Prime Minister denounces spate of burglaries at schools

Prime Minister denounces spate of burglaries at schools
Prime Minister Chastanet
Prime Minister Chastanet
Prime Minister Chastanet

PRESS RELEASE – Prime Minister of Saint Lucia Honourable Allen M. Chastanet has strongly denounced the spate of robberies and burglaries which have occurred recently, particularly in schools across the island.

On Saturday, October 1st, the Prime Minister paid a visit to the Castries Comprehensive Secondary School early that morning upon receiving news of a break-in which had occurred.

The burglary at the school resulted in damages and loss of valuables.

The Prime Minister said: “This disturbing trend will not be taken lightly by Government and by extension the law enforcement of this country. This is not a positive activity for anyone to engage in. It cannot be tolerated that people do not feel safe at the very institutions that are tasked to educate, mould and shape young minds in an atmosphere which is conducive to learning”.

The Prime Minister called on Saint Lucians to assist the police in their investigations and discourage the practice of purchasing stolen goods.”

Meanwhile Minister for Home Affairs and National Security Senator Hermangild Francis underscored that when criminals violate institutions such as churches, schools, hospitals and Homes for the Elderly this behaviour amounts to an attack on the very fabric of the society itself.

“This is a time for the entire island to come together in one voice to take a stand against these acts. The government will indicate a way forward on this matter soon,” the Security Minister explained.


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  1. as adults are you guys really serious. A thief is not SLP or Uwp. They dont care about petty things like that. smh its wayy passed the time to be divided into political parties. Its one government now. Lets just try to make things work. smh.............. sheep the whole lot of you


  2. THIS Prime Minister knows the meaning of life, st.lucia good governance I must say...Lucian should protect this guy because he will bring st.lucia forward. trust me . I live in England and his doing exactly what England protect very very closely and embrace


  3. The the SLP created so many flipping dunces, that over the SLP years they have gained no other talent but stealing from us. What a hell hole SLP has created.
    Even schools are no longer safe with these roving bands of hooligans. They attack at knife point, those going to school who are much smarter than them. When will this country stop reeling from this curse, and start reversing the trend of what the SLP morons created? They really believed that speaking to Castro-styled bussed in, rent-a-crowd and to the CDC ghetto across the street was all that was needed. They sowed the wind and now, the entire country is reaping the whirlwind.


    • Blockhead that's what you are. You are one of those who when Chastanet says jump you ask how high! I could have responded to this article in the following way: remember when Chastanet said he understood why a caller to calling program said he understood why the caller said what he said about killing the then PM? Well by the same logic I could I understood the reason why those guys are robbing schools and other public institutions. If Chastanet were to hear me say that he would consider me irresponsible. Well chastanet as a public figure you have to be very careful what you say.

      As for you Anonymous you are very much googly eyed by chastanet and his UWP. You don't who the robbers are and so you don't know when their ages, their school years, their addresses. So how can you blame the labour party for propagating they types of individuals. I think you need to go back inside and stay there until you have sufficiently educated yourself in disinterestedness and learn to make an argument instead of offering an emotional rant as rational reasoning.


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