 pm is absolutely ridiculous. they would indeed get gas, adults get gas when they don't eat on time. these kids have set eating patterns....10:00 a.m for break and lunch promptly at 12;00.
        This party was suppose to be about the special needs kids.... not the greedy politicians who wants the electorate to THINK they care because they don't give a rats about us far less the challenged!.


      • ...Really, wow because special needs children are not articute at all. U r very intelligent. Yes they did actually. Many of them complained of being hungry. For your information our hard backs would rathet not attend the party and let people like you take care of the children... Idiot. The children are not hungry or desperate for party...


    • I also attended the party, I agree it took some time to get started but was a very pleasant day for the children at the School of Autism, they danced, loved the bouncy castles and the prime minister showed genuine care and kindness towards the children, I personally spoke to him and he was telling us he had the upmost respect for the carers and teachers of the children, there was no fakery no publicity stunt and I think I speak for many people in hoping these amazing schools are maintained and funded


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