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PM criticised for travelling in midst of firemen dispute; Acting PM responds

By Office of the Prime Minister

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Acting PM Pierre * Photo credit:

Acting Prime Minister, Hon. Philip J. Pierre says he is willing and ready to meet with any group or organization seeking the intervention of the Government of Saint Lucia in any matter.

Hon. Pierre, who has served in the capacity of Acting Prime Minister on a number of occasions since 1998, says just as he has done in the past, he is willing to listen and take action where necessary to attend to any issue of national importance.

This comes after public statements that suggest that given the current strike action by some members of the Saint Lucia Fire Service Association, Prime Minister, Hon. Dr. Kenny D. Anthony, should have remained home to attend to the dispute. During Dr. Anthony’s absence, Deputy Prime Minister and Minister for Infrastructure, Port Services and Transport, Hon. Philip J. Pierre has assumed the role and responsibilities of Prime Minister. Therefore, it should be accepted and understood that as Acting Prime Minister Hon. Pierre is in a position to respond to any national issue.

The usual protocols that are very familiar to national organizations and associations apply. In the meantime, Acting Prime Minister Pierre continues to be updated on the current situation in the Saint Lucia Fire Service and stands ready to activate contingency plans when necessary, to avoid major disruptions to the country.

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  1. Yes we are saying that he cannot hold the fort "Bambi." Check wikileaks you will get your answer. You will read about what Pierre said to the US intelligence about his prospects for leadership and his powers as deputy. Why don't St. Lucian like studying empirical evidence or science? Instead guess we prefer believing in voodoo science a custom long associated with slavery. This is why our society is perpetuated in this fashion - field slave versus house slaves mentality. Both not realizing that they are still slaves and they are only given leverage to perpetuate division among themselves in order that their masters (politicians in our case) maintain control. I hope I could see more intelligent discourse on these post and not just the maypwee fueled by voodoonomics. Whether the PM choose to go out is an idea which neither right nor wrong in itself but it does say something about his character.

  2. Just so with those silly comments! Chooops!! So the country on hold as the prime minister is absent? Chupzzzzz!! Kenny should stay out longer!!! Chupz

  3. I think this trip in particular should have been left up to the Minister of Tourism and/or representatives from the Tourist Board as well as Ministry of Foreign Affairs & Investment. Just my opinion.

  4. Lamere belle navige' the longest rope has and end

  5. So bcuz the fire Service employee's are on strike means the PM is supposed to cancel his planned trip to do what? That's why there is a Deputy and others who are getting paid to act during his absence.

    • oh shut your a_s-s. don't you know when there's trouble at home we stay to deal with it before have a good time at tax payers money

  6. Phillip Pierre you are just an actor, we know you cannot make any decision on your own, so who you trying to fool. Yes you can meet and talk but you can't make any'll always think you'll can play with people minds.

  7. That's a lot of bull.The country do not stop running in the absence of the Hon.Prime minister.Why he has a deputy? He only addressed the nation on Sunday and there are no drastic changes.Like we think Pierre cannot hold the fort.I know he can.The P.M mission was the priority in my humble opinion.He will soon be back.

  8. The arrogance of these labor party boys.


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