PM did not collapse at UN, he’s in “good health”

By Office of the Prime Minister (via Facebook page)

PM Chastanet delivering his speech “in good health” at the UN.

(STATEMENT) – A fake news article has been circulating on social media regarding Prime Minister Honourable Allen Chastanet.

We wish to assure Saint Lucians that this article is completely fabricated and the Honourable Prime Minister is in good health and at no time collapsed during his attendance at the United Nations General Assembly (UNGA).

Following his Address to the UNGA-72 on Friday afternoon, the Honourable Prime Minister attended several meetings at the UN and subsequently left for Canada where he will be attending meetings with the Eastern Caribbean Central Bank (ECCB) to address the issue of correspondence banking and De-risking, as well as meeting with investors.

We encourage Saint Lucians to please use reputable news sources for information and be aware and vigilant in not sharing news hoaxes or false information from prank websites.

We invite Saint Lucians to once again watch the Prime Minister’s full address to the UN here:

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  1. He belly too FAT. Check you calorie intake prime minister.

  2. St Lucians your foreign PM is at his home right now Canada where he belongs food for thoughts

  3. The news was fake...but the collapse of St. Lucia under this government's watch is very, very real!

  4. St. Lucians need to be careful what you say. STOP telling lies on others, STOP calling other people death you are just lengthening their Days. That behaviour is so shameful! Why would you want to do such a thing. We behave like ignorant people, we have no compassion, no love for others. Let's have a little more pride in ourselves and others please.

  5. You people should stop trying to destroy your country just for politics. You fools got us into IMPACS and Juffali. I say this especially to the Labour religion or cult.

  6. Oh please, that's what you are writing about your pm, shame on you. Be careful what you wish for, you may get one who is worse....

  7. Big statement by whom and from? It does not say. The statement says "we" this and "we" that and no one knows who is "we". Mwen wee sa. Looks like the STATEMENT if faker news.

    • Did you not read at the top that the statement was from the Office of the PM Facebook page? It may have been issued in that forum because it was the source. Stop making everything political. People who study politics and don't have the knowledge tend to get educated by politics. Don't let the subject consume you if you don't have the requite information skills to guide your argument.

  8. We all know it's fake news just like the fake PM who cares good riddance

    • You drank that red poisoned kool aid now it's affecting your pea brain. You are so full of shit,the only difference between you and the bucket of shit is the bucket.You are without a doubt,a vile and despicable sub human.

    • Maybe he is a fake but the real ones are those who have committed the worse atrocities against our state. Remember the control of millions of our ocean bed is still in disputed hands. Remember Roachamel and Frenwell made away with millions of tax payer dollars while there is no accounting in the system. We also have foreign companies in possession of hundreds of acres without any land holding licenses.

      So are you still afraid of a fake PM?

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